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  1. Shrinky Dinks.... Talk about a blast from the past.... I thought I saw something posted a while back, but gotta search for it. That's actually the concept I wanted for the Shadow Dragon, but haven't gotten around to painting it - yet. Does this help? http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/IG_98_1.jpg Just did a quick search of the Inspiration Gallery, using "undead" as my search. Actual figure was painted by Jlem, not me. ~M
  2. Really BAAAAAD Sy-Fy movie plot idea here.... Involves genetic modifications, cloning, and "harvesting" of superior components for a secret ancient brewing recipe. ~M
  3. You might want to check this thread out: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34534-color-equivalencies/ It has lists of possible matches. ~M
  4. I was scrolling through the pix thinking WOW!!! Got to the last one and cracked up. Your paint bench looks like mine.... Nice work on the avatar. Did you gloss him? He looks great. ~M
  5. Motorized??? Sweet! It's looking fantastic. I honestly thought it was going to be a static piece for gaming terrain. Keep up the good work. That's going to be a real treasure when you are done. ~M
  6. An update. Been working on several things at once so layers can dry between coats. Minor base coating on some of the detail areas. Painted some of the ropes and wood, detailed the fur loincloth (back view), spot colored the runes on the leg, base coated the leather belts. The bloody smear on the sword was a test of my new "blood" mix and will be painted over. I started to paint the wrapping that hangs off the side an offwhite color, but it blends too much with the bones, so I'll end up painting it darker. ~M
  7. Very "rough" shadowing going on here, but everything is primed white, and I've begun working on the colors. I've done wet blending on undead before, and have gotten some pretty grisly effects with select colors. I'm using RMS on this guy. Nightshade Purple, Bloodstain Red, and Ghoul Skin. Anyway, posting pix with paint to see if that helps out the scale any. There's a rough smattering of color on his chest and back, but I'll be doing some smoother blending when I sit down and focus on this guy. ~M
  8. I understand that RMS was formulated with flow improver included, but I've added a couple drops to some of my older RMS paints. Is that a no-no? I have not had any problems, but I use water to thin them on my palette. I have RMS paints from the first release. Aside from needing a vigorous shaking, they all seem to be perfectly fine. ~M
  9. This guy has been sitting on my paint bench for years. I'm actually trying to duplicate one I painted and sold several years back, but that was before I put some serious work into honing my skills, and I <cough> drybrushed the first one. Not wanting the "chalky" look on this one, I'm actually trying to paint up the highlights in layers. I used RMS 09021 Snow Shadow as the base, and have mixed 09063 Ghost White in for highlights. At this point, my mix is 2 drops Flow Improver, 4 drops Snow Shadow, and 1 drop Ghost White. I'm wondering how much lighter I should go. I went ahead and painted the eyes and mouth, but the claws aren't done yet because I haven't finished the back. Thanks! ~M
  10. Chum in general is pretty vile.... I can just imagine what chum candy is like. Hmmmm, that might discourage those nonchalant moochers from helping themselves to someone else's gaming snacks..... ~M
  11. My kobold sorcie henchie is named Vregma. Not sure which one she's from, but she's out of one of the Pathfinder adventure paths. ~M
  12. One thing I haven't seen when quality brushes are mentioned is brush cleaner! Seriously, if you get quality brushes, you will NEED to take care of them. More brush care info is posted in other threads, but get some Pink Soap or "The Masters" Brush Cleaner and Preserver - both available at any craft or art store. I use both, it's inexpensive, and I've been able to keep my Reaper MS brushes going strong for several years. (My current ones date from the release of the line, but I took a 2 to 3 year hiatus off painting.) If you're going to invest the extra money on good brushes, then you might as well take care of them. You can also get better performance and longer life out of "semi decent" brushes with a proper brush care regimen. I second a wet palette, good lighting, and a magnifying visor. Oh, and I also second getting involved with a local paint club if there is one. Most painters love sharing tips and tricks, especially "in person". ~M
  13. I'd say job well done. The bright colors and intricate freehand pattern make her pretty fancy - and are done very well. That chain flailing about makes her look pretty dangerous. Nice job on the NMM too. ~M
  14. Zombies were really big last year at her school. Gummy bacon, bacon gumballs, bacon candy canes, bacon mints.... Wasabi gumballs, garlic mints, chum mints.... I imagine that could discourage candy poaching. ~M
  15. Comic Con is July 21st to 24th, and Privateer will be there. They usually have minis, paints, brushes for sale, so would be great if they had the painters to answer questions... If you're there, I'll drop by and say hi. Also, I keep hoping that maybe Reaper will make an appearance. Used to be only about comics and memorabilia, but now is a massive pop-culture extravaganza. ~M
  16. Time, patience, thinned paints, and a #0 brush. I've tried using a smaller brush, but have issues with the paint drying before I can get it where I want it. O also use a magnifying visor and an Ott-Lite for small details. The latter has really helped. ~M
  17. Consider getting the tanned skin triad. I do 90% of my flesh tones with that one. I've worked both dark to light and mid outward, depending on what I'm going for, but the triads make it super easy to mix and blend colors. Gotta seriously thank the genius who thought up this line. ~M
  18. Any of them.... Seriously. However I gotta agree to pick something you really like. Seriously. It will be much easier to stay interested and keep painting if you really like the figure, and it will be more fun. ~M
  19. Congrats Meg. I'm super envious as you now have what I've always considered my dream job. (Being a staff painter for a major miniatures company.) PP always makes an appearance at Comic Con International. Any chance you'll be along with the rest of the crew and make a visit to San Diego? ~M
  20. @D.Bedlam - Gotta tell my sister this one. Her science department has a wicked sense of humor.... ~M
  21. I like the idea too. However, I prefer 1 inch squares because that's what fits the scale of the maps and tiles we use to game - plus it makes them Warlord legal. And, yes, the metal ones are still available - 3 pack for $7.99. (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/square%20bases/latest/74006) ~M
  22. I haven't checked all my Pro Paints, but the few I've used recently have been fine. They've been sitting around untouched for years now, and they date back to when the line first released. The only one I had dry out was one pot of Walnut. I also have most of the MSP line from the first release, augmented with a few new triads as they released. I haven't had any problems with them, except the white paint on primer. (It's gotten "clumpy" as it's settled, but hasn't totally solidified.) I contacted Reaper about the shelf life of the paints, and was told: "They can really last forever if one to two drops of water are put in each bottle every year." Nice tip about the washing machine.... I have laundry to do, and that seems like a great idea. ~M
  23. I, too, gotta thank Derek for taking the time to Photoshop the mini. I've run scared from NMM, and this thread has really helped me understand it better. (No, I haven't read many tutorials on the subject. I've always deluded myself that I could figure it out on my own.) Anyway, looks GREAT! I'd say Mission Accomplished! ~M
  24. Mexico, specifically Tijuana, is less than 8 miles from my house.... Ironically, May 5th seems to be a bigger holiday than September 13th - which is the REAL Mexican Independence Day. I've just always found that kinda odd. I have never heard of Juneteenth. Supposedly California observes it too.... ~M
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