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  1. Unlikely. The title of this thread is 'Gazetteers', and was specifically questioning the ones set in the Mystara setting. If we want to name everything in the Mystara line, I can think of the following in addition to the Gazetteers I mentioned above... DDA1 Arena of Thyatis DDA2 Legions of Thyatis DDA3 Eye of Traldar DDA4 The Dymrak Dread MYS1 Hail the Heroes MYS2 Night of the Vampire MYS3 Player's Survival Kit MYS4 Dungeon Master's Survival Kit MYS5 Mark of Amber (boxed set) X01 Isle of Dread X01 The Isle of Dread X02 Castle Amber X03 Curse of Xanathon X04 Master of the Desert Nomads X05 Temple of Death X06 Quagmire X07 War Rafts of Kron X08 Drums on Fire Mountain X09 The Savage Coast X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord X12 Skarda's Mirror X13 Crown of Ancient Glory Dawn of the Emperors (boxed set) Champions of Mystara: Heroes of the Princess Ark (boxed set) Mystara MC Appendix Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure (boxed set) Glantri: Kingdom of Magic (boxed set) Joshuan's Almanac The Poor Wizard's Almanac Poor Wizard's Almanac II Poor Wizard's Almanac III TM1 Trail Map: The Western Countries TM2 Trail Map: The Eastern Countries Dragonlord of Mystara (novel) Dragonking of Mystara (novel) Dragonmage of Mystara (novel) Dark Knight of Karameikos (novel) Black Vessel (novel) Tainted Sword (novel) Dragon's Tomb (novel) Fall of Magic (novel) but I might have missed a few. :P
  2. Ah, another Ravenlofter here! Is Old Glory the maker of the Vampire Wars line, or are they the US distributor for the line made by West Wind Productions in the UK? I know you can find them on Old Glory's site, and also on Doordice.com catalog page. My FLGS doesn't carry them, and I simply must have the "Cat-By Blows"!
  3. GAZ01 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos GAZ02 The Emirates of Ylaruam GAZ03 The Principalities of Glantri GAZ04 The Kingdom of Ierendi GAZ05 The Elves of Alfheim GAZ06 The Dwarves of Rockhome GAZ07 The Northern Reaches GAZ08 The Five Shires GAZ09 The Minrothad Guilds GAZ10 The Orcs of Thar GAZ11 The Republic of Darokin GAZ12 The Golden Khan of Ethengar GAZ13 The Shadow Elves GAZ14 The Atruaghin Clans
  4. Have you seen the latest set from WizKids? Creepy Freaks... take a look at http://www.creepyfreaks.com and tell me what age group they are targeting. The pre-teens? And tell me, in a set of 52 characters, there appears to only really be about 20 figures that have alternative paintings. Is this common in WizKids / MK? Nothing in the set I wouldn't be embarrassed owning (but even then, the paint job seems better than the set from Wizards). ???
  5. Great battling lycanthropes! Any chance these will be out by Christmas? I must have the wolf, boar, & cat! I can never get enough werebeasts! The fairies look hot too, but I don't think I should put them on my Christmas wish list, I'm betting my wife wouldn't approve. (I'll pick them up on my own later...) :D
  6. I just amended mine & added in 'Kansas City'. Texas might still be closer!
  7. I don't live there, but my daughter does. The only gameshop I've been in is the one on SW 89th not too far from the airport. I forgot their name, but they are in the phone book. They've always been real nice to me when I've stopped in.
  8. I'd like to see a list of all the Reaper mini's ever made, including the OOP's, so I can see what old stuff I would like to collect via Ebay.
  9. My kids always like to play it with me. They like limited options, pre-generated characters, and the straight-forward dungeon crawl-type adventures. It's probably as close as they care to come to role-playing.
  10. Not today, however. :( The only things that come up when you search for GITH* are some copies of the old Fiend Folio. You might have to save a search & have them email you when any gith minis get listed. Gith alert! I see two lots up for sale on Ebay with Gith characters in them today: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....ry=2544 and http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....y=16489 Good luck, if you are interested!
  11. Not today, however. :( The only things that come up when you search for GITH* are some copies of the old Fiend Folio. You might have to save a search & have them email you when any gith minis get listed.
  12. OK, it's now five days later & there have only been 2 more people who have voted in the poll. They stated that they would need at least 100 people interested before they would consider paid subscriptions to CasketWorks, but so far we only have 39 people who have even voted. It looks like we have our answer. :(
  13. 500 members, but only 37 people have voted in the "Would You Subcribe to CasketWorks?" poll. That's only 7.4% of the membership active at this time. :(
  14. But how many members would we really have if you deleted all the zero-post accounts? It seems roughly a third of the names on the list are non-contributors. Catman Jim, #33 to join up, but apparently has had far less to say than others who signed up last August.
  15. Yeah, that's out of my price range as well. But if you look at it as $5.30 each & already painted, it's not unreasonable.
  16. Doing a search on Ebay for "Draconians" brought up a lot of unrelated junk, but I did see one listing of the 10-figure Partha box set that is pro-painted and currently, bidding is up to $53. Good luck in the hunt, fmorph!
  17. Hadn't heard of them before. "Edible Miniatures", huh. (meaning non-toxic resin) I did a search on Yahoo, and only came up with http://www.Cyberdungeon.com (Canadian; I've done business with them before & have never had a complaint) and this one: http://www.bookandgame.net/en-us/dept_21.html
  18. Hurray! Bullywugs, finally! I must have them, as well as the Lupines, Boar Demon & "Orcus", and Winged Tiger! The boxed sets sound awesome, but probably out of my price range; I'll have to see them in the shop. Still wondering on the "Well of Doom"; an evil Wishing Well?
  19. Indeed, some of the recent conversation on the Ravenloft posting board has been about some of the Reaper minis being a better representation of the Ravenloft characters (especially some of the mummies) than the official Ral Partha line was. "Generic" would be just fine with me! (but I'm still looking forward to generic bullywugs!)
  20. I see three figures listed on Ebay right now; one each in Canada, the UK, and the US. I promise I won't bid on them first! Just search for "gollum".
  21. I won a radio contest back in 1980 when I was a junior in college (University of New Hampshire); the prize was a gift certificate to a local bookstore. I saw the original (was it blue or red box? It's been a long time..) D&D boxed set and bought it. I rapidly progressed to the hardcover AD&D series and bought each of those as they came out. In late 1982/early 1983, I graduated and got married & moved to Seattle. There I first discovered minis when exploring the game & hobby stores. I bought just the basics on my first trip; a fighter, a cleric, a wizard, a dwarf, and an elf. Then I picked up all those Grenadier official D&D boxed sets when they were released. I had a total of several hundred minis when I drifted away from D&D Second edition in the '90's (and moved to Kansas City) and took a six-year detour into Magic: The Gathering. Thankfully, I am now done with that, and have re-discovered D&D in Third Edition. I have been actively making up for lost time & products through Ebay, and have about 50 new minis primed & waiting paint on my game table.
  22. I feel the same way about the Ravenloft series of minis; I've been trying to complete my collection (need 14 more) but I get outbid as I refuse to pay more than double the original selling price for them. Good God, Aryanun, you are a serious bidder! I looked on Ebay to see if we have any auctions in conflict. You must have really wanted those dragons!
  23. Ah, L1; got it, love it! What's the latest on when we'll see L2: Vampires & Liches?
  24. Yeah, I have been trying to complete my 'Ravenloft' series collection on Ebay, but so are a number of other people apparently. Blister packs that went for between $3 to $6 when they first were released are now selling at over $15. I just got outbid on four different sets this weekend because I refuse to pay that price, plus shipping! I knew I should have bought them at the store way back when, but I said to myself "Oh, like I need another vampire/werewolf/mummy/whatever in my collection". Not being able to go back to that time & slap myself upside the head, I guess I'll just have to learn to buy minis when I first see them.
  25. Ral Partha did a series (before they went belly-up) of two boxed sets, The Animals of North America and The Animals of Africa. They included cougars, bears, wolves, deer, a bobcat, a rattlesnake, a badger, a fox, a wolverine, and maybe some others, then it was an elephant, some lions, a hippo & crocodile (in and out of water), a giraffe, and some antelope (and maybe some others). They also released these in blister packs. You might be lucky enough to find them on a clearance shelf somewhere, but more likely you would have to look for them on an auction site like Ebay.
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