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  1. Thanks for that. :) The different bases seem to have different terms in their descriptions, in the pledge manager - 'display' (the round-sided tractor tyres), 'RPG' (straight sides) and 'game'. Trouble is, the older 'game' bases have an obvious bevel that the new bases lack. Ah well, I only wanted a tiny handful of ovals. Not enough to kick up even this much fuss. Hopefully Reaper can make use of my one dollar (maybe it'll buy a mailing label...) and I hope all you other pledgers are soon showered with black plastic discs. ;)
  2. I might be pushing it, seeing as the pledge manager closes tomorrow, but... I put in a $1 pledge to choose what I like. I had my eye on some of the oval bases. Now that I'm inspecting them more closely, it looks like the sides are straight and vertical, rather than with a slight bevel like other common gaming bases. Can I ask if that's the case, and not just my eyes and the photos playing tricks?
  3. I know some sculptors who can notice differences, and some of those prefer magic sculp. (claiming a finer grain, IIRC) But in my experience: not much. Yikes. Good to know.
  4. All of a sudden I feel like trying my hand at a few ice age mammals.
  5. Hello I've got an old pot of Citadel ghoul grey here, OOP long before I found it in the corner of a little model shop. It's a pretty nice colour and I wouldn't mind finding a ready source for the same kind of colour, if and when I use it up. MSP ghoul skin seems fairly close in the online swatch, maybe a bit lighter. Does anyone have experience with both colours, to say how close they are? Thanks!
  6. Just for general reference then: Sarah Simblet's Anatomy for the Artist is quite good. The best ref book I have. He has his detractors, but Burne Hogarth's books (Dynamic Anatomy, Dynamic Figure Drawing, Dynamic etc. etc.) have their uses too. I think the exaggerated musculature and blocky shapes help explain parts that sometimes aren't immediately obvious in more realistic diagrams and photos. Anatomy for Fantasy Artists by Glenn Fabry has quite a few pics of models in various poses, particularly generic sci-fi/fantasy poses. Quite a few extra pointers about posing too, but the initial anatomy diagrams are woeful and a lot of the latter part of the book looks like a showcase of what different artists do with fantasy stereotypes. It skates close to coming across as something for teens who're bored with 'How-To-Draw... Manga!' books, but worth flicking through for the photo refs and some of the art. Must look out for Lantieri and Luchessi. Anatomy ref books are one thing, but I can't find actual sculpting books for love nor money.
  7. QFT. Milliput reduces the memory of GS and makes it easier to sculpt small, sharp details, and to 'dry sculpt'; while GS holds the milliput together - makes the uncured stuff less crumbly and reduces the sometimes-problematic solubility. I take it that was Superfine White? I haven't had any problems like that with it. The thing is that both parts are white, so it has to be more thoroughly mixed to be sure of proper curing. I don't like to barge onto a forum and come across as a self-appointed expert in my third post (I guess I already did that in my second post about Silicon Dragons), but I've a short 'putty primer' writeup here. It's the result of seeing a lot of curious beginners on other forums; lack of real experts and (good) advice for said beginners (with gems like "GS must be mixed with water to stop it drying out"); and a pathological desire to test, list and order different products. I hope it complements what's already been posted in this topic. I have to say that I prefer apoxie sculpt to milliput, for reasons mentioned in that writeup.
  8. Except for me to wander along another few weeks later and say Silicon Dragons isn't very good or reliable at all. Lords, leddies and gennelmen, I present these harguments for your consideration: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158511 http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163620
  9. Hullo! I'm thinking of finally sending across the pond to try out some Reaper paints. I've had a look at the GW/MSP and MSP/RPP lists here; but obsessive-compulsive stickler that I am, can I ask if there's a GW/RPP equivalency list, or the possibility of one?
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