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  1. I'm not holding my breath for play-offs. The Chiefs face Cincinnati, an 11 - 4 team, next week in KC. The Bengals have already clinched their division. I think the best we can hope for is to have another sloppy mess of a bad weather game like we had yesterday in Arrowhead. It is unfortunate that the Chiefs have the same record as the Patriots, yet are probably not going to the playoffs (along with 8 other teams with the same record!). I am happy to see the Seahawks make it, I used to support them back in the 80's when I lived there. I would like to see the Chiefs get in, but I think it's just about time for the yearly 'Just wait 'till next year!'
  2. There is a little info on IMDB.... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0406728/
  3. So that's what this is... http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2900s/2965_G
  4. I sold my collection of about 11K MTG cards last year; I sold the best rares individually on Ebay, then sold all the rest as one big lot to an online re-seller in exchange for 'store credit'.
  5. Been there, watched tumbleweeds fall in, not much else to do. I lived in Issaquah during the 80's, loved the whole area until it became a California suburb. Used to enjoy all the mountain climbing so close by, it's a real experience to camp on top of Tiger Mountain and watch all the Seattle city lights on a clear night. Glad to hear Uwajimaya is still there, I used to enjoy shopping there. It's been 15 years since I was there last, so I don't know if it's still worthwhile, but I always really liked the Salmon Days festival in Issaquah each fall. I used to live right on the creek above the hatchery, so it was great to see the spawning salmon come through each fall. Sometimes I wish I still lived there, I live in a very dull Midwest town now. Good luck to you in Seattle, hope everything works out well for you at Amazon!
  6. Yes, indeed have a good visit! I second the request to know what places you'll be in. I grew up in N.H., but visited the coastal areas from Kittery to Rockport fairly frequently. Lot of fond memories of Old Orchard Beach as a teen!
  7. My collection is old enough that I have rakshasa minis from the time when they didn't always have tiger heads. I have the Grenadier ones from the 80's, both the elephant-headed and the crocodile-headed, but am still trying to get their 'Rhinshasa', the rhino-headed one. I do have the WotC - GOL one mentioned above, got that on ebay for not much money. I also have the Ral Partha one from the 90's, but I'm not real impressed with that one, looks more like an arcanoloth to me (and I do also have Ral Partha's arcanoloth from about the same time). Sorry, haven't been able to find any pictures of these online, just old pricelists.
  8. My granddaughter sent me a picture she colored with crayons. Best gift I've received in years!
  9. Teen? I'm a 45 year-old grandfather (with a long history of good credit). I disagree with your comment about Paypal & credit cards must be working & be fair or they would not exist. That's relative. You could make the same statement about the pay-day loan industry, it works great for the folks who are making the loans, but most folks who take one are in for trouble. Yes, I am also continuing to use PayPal even after my bad experience, for the convienience it offers, but I know now not to count on them to back up a purchase under $50.
  10. Hello all, Sorry to be a griper, but I figure this is an appropriate forum to do so. Two months ago, I was the high bidder on Ebay on the complete set of Rippers: The Horror Wars by Great White Games, that is the miniatures rule book & all 4 boxed miniatures sets (Van Helsings' Warbands #1 and #2, Dracula's Brood, and the Jack the Ripper set). Each of those retails for $25, so it was a $125 value, I was to pay only $38 for the lot. I paid through PayPal (my current Ebay rating is over 200 positive, 0 negative, and I have been using PayPal without any problems for several years now). After several weeks went by, I did not receive my items, I investigated the seller and found that he operated a gamestore in Nacodoches Texas, and had gone out of business in this time. I called the number he provided in the initial contact email and discovered it was a false number. Multiple negative feedbacks were starting to come in on this seller for non-delivery & non-contact (he has since been removed from Ebay). I filed a complaint on Ebay, and also with PayPal, as they claim to have a $1000 protection plan on bad auctions. Long story made shorter, after 6 weeks in review, PayPal agreed that I had been ripped off by the seller and was entitled to my money back. HOWEVER, they were not going to refund my $38, instead they would be keeping it as their service fee for investigating my complaint! I have read through all of their Buyer Protection Plan policy, and nowhere did I see that they would be charging a service fee. I feel like I have been ripped off twice, once by a bad seller and once by PayPal! Has anyone else had a similar situation? Paypal has a 'no appeals on closed cases policy', so I don't believe I have any options on this, although they did send me a email questionaire "Did you receive satisfaction on your recent claim?" where I did take the opportunity to rip them a new one, for what little good that will do.
  11. The other day, I was watching the Fear Factor TV show where they did a gross 'sushi-bar'. The one where they had someone eat a couple of big tarantula rolls. Anyway, after that, I was getting a snack & a glass of milk, then set it down to play Neverwinter Nights. After a couple hours, I remembered the snack & milk. After a drink, I noticed that it tasted odd. Looking closer, I saw a blob in the milk the size & color of a loogie. Sticking my finger in to see what it was, the greenish-white spider unfolded & crawled up my finger (it's body was about the size of my pinkie-nail). I did dump the milk, but let the critter go outside. I don't mind spiders, but it did gross me out to think how close I came to eating it.
  12. Only 16 showed on the menu when I looked at it as well. I did find that if you put your cursor right on the very bottom edge of 'Wereshark 16', it will scroll down so that you can see all 20 entries.
  13. Same here, I have my entire D&D collection (almost everything going back to late '70's), my entire book collection (nearly every TSR/WotC book ever printed), my entire magazine collection (almost every Dungeon and Dragon magazine), my card collections (primarily Magic, but I've sold most of them), and all my minis (5 hobby tray cases, by type, date, and manufacturer) all on Excel. Some people are just compulsively organized. (and compulsive collectors!)
  14. OK, now I must see this! I only see one on ebay, going for $15. Is it available to rent generally, or should I just buy one from Amazon or someplace? The "Catman", Jim Ambrose
  15. Who is that? I've heard of the movie, but have never seen it. This caught my interest, as it's my real name. I'll probably buy for that reason alone, unless it's more comic/dorky than heroic. I just looked over on the movie's website, but couldn't tell who you were refering to.
  16. I have it, but I got it at the same time as Neverwinter Nights. I now have all three NWN games, plus loads of modules off from the internet, so I haven't even tried ToEE yet.
  17. There was a full write-up of Danilo Thann in the 1996 sourcebook "Heroes Lorebook". According to that, he is a 13th level Bard, formerly a 9th level mage & 3rd level fighter. The article gives considerable insight into his history, motivations & goals, personality & appearance, possessions, locales frequented, and campaign uses. It quotes as sources the boxed set City of Splendors, the sourcebook The Code of the Harpers, and the novels Elfshadow & Elfsong. (Silver Shadows isn't listed, as it came out after Heroes Lorebook in 1996)
  18. That's good to know, that was not the case the last time I ordered from the online store (admittedly over a year ago, when subscriptions were free).
  19. I sent for CW#17 and the Red Cross Elephant Man. $9 shipping was awfully steep, I can send things for Ebay much cheaper. Oh well, I was compensated in that they put TWO copies of CW17 in the box (invoice was only for one).
  20. Hmmm, there's nothing like that listed on Elvira's website list of licensed products: http://www.elvira.com/licensee.html I wonder if that mini came with something else, either in a model kit, the board game, or was a 'send-away-for' perhaps with the Pacesetter Chill game module. (I have that one somewhere in my collection, I could look for it if needed, but in any event, it would be extremely rare). Is it possible that the mini was just 'Elvira-like'?
  21. I use the same name on every online forum. Jim is my real first name and my day job is supervisor of a major international petfood manufacturer's petcare center. I oversee a couple dozen people in the commission of feeding trials to quite a few dogs, and a LOT of cats! (sorry, proprietary information, I can't divulge the actual number, but I can say that we are the third largest 'cattery' in the US). I did become a grandfather last year, so I have been toying with changing my screen name to 'Grampa Jim'.
  22. Hmm, "Lawful Good". No wonder I was selected & served on jury duty last month. (and yes, we did unanimously agree to convict).
  23. Lady, I see 5 of each of them on Ebay right now all listing for less than $15. Have you been trying to get them for a while and then they do end up routinely closing over $20? I went through the same when I was trying to get a 'Lord Soth', I refused to pay over a certain amount, so I ending up bidding on quite a few of them before the general demand subsided, and then I ended up being high bidder on two of them. It may just require perseverance to get them, how soon did you need those dragons?
  24. Darn, I missed it. I still need to get up to Omaha to see the night exhibit, I was last there right after they opened the upstairs part of the desert dome. I did see a quick flash of the Omaha zoo a few weeks ago when they had a special on about Siberean Tigers, some cubs that were abandoned & ended up at HDZ. Any chance they will be re-playing the night zoo show?
  25. The cere in 'parakeets' (budgerigar), the fleshy part of the beak with the nostrils, is blue in most all young birds. As they age, the males' cere stay blue-colored, while females change to (usually) flesh-tone/pink. Albinos are an exeption. You can usually tell the rough age of a budgy by the amount of white feathering on the 'forehead', young birds have striped feathers on the entire head, while adult birds have a very pronounced non-striped/solid color forehead. I used to have a few budgies, until my Blue-Crowned Conure climbed down from his cage, climbed up their cage, opened it with his beak, then got inside with them and killed them all.
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