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  1. I actually did the reverse, I moved from Issaquah WA to far NW Missouri back in 1990. I miss the Great Pacific Northwest, I have only been back a few times in the last 20 years. Tacoma was a more urban and lower average income area, but still has a lot more to offer for me in terms of environment & outdoor activities than the Mid-West. I always did like the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, I hope it is still nice.

  2. I don't know if there was an episode on Big Bang but I did catch an episode of Community where they played AD&D and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Way back when I watched Cartoon Network with my son there was an episode of Dexter's Lab with a game of D&D as well, which hooked my on the cartoon.


    There has not been an episode of Big Bang where they played any RPGs, although there was one where Wolowitz admitted to being a "dungeon master," and the girl he was talking to thought he meant he was into domination and bondage...


    Episode #91, last week's show, "The Wiggly Finger Catalyst", the characters were playing D&D. Sheldon decided that all trivial decisions in his life would be determined by dice rolls. The funniest line for me was when Sheldon DM'ed and placed a dragon in the dugeon. Howard made a comment to the effect that that would never have been expected.

  3. When we lost our beloved 10 year old yellow Lab 'Sandia' in Nov 2006 to Cushing's disease, I told my wife and kids I wanted to wait at least a year before getting another dog. Within 6 months, we had added new yellow Lab pup 'Heidi' to our family. The emptiness in the house had just become unbearable, even for me!


    My sympathies on your loss, Enchantra. I hope you & your family get the the same point we were at when we realized that as bad as the loss of the pet is, the years of happiness a pet can provide are worth it.

  4. Wikipedia claims the following on the release of the Soloman Kane movie:




    Solomon Kane's world premiere was on 16 September 2009 at the Toronto Film Festival. The film was featured at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, which Basset and Purefoy both attended. Lions Gate Films has acquired the film to be released in 2010. It was released in France on 23 December 2009. It was released in Spain on 1 January 2010. The United Kingdom theatrical release was on 19 February 2010; in its first week it opened at seventh place in the UK top ten with a weekend gross of £611,886 across 259 cinemas.


    Home media

    The DVD was released in the UK on 28 June 2010. It was the best selling DVD in week commencing 5 July 2010."


    Seeing as how the video torrent has been available for illegal downloading for over 6 months now, I think it unlikely that we will see a theatrical release in the US, it may go straight to DVD sometime in the future.

  5. It's probably heresy to mention it here, but the minis that come with the Castle Ravenloft board game are just unpainted versions of their plastic miniature line. The exact minis in their painted forms had already been available here and there throughout various DDM launches. As for replacing the PC ones, any of the minis from WotC Player's Handbook series of minis should work. Here's a link to their mini catalog: http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Catalog.aspx?category=minis

  6. Chances are it didn't fly all that far. If you start posting 'found' notices, anyone could claim it. I would look instead for 'lost' notices.


    The same thing happened to me 20 years ago, I had a tame blue-crowned conure fly into my back yard in Seattle. I ended up keeping him when I could not find anyone with a legitimate claim on him.

  7. I'm old school, and cool enough not to care one rodent's backside what anyone may think of me. I'll be 50 this summer, I'm an original 1E player from my college days, and have played on & off for over 30 years. My favorites: the classic AD&D module series - A, B, I, UK, U, and others, and the settings - Ravenloft, Mystara, Planescape, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, and The Realms.

  8. There is no plan at this time to release either of the two modules.


    Would you be able to post a plot synopsis for each of them? I have Eldest Son, and have always wanted to be able to see Vicious Circle.

  9. Thanks Sami, can you get to that pretty quickly from I-44? I fly in to work at a large office complex on Chouteau (has a big checkerboard square on it...) so I'm usually staying downtown right next to the Arch or out at the airport.

  10. Hi Princess, I'm not in STL, but I travel there often on business. I'm actually in Kansas City, I was last in STL on Halloween when a good friend & I went to "The Darkness" (best haunted house I have ever been to!). Whenever I travel, I try to visit the local game stores. I have been to all the "Fantasy Shop" locations, but have never heard of the Miniature Market. Where is that?

  11. Two hours or so will get you into KC. There are a few stores there as well.


    I'm an hour north of KC, and there's nothing here but cornfields & stockyards. I get my gaming fix about every other month by driving to Overland Park, Kansas, where they have Tabletop Game & Hobbies, the Battleground, and 31st Century Games.

  12. You know, sometimes you have to let the little woman have what she wants. Last weekend, I wanted to see the "Cloverfield" movie and my wife wanted to see "Juno". So we went to "Juno". She wasn't real happy with me afterwards when I told her it was the chick version of "Napoleon Dynamite", but I still got what I wanted later... :poke:

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