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  1. Yeah, it was kind of unpleasant. I would strongly recommend safety glasses or goggles of some kind. I had to brush rather vigorously to get the paint off since I didn't soak them very long, and the brake fluid kept spattering in my eyes. It also made a fair mess of my work table; I was glad I had put down newspaper. I started out holding the mini in a pair of pliers to avoid getting brake fluid on my hands, but gave that up quickly as I couldn't scrub well enough. So yeah, a pair of rubber gloves would have been nice to have as well. I'll know now next time!
  2. Thanks to all! I couldn't find any Pine-Sol around the house, but since I just put new brakes on my cars last weekend, I had plenty of brake fluid left over. I soaked them for about a half hour, then spent an hour scrubbing them with a new toothbrush. It seemed like a lot of work, and I cursed the original painter often. Then I came back to check this forum and wished I had let them soak for a lot longer! Oh, well, they look real clean! I rinsed them a bunch of times, then washed them with some dish detergent, and rinsed quite a bit more. They are dry now & look ready to get the primer they never received the first time around. Again, thanks all for your advice!
  3. I have been actively seeking to complete my collection of the Ravenloft line of figures. (Yes, I know, from that other figure company now out of business!) Anyway, I've been picking them up second-hand on Ebay. I just yesterday received a set of three vampyres that had been rather garishly painted. My question: How do I go about removing the paint, and what will I need to do to get them ready to paint again? I know that this is probably somewhere on the net already, but I was more interested in what you all have to say, and what experiences you have all had. The figures appear to have both acrylic and enamel paint, and there does not appear to be a primer layer. Where to procede from here?
  4. All I see on the back of the Reaper Pro-Paint 8029 Caucasian Flesh I bought last weekend is "Made in the U.S.A.", so they can't be coming from the same French Citadel supplier.
  5. Hasn't anyone bought Tiki yet, other than me? Do the sculptors see this forum? Any conjecture would help!
  6. You should probably start a thread on the Sci-Fi minis section for a request for that type of figure. You would probably get a better response from the host there than here on the Fantasy Figures section. †:)
  7. Ok, I just bought #2598 Tiki, the Wood Golem. A fun & very original piece! However, when I opened the pack, I discovered that the designer, J. Wiebe, included on the back of the golem's torso some sort of beast that has made a nest in Tiki! It's very funny, but my eyes are not that good to be able to discern what kind of critter it is. Is it a squirrel? opposum? sugar glider? racoon? I'm trying to decide how to paint it, and can't really determine what it most looks like. What do you think it is?
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