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  1. A couple questions back: How small a poodle, and were the dogs actually observed 'tied'? The Lab might have tried to 'hump' the small dog just about to death, but unless he actually penetrated and 'locked in', it's probably a low percent chance the b-i-t-c-h will be pregnant now.
  2. I read most of them as well, but got bored with the last few. Just seemed to become too 'Anne Rice"-y, with too much angst over 'should I love the vampire or the were-beast?'. Last book I read, "To be the man..." , by Ric Flair, WWE pro-wrestler.
  3. OK, I've started this one as well. Running solo as a cleric, up to level 4 now. Do you know if it is important to keep Marcus, my 'brother' henchman, alive? He's getting killed frequently. I am one of these players that saves constantly, and if something happens badly, I reload and do-over differently. Yes, I usually go solo, that's why I usually play rangers & clerics, for their animal companions and summoned creatures as extra help.
  4. Secrets of Saltmarsh - there is a trapped door on the main floor, in the room next to the one with the spider, that leads down to the basement & smuggler's sea caves Forge of Fury - pretty true to the P&P version, very cool at the end fighting Nightscale & having her keep disappearing into the river. Haven't done a Shadowdancer yet, I keep running either rangers or clerics.
  5. I'll have to try it. I've gotten horribly addicted to NWN in the last month. My old computer died and I finally bought a system that could handle it. I've been having a blast running through all the old D&D game modules converted to NWN. So far, I've done Spires of Ravenloft, Tomb of the Lizard King, Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater, Final Enemy, Night of the Walking Dead, Sunless Citadel, and am most of the way through Forge of Fury. I should never have started, my family doesn't see much of me now...
  6. If I count correctly, he's a seven-gill were-shark. Most sharks have 5 gills.
  7. Best of luck to you! My experience is that most retailers have a need for week-ends/part-time. I know that I hire any college student that will do my dirty work (animal care) on weekends and holidays, but I start them at $9.50. I actually receive few qualified applications, so if I get as far as giving an interview, it's pretty much guarenteed that I will hire them if they don't project a big attitude.
  8. Are they still putting new Drizzt books out? I read the first 9 or 10 of them, but stopped somewhere around Spine of the World/Servant of the Shard. They all started reading the same. Drizzt whines about not being understood because of his race, then they spend twenty pages describing a sword fight. I tried looking at 1K Orcs, but couldn't get into it.
  9. I showed this thread to one of my staff veterinarians; his response: "Benadryl is an antihistamine usually prescribed for allergies. An arthritis drug that works well is Rimadyl. Another one is Etogesic. Cosequin is a neutroceutical that has positive effects also. If medical treatment does not work, then surgical options are availabe. These include removing the head of the femur, and hip replacement."
  10. Here's what the American Birding Association says about "Binocular Basics": http://www.americanbirding.org/publications/bevbb4.htm
  11. I drove to my two favorite gamestores yesterday hoping to get the Elise witch, and they were sold out of her. I did get the Halloween Familiars pack, and cracked up laughing over the Headless Gingerbread Cookie Man (after seeing him so often lately in the Shreck movies and the Wal-Mart commercials). Really wanted that witch though, and now I see they have that Van Helsing-type guy as well; oh, well, that's what the Online Store is for.
  12. That same article was in our Kansas City Sunday newspaper.
  13. So very true. I needed one last blister pack to complete my Ral Partha Ravenloft collection; one that hadn't shown up on ebay for over two years. When one showed up recently, the high bider paid over $50 US for a pack that cost $7 when it was released. I just wouldn't pay that high. Turned out, the very next week, the same seller put another one up. That one went for $45, and again I was not high bidder. The next week, the seller put up another, and I did get it for $25. Finally, he had one more the week after that went for $12. Must have just been the three of us that were actively looking for it and when the insane collector demand was met, the price went way down.
  14. It took me almost a year to be able to get ahold of both sets of Flying Monkeys here in the US.
  15. I have better things to do with my time than hover over a closing auction. If I want it bad enough to bid, I bid the absolute maximum I am willing to pay. If I get it, great. If I lose by fifty cents, there will be other auctions. It took me close to three years to complete my Ral Partha Ravenloft collection; I could have won more auctions had I played the sniping game, but I am pleased to know that I got everything at a reasonable price (and I've had some good hobby & gaming conversations with some of the folks who have out-bid me).
  16. Iron Wind Metals just started selling some of the figures from Elmore's boxed set individually in September, including some of the 'Silver & Steel' ones.
  17. Take a look at the published date: 2002 Take a look at the ads for the 'upcoming' "A Vicious Circle". This will now be the third Halloween to go by without it. If it will never be published, any chance that it can be available for download? I would purchase it immediately based on the quality of 'Eldest Son'.
  18. I wouldn't, as I currently make twice that at my job here in the good old USA. (but then I'm probably more than twice your age as well!)
  19. I've got to the point where most scripted TV has no appeal, I get caught up in all these 'Reality' shows instead...
  20. Good luck on your interview, Bill. I am frequently on the other end, giving several interviews a month over the last 10 years or so. Some advice; I first look for someone that has the skills required for the position. Second, I look for someone that will fit well with the team, by that either a personality that fills a void currently in the team (leader, innovator, etc.) or else I believe will get along with the crew. However, when looking at these entry-level/part-time/seasonal, low-pay positions, there often is little competition and few resumes/applications, and I end up hiring just about anyone willing to do the work. Do you have much competition for the library job, Bill? I think you will have a good shot at it, and the tie is a definate bonus! My biggest interview turn-offs? Padded resumes, spelling errors, and weird fonts. Make sure your resume is tight & legitimate, and if you make any claims like 'team player', 'organized', etc., I will ask for examples. Let us know how it turns out!
  21. Got a couple cans handed to me at the grocery store today as part of an introductory promotion. My kids, who do like both Mountain Dew Code Red and Live Wire, said "Pitch Black tastes like drinking gummy worms".
  22. Please, please, please! I've been asking for 'A Vicious Circle' for two Halloweens now, please don't let another one go by without publishing it!
  23. Right there with you, LT! X01 The Isle of Dread X02 Castle Amber X03 Curse of Xanathon X04 Master of the Desert Nomads X05 Temple of Death X06 Quagmire X07 War Rafts of Kron X08 Drums on Fire Mountain X09 The Savage Coast X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord X12 Skarda's Mirror X13 Crown of Ancient Glory I'm only missing X10, 11, & 12; I just received X13 this week from a Ebay high bid. Good luck! (I've seen 10 - 12 go for as much as $40 online)
  24. OK, so this new wereboar has a club. Is this a replacement/upgrade of the wereboar green we saw in September, or is that one still coming out in production and this new green will be in addition to that one? Hoping we'll have both eventually...
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