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  1. My ship showed up yesterday evening. No sign of the rest of my 5.5 stuff yet. <insert sound of head scratching>
  2. Pick a dozen or so of the existing fantasy figures. Make new sculpts depicting the same characters as sci-fi/old west/investigator/etc. figures (or maybe even one of each of the Chronosope genres). A series of figures like this depicting the same character could be very useful for characters who jump between the various genres (time-travelers perhaps?).
  3. One, I don't know... roughly the size of the pirate ship cannons from Bone V perhaps? Perhaps even able to fit into the same location?
  4. Okay, with Bones 6 coming up in the headlights, I'd like to make a proposal/suggestion: How about doing a lycanthropes themed expansion add-on? Perhaps "Minions of the Moon" or something like that. The obvious choices for figures are the common RPG lycanthrope types in some sort of hybrid form. Both a male and female version of the figure (the latter being lacking in some cases). But beyond those... nearly all the figures out there are for humans. It would be very cool to do the same for the other common PC races (elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, orc, etc.). There are precious few of these out there. Double bonus points for something else that could be done: Create fantasy humanoid figures (in the core set, or another expansion) which match up with the lycanthrope figures in the expansion. Essentially usable as normal fantasy figures. But made so that they resemble/match up with the lycanthrope expansion hybrid figures. Giving players a human/hybrid version of the figure. Equally cool would be to have animal figures for the lycanthropes (again, usable as a normal version of the animal) somewhere in the Kickstarter too. Human/hybrid/animal for very cool figure combos. And... triple bonus points... you could even create investigator/modern/sci-fi humanoid figures that match up with the lycanthropes and the fantasy figures as well for part of a Chronoscope expansion. Which could give multiple ways to use the Chronoscope and Lycanthrope figures. A fantasy/modern combo for figures. Modern/hybrid. Lots and lots of ways to use different figures to represent the same character. I suspect doing the different versions would help drive interest and demand for this sort of expansion. And of course, if more figures are needed, there are also other hybrid forms for non-common lycanthrope types.
  5. Another possible use for a whale figure would be as the soar whale from the 3rd edition D&D Arms and Equipment guide. Having a gondola that could be hung under the whale would be pretty cool too.
  6. I would like to see the existing Brain in a Jar figure scaled down by 50% (or possibly even more). Right now it is effectively a large figure and the brain itself only right if it belonged to a giant or dragon. Reducing it in size would make it more suitable as the head of a medium or small creature.
  7. Female werebeasts Large-sized insect swarms More large-sized dragons (there's a fair number in the S/M and H+ sizes, but not nearly enough variety in the large size) The various nightshades (nightwalker, nightcrawler, etc.) More spell effects Some "Summoning bundles" of creatures appropriate to the various summon spells Athach Halfling and gnome figures on foot and mounted (ideally with interchangeable mounts)
  8. Female were-creatures Huge-sized Gelatinous Cube (3" base) Large-sized dragons (2" base) Mounted gnomes and halflings Equipment bits Comments: Female were-creatures are few and far between, with a few (such as the wereboar) not existing anywhere that I've been able to find. A Huge-sized Gelatinous Cube (simply scale up the existing one's top section and make a new bottom piece) would be very cool. As far as large-sized dragons: one thing that I noticed in my collection of figures is that there seems to be a significant gap in this size - there are a number that fit on 1" bases and a bunch that are on 3", 4" or larger bases, but only a few sized well for 2" bases. There doesn't seem to be a lot of mounted gnomes and halfling figures out on the market, which is unfortunate, as their smaller size allows them to ride creatures that can fit into the typical dungeon setting, allowing for a greater use of mounted combat rules. Ideally having a mounted and on foot version of the same figures for this would be very nice. Equipment bits: as a customizer I always am on the lookout for interesting equipment bits to add to figures. A few bits for creatures other than medium sized (small in particular, but larger also welcome) would help out here.
  9. Dragons in the medium (1" base) and large (2" base) sizes. Additional wing bits Stirges A small tower Figurines of Wondrous Power Giants Female versions of monsters Figures with multiple poses Dragons in the medium and large sizes: there seem to be plenty in the hatchling and huge/gargantuan colossal sizes, but not much variety in ones fitting on a 1" or 2" base. Additional wing bits: more wings sized for small and medium creatures - PCs often seem to like templates that add wings and some additional bits for modifying figures would be appreciated. Stirges: a staple monster. Ones on a clear flight stand in particular would be nice. A small tower: After seeing the graveyard in Bones 3, it occurred to me that something suitable to use as Daern's Instant Fortress would be handy. Figurines of Wondrous Power: These are staple magic items from the d20 SRD. I'm not sure that all of them have suitable figures out there. It also might make a good theme for a group of figures. Giants: Keep doing more giants, especially female ones. Female versions of monsters: I have a ton of the various monster races. But very few female figures. Female orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls, and ogres in particular. And not ones of them cooking stuff - just regular warriors, etc. Figures with multiple poses: Same character, but versions of it in different poses, particularly standing, seated, mounted, prone, and invisible (standing).
  10. A line of figures that I'd be very interested in seeing is mounted versions of existing figures. Bonus points if you make the mounted versions of the figures interchangeable between the mounted versions of different figures. (Cast in two parts, mount and rider, such that any rider could be placed on any mount). A bit less interesting, but also very useful is seated versions of existing figures. (For added fun cast the seat and figure as different parts, to make them interchangeable too). A multipack with an existing figure, its mounted variant, and seated variant would definitely be very nice. Other odds and ends I'm interested in: Female wereboar More bits for modding figures
  11. If these are really old figures please keep in mind that many of them are made of lead. I strongly encourage you to prime them.
  12. A few ideas for those of us who like to customize stuff: A weapons pack featuring a variety of pole arms. A pack of masks Another adventuring accessories pack A pack with pieces appropriate for a tavern (table, chairs/benches, bottles, food, etc.)
  13. It would be nice to have the lycanthrope figures rounded out. Reaper currently only has a dire wereboar figure (which is larger). Arguably one of the figures in the Beastmen of the Wyld might be suitable as a male wereboar with a more wzardly bent, although it doesn't turn up in the search. A female wereboar doesn't exist. A female wererat doesn't exist. A female werebear doesn't exist. I might add that the above three female figures don't appear to exist for any manufacturer.
  14. Two figures I'd love to see made: Bulette Ankheg Some of my reasons: 1. I hate the cheap plastic figures and won't buy the versions of these that exist. 2. As far as I know, the ankheg has never appeared in metal. I'd dearly like one of these. 3. The bulette did have a metal version once upon a time put out by Ral Partha. However, Iron Wind appears to be unable to re-release this figure. This leaves e-bay as about the only source for a decent bulette figure. I have tried repeatedly to obtain one from there, to no avail, with the item typically going for $20-$25.
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