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  1. Just as an FYI, the release schedules are tentative, so if it says November, that may be what they are shooting for, but Often with larger minis (like the marilith), there are casting problems, and they get delayed. Don't be discouraged though. This merely means quality control is doing a good job.

    Yes I do know that, that's why there is a "caution" note near the tentative release date in the Previews.

    But it gives me a good idea of what is coming next and I thought I'd share my findings on the board since there is unfortunately very few official updates on the main Reaper page.

    And late miniatures never bother me much, they will be ready when they will be ready.   :)

  2. how about some ETAs

    This is what I found in october's Previews (the comic shop's catalog):


    Scheduled to ship in November:




    RPR 07012 Mitso Ta Regent

    RPR 07035 Polteirgest Tank (2)

    RPR 07061 Heavy Infantry, Light Mortars

    RPR 07062 Heavy Infantry, Heavy Mortars




    RPR 02630 Frogmen (3)

    RPR 02631 Cockatrice

    RPR 02633 Vandorendra Female Demon

    RPR 02634 Well of Doom

    RPR 02635 Winged Tiger

    RPR 02637 Marcus Starsong Young Wizard




    RPR 04401 Crab Clan Samurai I

    RPR 04402 Cran Crab Samurai II (might be a typo)

    RPR 04403 Crane Courtler

    RPR 04404 Ninja I

    RPR 04405 Ninja II

    RPR 04406 Shiba Tsukune

    RPR 04407 Aramoro

    RPR 04408 Mirimoto Taki




    RPR 02632 Jahenna Vampire Seductress

    RPR 02636 Blacksting the Wyvern

    RPR 14033 Wraith Lord

    RPR 14034 Arganox Gladiator

    RPR 14035 Balthon Evil Priest

    RPR 14036 Halbarad Good Priest

  3. Also many of the people who USED to play tech and came back to the fold as it were, now that they are learning the back story are having second thoughts and have had their image of the Tech universe ruined... so that alone does not bode well at least for the older players. Yeah yesterday after the huge Psyro versus Merchs CAV game we were talking about the back story and one of the guys, he was VERY disapointed with the back story, as much as most of us who have been following it even closer...

    Well said Nadin.


    I'm one of those people who used to play BattleTech (still do from time to time) and I had the oportunity to try MW and wasn't really "moved" by it. Oh it's fun I admit but it's not a game I would invest in, money or time wise.

    While the new storyline Mr. Stackpole and company created isn't ruining the universe for me it certainly is dull, a return to the pre 3025 era where technology is disapearing or rare isn't very apealing to me. We've been there already and frankly it was better the first time.


    I agree with you on the lack of Pilot advancement, the rare-collectible-can-you-catch'em-all gimick and especially on the no construction rules.


    Sorry if this was a bit out of topic, I'm going back in lurker mode now.

  4. Okay, are the NG minis going to be in a seperate line or catalog from the present Reaper stuff, or will it all be viewable on the Reaper site, as are Warlord and DHL?

    Good question. I hope they'll be in their own line, that way it might avoid possible confusion at the shop where I buy my minis.

    Different packages will probably attract more attention too.

  5. Thanks for clearing some of that up Lord_Ironheart. After piecing together about ten different stories I was still a bit far from the real story.


    And I agree about your comments on WotC and WK's minis. Although a few from WotC weren't too bad.

  6. Fodder packs of uncommon races (ie something else than orcs and skeletons there's plenty of those anyway) would be an interesting idea.


    Here are some useful critters from D&D 3rd Ed I would find very useful (some names would need changing of course) :

    Bugbears, Formians, Goblins, Gnolls, Grimlocks, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Kuo-toas,  Locathahs, Mephits, Ogres, Sahuagins, Shadows, Troglodytes.

  7. I might already have mentioned it but my favorite sculptor is Denis Mize.


    I loved his Male/Female AD&D player characters to death (my wallet's death), his Elmore minis (Silver and Steel 1-3), the boxed Ravenloft, Menzobarranzan, Titan's of Terrors and *ahem* the Slave Auction, the amazing Beastmasters line and his other various Ral Partha minis.

    Some of his works for WotC wasn't too bad either, Redgar is amazing.


    I couldn't be happier now that he is with Reaper!  :D

  8. Hey Kelcore,


    Iced Earth's Alive in Athens is excellent for painting especially if you have a CD changer.  :cool:


    I also leave the TV on for background noise, even soaps are tolerable when I get into my zen-painting mood.

  9. I'd paint the robe some kind of beige or sandy yellow with faded black. gold and grey for the different parts.

    I've been inspired by Morrowind's characters (PC-XBox game) lately, if you couldn't tell by the sugestion heh.


    I usually have a vague scheme idea when I buy a mini, I usually start having ideas when I pick one from my desk (and shelves and boxes and...). But this leaves me in danger of getting what I call color block, when I can't figure one or the last color on an almost finished mini. †:angry:

  10. Thanks yet again Mengu.


    I saw the greens don't worry.  :)


    Froschmeister: agreed. *roooooar*


    lstormhammer: Maybe you could find some of those old Battletech pilot minis Ral Partha made a couple of years ago on Ebay. If you don't have them already of course.

  11. Allo John!


    Fantastic work I must say, some of your 'mechs (CAVs?) have that Hercs/Cybrids look from the Cyberstorm/Earthsiege PC games, very cool.


    As a Battletech player (CLASSIC Battletech nowadays) I must admit I have used some of those CAVs minis to represent some home made machines or duplicates for lance-size or larger units. What can I say? I love 'em heh heh.

  12. Our experience with these craft style paints is they don't stay on the mini.

    Oh yuk I can see why you don't like them!

    Personally I never had any problems with those paints even with the sometime rough handling my minis get by other players. Maybe it's the way I use the paints, maybe I'm just lucky... or maybe it's the fact that screwing with the DM's paint jobs can be a health hazard to one's favorite character. :;):


    I think I'll be extra careful with those paints next time I use them though. Thanks for the warning!

  13. I started using acrylics with Ral Partha paints (I really started with Testor's paints, ugh) and still uses them to this day but with the years I picked colors that interested me from almost every lines.

    I also buy paint from small craft stores, like DecoArt's Crafter's Acrylic (http://www.decoart.com/) and recently from Iron Wind Metals' paints (http://www.ironwindmetals.com/).


    I personally like Pro Paints, they have a nice variety and are easy to use. The containers are also way better than the new Citadel... er... things. BLECH indeed! † :laugh:



    (I hope I didn't break a forum rule by posting business links).

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