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    Anime resin kit building

    Revoltech/Figma (anime action figure) customs

    Pathfinder, D&D: Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft

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    elves, Elves, ELVES!!! † Kick@ss clerics, and lots of undead to fight.

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  1. With my nationality and the way I was brought up, I'd say half elf. I just feel like I'm stuck between worlds sometimes when venturing into the 2 different communities.
  2. Whoa ReaperWolf! Thanks for the conversion! That sounds pretty much what they are, right down to their code of conduct. Thanks man! This is gonna be fun. :) As far as I know Dragon Snack, their spellcasting levels should level up normally as any other bard. The kit didn't state any hinderence on their spellcasting abilities.
  3. lol. Sorry for all the work guys. ' Yea, I read the Heartwarder early on but dismissed it thinking it was a cleric only class. But I keep forgetting the changes from 2.0 to 3.0. I kept assuming that anything in books like that forces me to multiclass into a cleric/druid. Now that I look at it more closely, non of the requirements are asking for turning abilities, so yea. It's ideal for bards too! Woo hoo! We have a winner! Thanks for all the help guys. I'll just have to roleplay the rest. Though.... extra abilities like Lips of Rapture would be wierd to bestow on the same sex party members. But I guess it could be one of those moral booster kisses on the forehead. :) BTW, sniffles. You should really check out the 2.0 Bard book. IMO, the 2.0 elf, bard, "warriors & priests of the realms", & "wizards and rogues of the realms" are the best books made for character creation ideas. And after reading the full explanation of the Gallant kit, how could you NOT want to play one.
  4. lol. Yea. But I was hoping to last past 5th level or after winning a few maiden's hearts before being slain. It would suck to die so young.... :) Yea, the Devoted Defender came to mind but that's only if the person you're trying to impress is with you. And I'd say only 50% of the time, that's the case. Other times, it's off questing for that special gift... Also the appearance of the Cavelier PrC fits as well to show off in jousting tourdaments. But Gallants don't get fighting or mounting benefits. It's just mostly for show and to steal the spotlight from the real fighters. The idea of the Duelist might fit with the various improved AC without wearing armor. And a few lust type PrC from various books kinda apply as well (without going too far). So the Gallant has to be some kind of mesh between these 4. But I haven't been reading a lot of the 3.0 books till this week. So if all of you advid players couldn't think of a PrC off the top of your heads, then I guess there really isn't one. Which is strange to me. There's like 5+ different types of PrC assasins, various undead slayers, etc. But non for the iconic romantic, hero type. I've noticed they've made a 3.0 class for the iconic unicorn maidens and swan maidens from 2.0, which I thought to be typical fairy tale stuff, but no gallant? O-well. Thanks for the help guys. I'll just have to settle with the generic Prestige Bard PrC and role play the rest. I just hope I don't die young. Well, this is gonna confuse the guys a bit. A female player, roleplaying a male gallant. I hope they could accept that. ' Yea, I was hoping for my DM to allow me to make a Gallant class. But he doesn't want to do the extra work in making it, nor do I. He's throwing us into a premade adventure (which he's not telling us players which one). And told us to make 3 characters for backups. Which got us scared. What kind of adventure are we playing to expect us to die so easily? And said to be prepared for any kind of scenerio, which I took as not necessarily hack 'n slash based all the time. If it is, I'm screwed. :P Well, at least he told us it isn't the World Largest Dungeon one.
  5. That's my last resort. But I was hoping for a prestige class that would make the character more specific and emphasize the gallant's special abilities that would give an edge to woo'n the opposite sex, rather than winning over a general crowd with song. Plus going on quests and deeds to win a maiden's heart could be outrageous sometimes, so I was hopeing there was something that would help them survive more to substitute the "Essence of Purity" benefit. (besides buying the obvious general feats). Highlights from the kit: He travels the lands on the wings of romance and true love, stealing the hearts of the young and lightening the spirits of the elderly. A Gallant seems to be blessed with a grace and charm not given to others of his race. But they are not driven by blood lust or the desire to slay monsters for the sake of destroying evil. Gallants are romantics at heart. They defend beauty, innocence, and love. And my favorite part: Even when a Gallant is slain, he does not immediately drop over dead. Rather, he lingers on long enough to recite one final tragic poem for those who will listen. The Gallant itself isn't a powerful kit, so you can easily die in the duty of earning your love's heart. So I was hopeing for something that would help me survive whatever the ladies are going to throw at me. :P Unfortunately, my DM would only allow me to choose a prestige class already printed in a D20 book. I can't make up my own specialty class. BTW, I thought this was a popular kit, no? No ones' updated it in 3.0 in any of the D20 books?
  6. Hey folks. For the whole week now, I've been skimming prestige class lists, and various new 3.0/3.5 books for a prestige class that fits the old 2nd Ed. Bard, Gallant kit. But I still can't find it. The basic idea is so simple, there MUST be a prestige class out for it, but it just alludes me. You know, the basic Romantic Warrior idea for a bard. Can anyone help me out?
  7. Has anyone released any male sea elves or any excuse for a male elf running around in nothing but a loin cloth? An incubus perhaps from Werner Klocke? Or is mini painting still a male dominated hobby? And there's no room for sexy male figures?
  8. Are there plans for scantly clad, male, savage/wild/barbarian type elves in the works so far? I've been out of the loop for awhile.
  9. Holy Cripe! You look like a bouncer! I have to admit, it's hard to see this guy being gentle with a little mini at a painting desk. So clarify for me who's this person in the photos? Dragon Snack? Or this Kellyn fellow?
  10. Oh, forgot to post my pic. Well, here's a pic of my husband and I at NYC's 2003 halloween parade. Guess I didn't turn out smiling then cause it was 4am and I was too tired from smile'n all night. :P http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kamuik/de...nm=Img_1006.jpg
  11. Whoa Whizard! I thought you were cosplaying as your icon there for a sec. Was that just a strange coincidence you're wearing Dirk's colors? Guess it was the type of orange with grey trimmings.
  12. Exactly what I thought as well. But I just assumed she came from some small rpg I didn't reconize. She's cool anyways.
  13. Another shout for mimics. Treasure chests, chairs, lanterns, whatever. There's an old set out there from Ralpartha, but we need new ones, no?
  14. More star wars minis huh? Cool. Look'n good already.
  15. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this on another topic, but it seems like Dragon Runes has beaten Reaper to the punch with a whole slew of aquatic men minis. And I KNOW a few of us gamers have been waiting for minis like these on our gaming table. Plus, they're sweet to boot! And check out the concept drawings! Shells, fins, tridents and nettings. Way cool in my book. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/sylvain.quirion/si...agon/dragon.htm
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