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    Miniature painting and painting in general, sculpting, photography, electronic music production and music in general, nature, philosophy, sience, star trek, playstation, good talks :-)))

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  1. vhaidra

    Atlantis Miniatures Dwarven Scribe

    Aaaargh way to many supercool paintjobs here.....this could become an addiction to look at haha. Wow, this is awesome. Fantastic job on all this freehands and the overall painting is just excellent. Love it!!!
  2. vhaidra

    77389 Highland(er) Heroine - quick paint

    Wow awesome job, especially at the face!!! Nice muted colourscheme. Anyhow I have got feeling I remember your name. Can it be that we have met in earlier days on this board? However, fantastic paintjob here, I love it!!! Edit: Ah some research helped lol. I checked out some of your older posts from the time I was active here last time. Yes, yes, yes now I remember. Derek Schubert if I`m right. Great artist I always admired. No I don`t think we had contact in a personally way, but I can remind your work very well now after I have seen it. I`m glad to see you are still active and looking forward to your future paintjobs and sculpts.
  3. vhaidra

    The Order of the Red Witches

    Wow 9 Minis in 4 days painted up to this level??? Shock haha. That`s really great speedpainting. They all look very good, I also especially love the good job at the faces, but the nmm and the dresses also look very good.
  4. vhaidra

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

    Yep, indeed: Supercool. I simply love it. Fantastic job!!! This stronge tone from army painted seems to be really great for shading. I admit I never used it before, because I always paint my shadows with diluted Vallejo Paints only, but I have seen already tons of good results by using this stronge tone. Great!
  5. vhaidra

    Pig and Cart Speedpaints (Bones 4)

    Wow this pigs are looking really great! Especially the pink one turned out very realistic. Awesome job!
  6. vhaidra

    01594 Yule Treant(s) by J. Guthrie

    LOL funny sculpts and I like the painting very much, especially the eyes. Nice difference between them of this slightly different colour selection. Good work on all details. Thumbs up!
  7. Cool presentation with this library as the environment and the story. Miniatures are cool too. Like it
  8. LOL, I find them supercool. Great! Again a very nice scene and this osl turned out damned good!!! I love this freaky sculpts and the paintjobs too.
  9. vhaidra

    Party of five for rematch against Kingmaker

    Great! They look all pretty good. I love all this colours and as others said already: Supercool bases too!!! I guess my favorite is the halfling on the base with squares and this thief with the bow. The other ones are cool too. Congrats, a really nice bunch of adventurers.
  10. Great scene again! Also the colourscheme works pretty good for this guy and the painting looks good to me too. Well done
  11. vhaidra

    91004: Texas Ranger Female: The Long Arm of the Law of Ur

    Looks good. I like the colourscheme a lot! The blue coat turned out very well. I assume you wished to make it look like leather, because of this strong and small highlights. No suggestions for improvement so far. I have watched a couple of paintjobs by you and see that you are already very experianced. Love your paintjobs by the way So I guess this was a faster project, but I like it too.
  12. vhaidra

    The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring

    Well done so far. I`m very happy see you painting again after this long struggle with motivation. Enjoy
  13. vhaidra

    Ral Partha Julie Guthrie Archer

    I become a fan of your Ral Partha paintjobs. First: It is cool to see this old sculpts painted again so lovely and second I like your painting style a lot. Very clean, good depth, nice and smooth blending work and on top great faces. Thumbs up!!!
  14. vhaidra

    His name was zelva zelva

    Looks good to me, very colourful, but I like that. The nmm steel looks good, most of all for a very first trial. Colours for the steel work well, you highlighted the edges, you painted a transition and reflections. Depth is good so far, but for easier blending I would recommend to paint only one higlight on each side of the blade. I mean: One highlight left side, another right side and both in reverse direction. I hope you understand my broken english haha. The nmm gold looks good too it just lacks a bit of depth. If you shade it a bit with an orange brown (bestial brown), some nice depth will be added. Good start!!! Keep it up.
  15. vhaidra

    #03915 - Thregan Helmsplitter Duskwarden

    @Xiwo Xerase Ooops this looks completely different from what I`ve painted here lol. Thanks. Well, okay let`s wait for further pics from Redd Knegg. A profile view or other views in general would help.