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  1. Thanks, all. Apparently my search skill is lacking today! I'll check those out. -Newt
  2. I'm playing a male Catfolk who will be a caster type in an upcoming game. I found the female Reaper catfolk mini, but it won't work. I searched the net and came up empty except for 2 plastics - one using a bow and one dual wielding. http://t3.gstatic.co...s_2lIcIx55g-v0w http://ddm-images.s3...atures/0614.jpg Do you guys know of a male Catfolk mini I can use? I don't mind a little mod work. Both of the plastic minis I found _could_ be modded if needed, but if I go with a plastic one, I'd rather it already be an arcane caster fig. I'd obviously like to stick with Reaper, but I don't see a good option for me. Hrm, can you think of a mini or Reaper's that could be converted to look like a male Catfolk? -Newt
  3. What a great idea and wonderful execution. That would look great in our china cabinet! -Newt ps. There's no china in our china cabinet, just stuff I like!
  4. For a second there, I thought you said an hour. Oh, wait. You did. Sheesh, nice!
  5. I really like this. A new angle on art is always refreshing. Thanks for introducing me to this. -Newt
  6. These Mouslings are frightening. Not frightening as in scary, but frightening in that I have no use for them, will probably never paint them, but I have to get them. I know that's normal for a lot of you, but I'm not a lead collector. They are, in a word... awesome. I'd LOVE to see villainous ones, or undead, etc., like others have mentioned. -Newt
  7. Looking good. I ran away screaming when I saw all that armor detail. *shiver* G'Luck. -Newt
  8. I'm currently painting the Reptus guy ( Pakpao ) for a a player in my 4E D&D game. I'm glad to find someone else painting him so I can see how you envision him coming out. I asked the player what color he saw when he thought of his Dragonborn Mage and he said "Ochre." That's all I have to go on and I have no imagination; makes it hard to figure out how to paint something! His base coat is almost done and I like the skin color. I have his scales on his head the same as his body, but I think I'll make them different after seeing yours. Thanks for the idea. I look forward to more progress on your minis. I already pinned his scroll to his hand and green-stuffed and primed it. I may cut it off an actually use an appropriate item for that hand, now. I'm a lot better at conversion than I am at painting. -Newt
  9. I like 'em! You captured a boggy, swampy feel. The standard answer to getting depth will be "darken the recesses, bring up the highlites". I wouldn't want them as bright as the typical mini that is highlighted because it could ruin the swampy feel. If it were me, and this is a total noob speaking, I'd darken the recesses some and try to get a shiny coat on them to make them look slimy. I'd probably give them 1 level of highlights, but not real bright. Good luck! -Newt
  10. The Mushroom guy is one of my favorite figures. I'm loving seeing you paint it up. Doing great, MKiller. -Newt
  11. Check your cables, make sure the one from the monitor to the PC is securely connected - to both ends if it isn't hardwired into your monitor. If that doesn't fix it, reboot. If that doesn't fix it, it may be color settings in the monitor itself. Most will have a way to mess with the tint. Look for a way to reset your monitor settings back to factory. As mentioned, it could be your video card or if you have a CRT, it could be going bad. Plug in another monitor to test. I'm betting the monitor is going out if you do have a CRT. It could be other things, but the above will cover the most likely possibilities, with a bad monitor or loose cable being the top choices.
  12. Bunny and wings sent. There's something extra in the box you may or may not like. If you don't like it, pass it on! -Newt
  13. I just checked and I do have it. He / she / it was hard to pick out amongst all the bitz and familiars. I even found the wings! PM me your address and it will be on its way. Cost: 1 ReaperKarma point ( ie. nothing, just pass on the favor to someone else some day ) -Newt
  14. I think I picked up that guy on accident when grabbing some Sophie pieces from the bitz bins. If you would like me to check, let me know. If I did grab it, I really don't need it and will gladly send it to you. -Newt
  15. I didn't realize that was a demo of a real future game until Sunday when someone mentioned it offhandedly. Sorry, I would have jumped in and tossed in my 2pbs. -Newt
  16. My wife and I are DINKs ( by choice, amen ) but she IS a teacher. She would have enjoyed a day or so at R-Con but school did interfere. Assuming some schools do still run from Sep - Jun, accommodating the "after school" crowd would mean putting off the Con until the second week of June or so. This year's weather was nice and mild. The second week of June in Denton can get in the mid-90s to mid 100s ( on a bad year ), I assume based off of the weather here in Oklahoma. I'd hate to be paying the AC bill in June at Reaper with that many people in the warehouse, but maybe the extra lead flying off the shelves would help offset it. If it is moved to start after most schools are finished, Kit ( my wife, not ReaperKit ) will probably make a showing next year. -Newt
  17. I also saw the "masters" for the pre-paints. They look quite nice for what they are. Thanks for giving people choices, Reaper. -Newt
  18. Grats! I wanted that army, also, but /pun figured /punoff I needed to own paint before I owned an army. I brought home... ... an appreciation for a Company That Cares. Many Kudos to Reaper, top to bottom, everyone included. I had never attended a Con in my life although I started fantasy gaming in 1979 or 1980 and R-Con being the first one was awesome. ... about 8 lbs. in bits: some kobolds, goblins, skellies, a large Egyptian warlord dude, a Sophie, every familiar I could find, some dungeon ornaments, weapons, instruments, etc.. ... some wonderful casts ( Hirst ) by Rastl. Thanks - that was quite nice of you to bring them. Have some SWAG and ReaperBucks in return. ... a horrible itch to start playing Warlord. ... another "Kit" to add to my personal collection: My wife Kit, my Uncle Kit, my friend Kit and now Reaper Kit. ... an incredible overload of knowledge from the myriad of classes that I attended. ... an incredible overload of knowledge from the great R-Con "guests". ... friendships. ... great memories that I hope to expand upon in about a year. ... most importantly, myself. I loved the days I spent away, but there's nothing like coming home to a loving family, although the 2 latest additions are 8-week-old kittens, both of which are climbing up my legs right now. If you saw the red lines all over my legs, those were from Suki and Spackle - my wife doesn't take a switch to my legs, although after meeting me, I'm sure some of you wonder why not. -Newt ps. Oh yeah. I brought home a the full MSP line thanks to the Auction! Sorry CBP, those paints really wanted to come to Tulsa and live in a newbie painter's house. I won't hug, love or pet them or call them George, but I -will- squeeze them. Thanks Reaper.
  19. Change of plans. We are now at the Extended Stay in Lewisville. -Newt
  20. I'd go with a 78 for the extra support. -Newt
  21. That's rather awesome. Man, a figurine painting class in college! Much better than the leisure classes _I_ took. -Newt
  22. I'd say to go with darklining now on your first mini. If you can get a really really thin line between colors, it will make a dramatic difference. You're off to a better start than I was and I started darklining on my first humanoid figure and am glad I did. Lookin' good. -Newt
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