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    Miniature painting, sculpting, electronic music production and music in general, photography, playstation, philosophy, sience, nature, movies, yoga and meditation, daoism, eastern philosophy, martial arts (I used to kickboxing in earliere days), having good talks and most of all enjoying life and each single moment.

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  1. I never had problems with this, but maybe it is because my style is different. I put one tone beside the next and so for me it is no problem if the paints dry fast, I mean if they are dried right after I applied it, everything is cool because it is not necessary that they stay wet. I don`t make wetblending at faces but only layering and for this it is good if the paint dries very fast. But you can also try a brush size 00. It is a bit larger than the 000 and mostly used for faces by me. I use the 000 only for the black eyeliner at the eyes and maybe for lips. To thin the paint a bi
  2. Good job so far. I think the skin turned out very nice. A very natural tone and highlighting. Concerning the face @SisterMaryNapalm meantioned I might could help....I don`t know. I myself use only very small brushes for the face from size 0 down to 000. I only use high quality sable brushes and magnifiers and so I have a good control about everything what happens in the face of the miniature. But I know from other painters that a brush size 0 should be small enough for faces and small details, but in fact I have got a better feeling with smaller brushes. Don`t know if I can give th
  3. Congrats to Alicia, she looks great Isara looks also cool, I hope all will go well with the missing parts. Looking forward to the assembling and most of all the painting of the tank.
  4. It`s a joy to see the developement here. The nmm gold turned out amazing as well as all other details. I`m full of expectations what you will do with the cape.
  5. Good progress at the face and the hair. Unfortunately the image is too bright and so I can´t see exactly if you have got highlighted the black cape too. If you did it, it is rather subtle I suppose. A nice gift, your friend will be happy.
  6. I won`t join the project, because I have too many started wips on my desk already, but I like the idea very much and most of all I like robots very much and so I try to stay tuned here and watch the progress of you all. So I´m just the "audience" here
  7. This is a supercool step by step documentation. I liked all photos, because I really like that you made the effort to post each step you did here. I know how time consuming it is to make all this photos. On top you gave a description what colours you used and what exactly you have done here. The result until now is fantastic, especially how you worked out the highlighting at the cloak. I also like the muted colour scheme a lot. Face and beard turned out great too as well as the gem at the staff.
  8. Looks all good so far. Maybe a bit more highlighting at the hair on the top of her head, because the plait is more highlighted than the hair on the top. Haircolour is great and the eyes also look good.
  9. @mustardgreens Yes, yes and YES!!! This looks damned good!!! Even better than my edit. Very cool, I`m glad to see this. You got it. Well done!!!
  10. Yep, originally this was used mainly for webdesign, for to find a cool colourscheme for websites. But it is also used by painters and people who create fashion for example. Simply everybody who deals with colours and design find it very useful. Well.....I actually have seen colour schemes which had been...ahm very special haha. I think it is not a mistake to deal a bit with this matter. I guess for tabletop level this effort is not absolutely neccessary, but everybody who wishes to win a painting contest or wishes to produce absolutely highendlevel paintjobs and wish to g
  11. I`m sure this will not happen, but "if", yes then I will tell you. In doubt just use neutral colours too (you often do this already). For example: Select 2 or 3 colours which are either similar/analog (purple, blue, pink) or complementary (red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange according the colour theory of Itten or in this case here it is the complementary pair according the colour theory of Harald Küppers which is actually magenta/pink and green) and then simply combine it with neutral colours as beige, brown, black, white, grey....this always works fine if you w
  12. You`re welcome. That`s great! I`m looking forward to your changes.
  13. LOL this is really what can be called a quite happy accident Looks great although it was not your first intention.
  14. Until now I liked all your colour selections, so all fine with it
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