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  1. Hmmmmmm.... I bought mine for no other reason that I just plain liked it. Because it's for me, and me alone, I decided to take my time. Glad I waited too, because Reaper's come out with some really cool paints, and my mini cleaning/assembling and painting skills have vastly improved. Also, hospitals kinda frown on you if you bring in X-acto knives, files, power tools, etc. and scatter fine metal dust about the ICU. So there. ~M
  2. I'd love to see it in action! Heck, I'd love to see it in person - but I live on the opposite coast. :( This has gone well beyond simple gaming terrain to a masterpiece. Be proud. ~M
  3. I just stretched mine out and measured him. From the tip of the forward poking tentacle, to the tip of his tail, he's roughly 8 inches long. Mine is not assembled at this point. I have the first release version, and mine has a hollow body, which I'm assuming was done to reduce the final weight and keep costs down. Anyway, Goroloth is one cool beastie, and I've been taking my time working on him because my perfectionist streak mandates that this one be absolutely perfect. ~M
  4. I haven't seen anything on a boxed set. At least not from Reaper. ~M
  5. I've cut myself too many times to count with my X-acto knife, tho luckily I haven't done it in years now. At one time I was wearing Bandaids on at least three fingers of each hand because of stubbornness and stupidity. I recently had a superglue mishap that resulted in my clogged bottle suddenly clearing itself and barfing superglue all over both of my hands. This is why I keep a bottle of Uncure handy. I have a scar on my forearm from where a jealous classmate branded me with a white hot welding rod while trying to distract me from running a perfect bead and thereby showing up every male in the vicinity. I once caught my acrylic encased fingernail in the "peg board" metal border around a pillar at work, while walking past said pillar, and snapped the acrylic - and my real nail - halfway down the nailbed. It didn't snap off the nail, just split both the acrylic and nail, so I had a nasty gash horizontal across the middle of my fingernail. Luckily I had just clocked out and was on my way home, so wrapped the bloody mess in a tissue and drove right home. (I lived 5 minutes from work.) Once home, I filled the wound with superglue, clamped my teeth, and pressed the wound shut. Superglue works, but it HURTS. Recently, while trying to figure out what was blocking the line for the waterfall in the fish pond, I reached into the murky water to find said line, and sliced my finger open on something my late grandfather had used to cobble it together. I still don't know what it is, but it's razor sharp. Last week I pulled off the ultimate in stupidity. I was fixing dinner for my dad, and had decided to make a salad. While holding an avocado in my hand to cut it, I managed to slice open the joint of my left pinky finger. At least I'd already cut the tomatoes, and I managed NOT to bleed all over the salad.... As for Dremel accidents... I decided to play it smart and safe. I always use eye protection and a dust mask. So far I haven't had anything go wrong - other than perfectly resculpting the bottoms of my flesh golem's feet only to realize that no one's going to see them once he's secured to his new base. ~M
  6. Really cool idea. Can't wait to see it painted up. ~M
  7. Very interesting sculpt, and the idea of using the wings or not is great. However, I agree about the wrap on her legs. It really detracts, mostly because it's only around her thighs and knees. It's not a skirt or dress, and it just looks out of place. If I were to locate and purchase this figure, I'd remove it before painting her. Great detailing on the rest of her tho. ~M
  8. Any of these work? http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/50007 http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/50071 http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/50146 ~M
  9. Eyes get easier with practice. There's some tutorials on painting eyes on The Craft section the main website. http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft ~M
  10. Mammy Grall and kin are no joke..... Wish I'd know exactly what these were before our DM ran us through the Hook Mountain path. "Them ogres ain't right"!!! Great painting. You really captured them. ~M
  11. I'm with Flit - I buy my paints in triads, initially, and then replace what I need when I run low. I too started with Testors Hobby Enamels in the same colors listed. I've tested out many brands of paints over the years, and I'm a happy camper with Reapers RMS line. The triads make it easy to work a base color, highlights and shades. I cannot recommend Brown Liner or Flow Improver enough. Brown Liner is the secret weapon in my paint arsenal. NMM is also something painters do to push themselves to a new level of skills. I haven't mastered it, and in all honesty, my NMM comes out looking like concrete or chunky rocks. There are several threads on the Forums about NMM, and someone has a post about Thomas Hammerfist that has a good bit of advice on NMM. Since I'm not that good with it, I prefer metallic paint - but there have been some posts about how the mica in the paint ruins brushes. (Which is another reason people do NMM.) Bumble_B linked a great tutorial on removing bases. I've done this a few times to push my skills, but just as often because I have a different idea for the mini. Some people use a standard base type in their collections, so attach the figures to something else. Others just paint and leave the sculpted base. There is no right or wrong here. One thing about photographing minis.... Don't use the zoom feature on the camera! If your camera has a macro setting, use that. Also, it's difficult to get a good clear shot of multiple minis because the auto focus feature picks one out of the lot and focuses on that one, thus blurring the others. The rat is closer to the camera than the warrior, but the warrior is the one in focus. I'd try snapping individual pictures, or placing them at the same distance, using the macro setting, and holding the camera at least 10 inches away to get them both in focus. They are looking good! Keep up the great work. ~M
  12. Niiiiiiice. There's rumblings around the campfire about re-starting the Deadlands campaign. ~M
  13. The Deadlands campaign we briefly played had a female huckster with a penchant for using dynamite, a mountain man with a Sharps, a female gunslinger, and old Chinese mad scientist with a dragonfly styled flying machine (the wings flapped), and a male gunslinger. There were several other NPC types, including an African American soldier, a male huckster/mage, and a Harrowed Abe Lincoln. "Weird West" aptly describes it, but it was sure fun. ~M
  14. "When The Quartermaster Just Doesn't Understand You" is an excellent tutorial. Froggy has also written some other tutorials on conversions. You can find everything here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft Weapon swaps are rather easy. I did a weapon swap on Hyrekia so that she's holding a sword instead of the staff. IMO, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. ~M
  15. Just FYI to anyone interested, I have RMS paints, Reaper Pro Paints, Vallejo, GW, and a smattering of other brands. Nothing seems to have been affected. Not even that ancient bottle of Elmer's white glue that's been kicking around for the past century. ~M
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