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  1. My bad, I did a search for "gnome" and nothing came up, I should have searched by "bloodstone".
  2. Where can I find the stats for the gnomes? I don't recall them being the RAGE chronicles download, is there another download for them?
  3. Man... out of all the Reven players out there the only guy that is going to post a list is a Reptus player??? Our ability is "Mob", you know... we stick together... come one come all... All for one, all for.... wait a minute that last one doesn't fit.
  4. Questions for you guys. Why don't the Bull Orc Berzerkers have the Berserker SA, I would think that this would be a given. ... and I still can't believe that there is not a Chimera in this list.
  5. I'm gearing up for a guy that plays Reptus and Overlords... but the two twizzlers that I've been playing run Nefsokar and Overlords. I think I've got my work cut out for me; the Nefsokar are really good, almost too good.
  6. Does anyone have a 1000pt or 1500pt Reven (default) list they would be willing to post? I'm just starting out and I'd like to see what is working for people. I ran a 500 point list the other day that contained 2 units of the following figs and it worked pretty good, but I'm playing against beginners. Unit 1 1x Narg 2x Berzerkers 4x Beastmen 3x Orc Spearmen Unit 2 1x Nhoolian solo I realize now that I need a cleric in or around the first unit to heal the Berzerkers and/or Narg. My next game will be at 1000pts and suggestions are welcomed.
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