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  1. I had this happen a long time ago with a blue paint. I ended up stripping mine because the crackling effect carried through to every layer I put on him, even with thick paint like 1to1. I am now curious if a blast of clear coat would have sealed off the cracks though, and just add another layer of the basecoat instead of stripping.
  2. Thanks again guys, and thanks for looking. Brushmaster, yeah, it could use a ton more highlighting and shadows on the red. To be honest I sorta gave up on it after painted the bat thing on his back, and did the coverup. Occasionally I can put down some very good lookin red, this wasn't one of those occasions.
  3. for the grey metal paint black, so you can still kinda see the primer under neath. stormy gray/london gray Rainy gray pure white. Brown metal washed black then completely filled over with mahogony brown snakebit leather amber gold pure white
  4. That's a really good job on this one. I like how you did the face, darklining features isn't really my style, but it looks really nice on your mini. She came out looking very girly with the colors you chose, and it's fitting.
  5. They look pretty good! I bet she really liked them. In all the foliage, the little rocks look sorta like flwers to me.
  6. That's pretty good. Everything is very clean on him, especially the black on white. Good choice of color.
  7. That's not bad. I really like the pose she's in, looks to me like she's gettin ready to hit something really hard.
  8. Thanks guys. Yeah, the face came out kinda flat. I was trying to get it even more so though, I think his smile lines are too dark, as well as under his lip,(shoulda went with a pinkish gray color for shadows). I was going for the super pale, posessed, evil, stay in the dark all the time, just come out to kick some goodie two shoes bootie!! :) Thats why his pupils are huge also... alot of time in the dark. Something else I just realized, I didn't go back after to polish up the darklining. The nmm did go on very fast indeed. From scraping off what few mould lines there were, to putting on the clear coat it was about 6 hrs or less.
  9. You did a beautiful job on her.
  10. Tried messing with metallics yesterday, got tired with it so went to nmm today. Didn't really like the origional mace, so swapped it out with a nefsokar one (couldn't get origional to go straight enough). I think It would look cooler if it as lit up like a lantern or something magical. The base is not done of course, I don't really know if I want to grind it off to use the base I made or try and incorperate it into one, if I grind it I'll have to make him a new foot, it's why I'm hesitating. He had a bat looking thing on his cape back, painted over it though, and it still kinda shows through. Meh, he's done though :), for now. EDIT)02569, Vlad
  11. A sheet metal worker standing at his bench with a pair of bulldog snips cutting out a pattern. He'd have on carharrt's, a tee underneath and boots. Maybe a secondary figure with him, his apprentice, standing/leaning on the table trying to learn what his journeyman is showing him. An iron worker kneeling, torching out something. Flames would be coming out of the end of the torch, and he'd have to have on his goggles, not a welding hood, and a welders type hat/cap. He'd also have on welding gloves and the leathers. Modern real life working folks.
  12. Sebastien Marchal 2000 golden demon france second place diorama Google image search, golden demon diorama, the one I think our looking for is the thumbnail. Jeremie Bonamants golden demon website is whare it says pics are from. Hope that's the one you wre looking for :)
  13. Actually , I think it is a pic of a space marine in red armor on the front. He has gold eagles or sumthin painted on his shins. Also, now that I think I remember the cover, Ithink may have the book. I'll look tomorrow.
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