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  1. What MamaGeek said. Your health comes first. This is a great step by step post, and it's been fun watching the progress. ~M
  2. I still want one! Looks great. Keep up the great work, both of you. ~M
  3. Both bones are from a rodent. Rat, mouse, gopher, vole, not sure which. The one is a leg bone, and it was broken. That's the end I put in the hand, and the socket on the other end has a chip out of it. My thoughts were to say it was a femur from a smaller dragon or a giant, picked up for no other reason than to pulverize some unfortunate adventurer. I used spray on white primer, so the bones will be painted. I undercoated the deepest shadow areas with Nightshade Purple and the gore areas with Bloodstain Red. I'm wet blending both colors with Ghoul Skin directly on the figure to get a really putrid rotting color. Progress has been slow because there's been some chaos on the homefront and I've made a couple trips out of town to visit family. Haven't snapped any pix of Sampson since I've started painting him, but will do so once I get some good color going. Thanks for all the feedback - especially on scale! Will keep that in mind the next time creative problem solving comes into play. ~M
  4. I had to practice a bit before I got the hang of pinning. Tho it is much easier to drill/pin before you paint, that way you can easily patch up the joins and smooth them out so it all looks seamless. Your color choice is great. Very vivid and such a dynamic figure, the colors really compliment her. I do second the idea of bringing in a few brighter highlights. A little yellow here and there on the scales would really "pop" the colors. Not a lot, just a touch on the areas where the brightest highlights would be. ~M
  5. Daaaaaaang! Made out of sterling silver and 22kt gold. Yeah, I can definitely see that showing up somewhere. It looks like a pendant, so wouldn't raise too much suspicion. ~M
  6. Still a pretty cool concept. Much better than hiding out inside a "dormant" volcano...... ~M
  7. I honestly think that May 5th is celebrated more in San Diego than July 4th is. And there's a Star Wars Day??? Really? ~M
  8. You do such amazing work on such a small scale. This one seems to have just stepped out of the pages of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Very impressive, and very inspiring. I really love the freehand detailing you do. I still say I'd be lucky to paint half as good as you do. Keep up the amazing work! ~M
  9. Eew! The pinkish colors give it more of an undead feel, which I'm assuming was the intent. I wouldn't want the eye too red if it's supposed to be undead. But since you asked, The brightest reds are 09003 Blood Red, 09004 Fire Red, and 09094 Clear Red. If you want fresh blood, I'd either go with one of those. Still, that's a heck of a job on that eye. I keep expecting it to rotate around to stare at me. ~M
  10. Thanks for posting this. Zombies are a favorite topic of discussion by my DM. He's going to get a kick out of this. Tho I gotta ask, how are the shields going to function when the power inevitably goes out? Or is the house solar powered? Details, details.... ~M
  11. It used to be linked on the Master Series Paints section of the main Reaper website, down at the bottom of the page. It is no longer there, and since you can save a PDF file, I didn't think to bookmark it.... The file is outdated now because several triads have been dropped and new colors have been developed. I was just hoping that a new PDF was available for the current line. ~M
  12. I have an old PDF of the MSP swatches from back in October 2010, and there have been a lot of changes to the paint line since then. It was linked on the main Reaper website in the MSP section. Has a new one been done/posted yet? Thanks! ~M
  13. I too am waiting for the ReaperCon Sophie to place my restock order. I can't recommend MSP Brown Liner enough. I consider that to be my "secret weapon", but I really like the MSP line. I will be getting a few of the new HD paints too, but have not had the chance to test them as of yet. So far I've only heard positive things about them. ~M
  14. Very nice. Very, very nice. Outstanding work on the whole piece. I'd have a really hard time parting with it! ~M
  15. Actually, I was going to ask the manager at my FLGS to place a special order for the boxed set I want. I had planned on talking to the manager to make sure the set was in a plastic case before placing the order. If it's unavailable through the distributor, I'll order it directly from Reaper so I know I'll get what I want. However, there are a few NICed figures I want, so I'll probably end up ordering everything directly from Reaper - who has offered a free shipping option on orders over $25. ~M
  16. Instead of adding white to the hair color, have you tried adding yellow? I don't remember who recommended this, but you go more orange than pink that way. ~M
  17. According to the Works in Progress Forum Guidelines and Suggestions: "Posting Non-Reaper Figures When you post, please use the topic title line for the name of your creation, and use the description line for the manufacturer. That way, you're descriptive and search-friendly at the same time while giving credit where it's due" The topic guidelines are stickied as the first thread in the main WIP page. ~M
  18. This is one of my favorite of all the Sophies, and you've done a really nice job on her. I like the vivid blue and the weathering on the iron. The ankle guards are great - nice work there! However, I agree with MamaGeek and Ferox, especially with the hair. Pop a few highlights there, and the back will dazzle as much as the front. Overall very nice, tho. ~M
  19. I personally like the blue color choice. Maybe it's me and the fact that I pulled another all nighter with bright paint, but I'm getting a "dark of the night" vibe from it. I love the base tho, it was really nice to begin with, and I can't wait to see the finished design. The one thing that jumps at me is the horns above the eyes. I think they should match the rest of the facial spikes/horns. That's just my sense of cohesion, and they seem a bit odd/out of place being blue while the rest are a bone color. Anyway, I'm going to be darn lucky if any of my dragons ever come out this good! ~M
  20. Thanks Clark! Meg posted some pix and measurements, and it seems that I've found a solution to my current transport problem. And it looks like my Dremel will fit in one too..... Now I gotta decide if I want another Ebonwrath, Deathsleet, or a box of dungeon critters. ;) ~M
  21. Very nicely done. That cloak is amazing. Looking forward to the new tutorial. ~M
  22. I have several RMS bottles from the first run, back when the line was introduced. How long do the RMS lines stay "fresh"?
  23. I used to use VMC extensively. They are good paints, highly pigmented, and dilute well. However, the thinner you dilute your paint, the more coats it's going to take to fully cover. Not sure about the flow improver, because I've used it too. However, I mixed it on my painting tile and did not add it directly to the bottle of paint. ~M
  24. I constantly drop stuff, so am terrified of resin. I have a FoW Tiger that went flying when some careless she-oaf knocked over my workstation, and now it's chipped and dinged, and will take a LOT of work to repair. I prefer metal. It bends, but it does not break that easily. ~M
  25. It's a dang worthy idea. I've got some stuff to finish for friends, and then I'll work on selecting a recipient. ~M
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