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  1. @friendlyfire Well then we need to try and set a date to play. I am out of town till the 25th. After that I am open for the moment.
  2. My sister lives in Fort Worth. I have been trying to convince my wife for years... to no avail. :(
  3. I live an hour away from Plus but it is a good center point for most of the gamers in the area. I cant believe out of all of the gamers in CHitown, no one plays Warlord. What a disapointment.
  4. There is a train stop right in front of the store. Is there anywhere else that you can play?
  5. Anyone interested in trying to play a game of Warlord at Games Plus?
  6. Games Plus is an awesome store, but currently they don't play Warlord there. Warlord is the game I want to play, but I can't find players.
  7. Does anyone play in Chicagoland? I want to play. Anyone interested please respond.
  8. I would definitally agree. If you play they will come. More games must be played in plain sight at game stores.
  9. It is getting harder and harder to get in a game of Warlord these days. We need to help somehow to get the game rocking. What does it take to get a huge following so we can travel from city to city and be able to easily get a game in? I can go anywhere and play 40k. Why not this game? I believe that this is the best skirmish games out there. How can we help Reaper? Dan
  10. Cool I can be there at 5pm.
  11. First I want to make sure that I have the basics. I would like to try to get in two or three quick games. Is tuesday OK? Maybe 500 to 1000 pts?
  12. I am going to try this again. I know that there are players out there, in the Chicagoland area that could possibly meet at Games Plus. Who can and what nights? Dan
  13. I guess i picked a bad time. For the next two weekes I will be in San Fransico. Business calls. I would like to play the week after if possible. Usually wednesdays are booked for me. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always good though. Maybe even the weekend If I have enough notice for the old lady. Dan
  14. All we would have to do is come up with a night to meet at Games Plus I live out in Batavia, 45 minutes west. I am fully willing to meet at Games Plus. Just name a night.
  15. Does anyone play out here in Chicago. I have been collecting the minis for years. I have been using them in Dungeons and Dragons. I recently bought the Warlord rulebook and I am looking for players in the Chicago area. Can anyone help? Dan
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