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  1. Finished and based my Kargir. The army is now complete and ready to kick some butt at Gencon.
  2. Gotta get my Kargir Army painted for Gencon. Here's what I have: 8 x Black Orcs (Hunters, Marauders, and 3 as Tundra Stalkers) 2 x Black Orc Archers 6 x Goblins Kavorgh Hyena Venomspite Gnoll Sniper 5 x Spectral Minions Talanka Ogre Shamaness Granak The Butcher Knax Goblin Shaman On Saturday I finished the Granak, the 8 black orcs, Kavorgh, and 1 orc archer. I also assembled and based the goblins, the last orc archer, Talanka, the hyenas, and the minions. The goblins and minions have been primed as well.
  3. Hey will there be a best painted prize? I'm trying to decide how hard I should push the paint jobs and a best painted prize may help. Haha.
  4. I'm in as well. And as for the Mansfield Bears you better start gathering diapers for when you soil yourself after the Queen City Kings whoop your buts.
  5. Hey so I've been away from the game for a good while and am looking at playing again. Problem is I am really rusty and have a Razig force. Are these guys even playable yet? Last time I checked, when 2nd was released there were no rules for them. Are there rules i can play them with yet or do I have to sit and wait. Thanks.
  6. yep i posted there first the decided to post here as well.
  7. Hey I might be sculpting a mini for a new company with un-advanced casting capabilities. I have sculpted many times before but never anything that will be cast. I know a little about how casting works and they happen to be casting in resin but i'm still a little confused about how to know what will need to multi part and what constitutes as an undercut and other important things i should know. Anyone have any good articles or tips. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'd rather not close up the dark maiden. Not to proud of it.
  9. Thanks for the nice comments guys. Sorry about the poor picture quality.
  10. Hey guys here are the pics of my Razig army so far. Still have a few minis to go. Everything has been painted with speed paint table top techniques. Well let me know what you think. Army Shot Razig Clarrisa Scuttlebones (thought this would be funny)
  11. Yeah i looked through the stats and there are only like 4 or so stat lines with no models. So now i just need to find some sort of fun conversion to have in a warlord game that is either fluffy (small terrain pieces such as an idol) or a new make of an old model or a new make of a crappy model. lol. Anyone have any ideas? I'd love to start a fun project soon but the long break of warlord has taken me out of the loop. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys i'm just getting back into warlord and wan't to try my hand at converting some models. Converting / Scratchbuilding is my favorite part of the miniature hobby. So my question to you is what warlord models have stats but no model to represent them and no model comming out in the very near forseable future? It doesn't really matter what army. A list would be extremely helpful. Thanks a ton.
  13. hey guys i'm going to make myself a scuttlebones mini only problem is i dont know anything about him. does he have any fluff? any ideas what i should make him look like? i know hes a giant crab but how do i make it razig-ish? any ideas? has anyone alraedy made one? lemme know thanks.
  14. anyone else got any more tips for me? keep em comming. thanks.
  15. hey guys i want to start sculpting a treeman (like an ent). the only problem is i can't sculpt bark for my life. whenever i try it just looks like a bunch of lines in a piece of clay/putty. im still a somewhat new sculptor so im looking for some pretty easy techniques to sculpt it with. any advice. i'm looking to sculpt rough bark like an ash or oak tree. i'd really like to get started so please let me know. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot.
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