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  1. Thank you. Has been a wild month sorry I couldn't stop in earlier.
  2. Paint update Wrap: Burgandy wine, deep ocean, ice devil blue
  3. Hi all I wanted to get more active here. Wanted to start sharing my wip and finished pieces on a more regular basis. This is Vaelia Arra by White werewolf tavern. She is painted fully with reaper paints. Color recipes so far: Skin: Orchid purple, oxide brown, dragon green, tanned shadow, tanned skin, tanned highlight, ginger coockie Hair: carnival purple, walnut brown, oxide brown, Minotaur hide, nmm gold shadow Cloth: walnut brown, auburn shadow, oxide red, nmm gold base, linen white Leathers: oxide brown, textured with polished leather, and polished leather+linen white mix, glazed with walnut brown to shadow and polished leather to highlight Will update recipes as I adjust or work on more parts.
  4. I'm down for it. Worse come to worse and Reaper prefers me doing more painting based classes. I will more then happy share the power point I used.
  5. Greg Zuniga here my PT sense was tingling weirdly. I did a ergonomics class in 2015? It was well attended it included paint set up, gaming related activities alignment, pre and post activity exercises. Also did a general issues section and how to identify and start some early intervention. Hour was about right though I did get a lot of specific situation questions that sparked some good conversation so some time buffer might not be bad if a croud gets in to it. Though I wouldn't do it as pure lecture. I have no fear of getting people up and stretch and try things out. Also I really need to log in a lot more....
  6. Wren: The butt is like the base for a person.
  7. Darren: I'm magical, I'm a unicorn!
  8. duct taping someone to a wall.

  9. I'M NOT A PUPPET!!! I'm not a puppet. (in a defeated tone)
  10. Reaper Bryan " don't impugn my virtue"
  11. I'm the one obsessed with butts, so show me what you got"
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