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  1. CAV 2 is an awesome game and I am sure you will really enjoy it!
  2. When you can find a Target that carries them! I called 4 Targets near me and 3 near my parents (hours drive south) and none had them in stock. Just started playing a few weeks ago and I am hooked now. Thanks Rob. LOL
  3. I love the internet way back machine. It brings back so many fond memories...
  4. Love CAV 2! I have been wanting to play again and this didnt help! LOL Thanks..
  5. Two good online places. Adorama and B&H Both should have just about anything you would want lens wise.
  6. If your minis arent completely in focus then you need to change your aperture settings. A larger number will increase your depth of field (ie less shallow and more of your subject in focus) the drawback is that this will lower your shutter speed and cause you to need a tripod or other means to steady the camera than your hand. Unless this Canon is REALLY old I doubt you would get better pics with an 8.1 MP Point and Shoot. The cheapest DSLR Canon makes right now has a 10.1 MP sensor.
  7. Backed the wrong horse. And we all know how that race ended.

  8. Self promotion at its finest!! LOL Wheres Frank and the Steel Chickens reference when you need one??
  9. I live in Columbus so its great you asked!! There is The Guardtower on Trabue, dont know the address, and the dont have a website but you should be able to find them pretty easily in the phonebook. There is also Alley Cat Games and Comics in Dublin. The website is Alley Cat. Both locations have open gaming and sell all kinds of gaming items. You also have Ravenstone, Laughing Ogre, and several others that I cant remember the names of right now. Hope this helps!!
  10. Thats awesome!! Cant wait to see it in person!
  11. Where/how do I post that? Reapergames Sign up, login to the CAV section and look for the submit Painted mini link!
  12. It is a very nasty section for sure.
  13. I can vouch that this is pretty damn effective, and painful! Especially with a nicely located hill right outside my deployment zone that gives me LOS to a good portion of the battlefield....... Mike Yeah, my armor section didnt like that AT ALL!! LOL
  14. I can vouch that this is pretty damn effective, and painful!
  15. Papabees is correct. The Jet Pack uses MClass Air to conduct its movement around the battlefield. and adds +2 to its MOV stat.
  16. I disagree, models WILL very in points based on Factions. Look at all the other minigames with various factions. They all have specific pros and cons and what they are good/bad at. Tau for 40k, great at range, you get in close and they are meat. Does this effect there cost per mini?? Heck yeah it does. Thats what gives the army its flavor and feel.
  17. The Dog rescue that my wife and I volunteer for entered a Dog in a contest at Bissell. If he wins he gets a photoshoot and a $10,000.00 donation to the pet charity. Please go here and vote for number 187 http://www.bissell.com/Gallery.asp?Page_id...p;Page=7#Detail" target="_blank">http://www.bissell.com/Gallery.asp?Page_id...p;Page=7#Detail Thank you for your help!
  18. Nice one Frosch. Wonder what it would look like with Puma Legs.
  19. Wow very nice!! I love the Camo on the Tyrant.
  20. Frosch, you never cease to amaze me with the stuff you come up with. Good job!
  21. Chrome I believe I have a couple copies of that game at home! I found them REAL cheap at like Toys-r-Us. Like 5 dollars cheap. I bought them for the minis. Let me check and see if I raided that one or not and I will let you know.
  22. Yeah it looked great in person too, Dave and Tim did a great job on there tables!! HA HA!! There is a pic of my mummies stomping that mean nasty Spider Queen!!
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