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  1. Hooray! Whoop! I actually saw this on my Facebook feed first. And thank you for the reply on my other thread. Everyone beware! The cuteness factor will be increasing! My middle daughter, the redhead, is now old enough (by our rules) to attend, so me and my two oldest daughters are coming! Gotta raise 'em right! :-) Looking forward to another great weekend! Glen
  2. When do badges go on sale? Or am I blind, and they're already for sale? Thanks! Glen
  3. Glen

    Too late?

    They removed pre-registration at the end of March. I'm told that you can still register at the door, though. I was initially confused as well, til I figured it out.
  4. Glen

    rcon location

    Check flights into Love Field in Dallas. Southwest airlines flies in/out of Southwest. They're usually much cheaper that anything out of DFW.
  5. I am so geeked up about this series! If it gets picked up by HBO, I will subscribe just so I can watch it!
  6. My group was playing in a Star Wars D20 game set pre-episode 4 (Jedis are hunted, branded as dangerous rebels). My character was the Tech guy, thoroughly min/maxed at computer and repair. Anyhow, he got paired up with a Jedi character to go check out the local spaceport. The entry to the spaceport has a scanner that checks for midichlorians. My character and the Jedi party member walk through the scanner, not realizing that it shows the prescence of Midichlorians in the Jedi character. Apparently, Jedi are so rare that the stormtrooper working the scanner has never actually seen the scanner detect Midichlorians before. The stormtrooper begins shaking it and whacking it as if it's not working properly. The Jedi sees this, realizes what the scanner is, and uses his Jedi powers to convince the stormtrooper that the scanner was malfunctioning, and that he can fix it for him. After "fixing" the scanner, they proceed on into the port. The Jedi then reports back to warn the other Jedi character of the possibility of Midichlorian scanner. My character, who knows absolutely nothing about Jedi/Midichlorians, overhears that the scanner showed he had Midichlorians. When the report is finished, my character says, while slowly moving away, "so . . . you got some sort of condition? Is it contagious?" We all busted up laughing at that. It's one of my most fun memories of that group. I miss them! :-(
  7. Amen to that! You're a smart guy! As Ray Bradbury said, "you have to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down!" Don't lie, but be confident in your ability to learn the computer stuff! It's not that difficult! And besides, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal on the Reaper Boards, let alone the rest of the internet! Don't sell yourself short! Step up and give it your best shot!
  8. Or you could take a page from the French and German legal systems where the judge has investigative powers separate from the police investigative powers. I read a series of books, although they were sci-fi, that had a really cool take on legal stuff. The person holding the office that had to carry out the punishment had extremely powerful investigative and subpoena powers, but only within the narrow confines of their respective duties. I.E. the Executioner would have broad legal power to investigate whether the condemned person really did deserve to die. I'm in my 3rd year of law school and have found some really cool plot hooks in my law classes. For example, the Rule Against Perpetuities as a plot hook: Owner gives estate to A, but if B or his heirs ever come back from the Crusades, B or his heirs get the estate, and A gets nothing. In fantasy terms: Old lord is dying, leaves his lands and gold to his evil nephew with the stipulation that if his grandson or grandson's heirs ever show back up and claim the estate, it is theirs. That could be a nice family secret! and explain why, once the PC's real name becomes known, he keeps getting attacked by assasins! The fun never ends! Way to keep the players on their toes!
  9. Congrats on opening your store! One thing that I really appreciate about my FLGS is that they have a stock of cold drinks and snacks that are not unreasonably priced. They have a small fridge that they keep stocked. It is a nice service and makes them a small profit as well.
  10. I'll be keeping Gawain in my prayers. My wife and I had a similar experience with our oldest child. She spent 4 days in the hospital at 5 weeks old. When your son does get home, be diligent with the breathing treatments. If your insurance won't cover a nebulizer, I'll send you the one we have. It's a year old, and works just fine.
  11. Does anyone have a link to, or a copy of the Head of Vecna? I read it once and almost gave myself a hernia from laughing so hard.
  12. Favorite class in undergrad? Hands down, History of Warfare, parts I & II over two semesters. The first class covered from the earliest recorded history through Napoleon. The second covered post-Napoleonic to the present. It was so awesome! Our professor was a former company commander in the 82nd Airborne Division, and got his PhD from the Univ. of Chicago. He was top-notch! We covered Biblical battles, Asian, Greek (including Alexander), Roman, Arab/Turk, Medieval, Renaissance, birth of firearms/ transition period, Prussian, Napoleonic, Colonial/Exploratoy/Age of Rifles, WWI, Fall of colonialism, WWII, Korea/Vietnam/Cold War, Desert Storm. Of course each of those periods could have an entire semester devoted to them, but for a "big picture" it was amazing! I badly wanted to take his class of Korea/Vietnam, but decided I needed to graduate instead of wait another semester for it. I did get to take WWII from him, and also History of Air Power from Vietnam fighter pilot.
  13. I will second the recommendation for good shoes! >>A nice (expensive) pair of shoes will make a cheap suit look expensive! A cheap pair of shoes will make an expensive suit look cheap!<< On top of that, a high quality pair of shoes will last for years. Good quality shoes like Cole Haan or Johnston & Murphy (I prefer these over Cole Haan's) are designed to be re-soled, so you can continue to wear them for years. Be prepared to pay for them, though. Good quality shoes will set you back between $100 and $200. Also, if you buy some, please buy some shoe trees and a shoe polish kit to take care of them. My Johnston & Murphy shoes are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and that includes my Nikes! Good luck with the party!
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