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  1. Although we aren't in the city there are a few of us that are a just few months into Warlord over here in the Schaumburg area (Koborlas, Overlords/Reven, Crusaders). We haven't played a whole lot mind you but we try to put a game in every so often to learn the rules- too many games so little time. A friend of mine picked up the 2nd edition rulebook at GenCon but we haven't been able to try it out yet.


    I/we do go to Games Plus occasionally, maybe once or twice a month.


    @Lastman: Is the game shop you're talking about called Dice Dojo?



    @friendlyfire Well then we need to try and set a date to play. I am out of town till the 25th. After that I am open for the moment.

  2. Games Plus would be the closest to you. The problem with getting to Mt. Prospect is the time and expense. It's $13 bucks, and the wait for busses plus having to leave before game ends to catch the last train back to the city sucks. I went there once for their Thursday 40k night and it was fun, but too brief to be worth it. The chocolate shake from the Oberweis dairy across the street is great.


    I'm on the near north side, downtown by the lake and there's not many venues considering the population of the city. So basically I am a painter who's had to put the wargaming desire on hold.


    A new game shop opened on the North Side but it's a disappointment because they don't carry Reaper and only have a small selection of GW paints.


    I live an hour away from Plus but it is a good center point for most of the gamers in the area. I cant believe out of all of the gamers in CHitown, no one plays Warlord. What a disapointment.

  3. It is getting harder and harder to get in a game of Warlord these days. We need to help somehow to get the game rocking.

    What does it take to get a huge following so we can travel from city to city and be able to easily get a game in? I can go anywhere and play 40k. Why not this game? I believe that this is the best skirmish games out there. How can we help Reaper?



  4. I get off work at around 4:15 and can be there around 5 at the earliest and can stay till around 9.


    The small, pickup table should be more than enough room for 750 points. 1000 points is a little large, if I have the size of the tables pictured in my mind right. If you haven't, head over to reapergames.com and make sure your datacards are the most accurate.


    Set a time and I'll be there.



    Cool I can be there at 5pm.

  5. sorry about that, just changed jobs and things got a little hectic. i'm available just about any day of the week save Saturday. Friday's are preferable since I have to get up around 6:00 to get to work.


    if you want to do anything large scale, i'll need some notice to I can get a table reserved. Games Plus is one of the last stores that has playing room so tables can go pretty quick.



    First I want to make sure that I have the basics. I would like to try to get in two or three quick games. Is tuesday OK? Maybe 500 to 1000 pts?

  6. I guess i picked a bad time. For the next two weekes I will be in San Fransico. Business calls. I would like to play the week after if possible. Usually wednesdays are booked for me. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always good though. Maybe even the weekend If I have enough notice for the old lady.



  7. See this topic....


    There are supposedly a couple of Black Lightning people in the area, but ReaperGames.com shows them as inactive.


    I was trying to get going with Warlord, but then all of the cards changed and my army got nerfed, and painting got more sporadic, and other stuff happened...


    ...but I'd like to give it a go. Problem is, reading rule books is not a particularly effective way for me to learn a rule set.


    Games Plus would be a convenient place to game; they do have some regular game nights for some games.



    All we would have to do is come up with a night to meet at Games Plus


    Define "Chicago area." If you're talking Northwest or West suburbs, then there are several of us, myself included, that could set up at Games Plus in Mount Prospect for a tutorial game. Inside the city itself is another matter entirely.




    I live out in Batavia, 45 minutes west. I am fully willing to meet at Games Plus. Just name a night.

  8. Does anyone play out here in Chicago. I have been collecting the minis for years. I have been using them in Dungeons and Dragons. I recently bought the Warlord rulebook and I am looking for players in the Chicago area. Can anyone help?