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  1. Thank you for the tips Anne :) I do have all the Vallejo game color but i'm sure i could work with equivalents if you have some Master Series panit's name in mind :))
  2. Hello all, I was recently looking for inspiration for my incoming goblins and found this: http://www.coolminiornot.com/140721 I'm going to get the same mini and would love getting close to those colors, but am not very good at guessing what would be the right choices (vallejo is the paint i use) as far as color selection is concerned. Any hint concerning general direction from base color to highligth and shadows for the dress and hairs would be really welcome. p.s: The idea is clearly not expecting to paint that well but to get close to those colors. (sorry for the possible broken English, as usual).
  3. Too bad i'm living in France so the Wal-Mart and such are not really an option, though i'm going to check ebay and online vendors.... As usual i really appreciate your feedback :) Digging so more into the archives now. Thanks again
  4. Thanks a lot for sharing all :) I've googled a bit more and have found this for those who are interested : www.solux.net I've found many sites talking about those Solux bulbs, supposed to be good for photos and PAO.... There's maybe a cheaper way for similar results but that's getting closer to what i'm looking for at least...
  5. Ah yes, i'm also looking for a bulb producing a light as close to real sun light as possible... Fluorescent bulb would do that? Different white fluorescent bulbs have different white colors?
  6. Hello all, After reading a WIP from Stern Kestrelmann (and his brend new magnifying and circular fluresent bulb lamp) i realized that i'll have to find a good lamp myself. My paiting sessions are going to be at night after my daily work and i'm wondering what you, experienced painters ( and the others ), would use to get a proper light at night.... I might try this flueresent lamp but would like to have your opinion concerning this :)
  7. matt, isn't it rather : Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi soha? :p spring, another buddhist :))
  8. --Anne p.s. Using flow improver in your glazes/filters will help keep the color even and reduces separation, too! See, I was on-topic, really!! Oh yes i forgot about flow improver even though i read about it, would you use it as an added part ( after the colors and water parts ) or instead of the water? I'm quite grateful for all those advices (as i got noone around to physically teach how to paint figures) your tips and what i read on some other sites are my online courses I really hope i can get a camera in order to benefit even more from your help. "If you do apply a small puddle of glaze without wicking it off your brush first, then withdraw most of the glaze after a few seconds, sometimes you might get an ugly "ring" of color around the edges of the puddle where the paint was. This is especially frustrating if you happen to be glazing down something like light skintones with a red tint or something. Don't want that ugly red ring, however faint it is, to be showing up on your fine skintones heh." Argh actually that what i get right now when layering my colors, it's not uggly but quite visible that each step is visible as a ring, so i end up with layers of lighter colors formed as smaller and smaller rings. Seeing this made ask about glazing but up to now the glaze i do was not really "smoothing"(?) the rings......
  9. Aaaaahhhh very good !! thanks for the tips, i'm going to try both, but as my first figures are rather on the large side, i'll start with the first option first
  10. Thanks for your tips using grey all, i'll keep them in mind, but for my first incoming 28mm project i'll go an "easier"(?) way with this turquoise scheme which is causing me less troubles^^. Concerning washes and glazes, do you use the color directly from your mix like 1/5 or 1/12 or do you unload excess paint like you would do when layering? I read about washing and "glazing" (is that a word? ) but couldn't find anything related to this.....
  11. Thanks eastman, i've tried a sample with layers of turquoise and it looks already better than the grey color scheme Hope i'll have a chance to show the WIP before the end...
  12. Would it work to use one color and just highlight with layers of base+increasing amount of white? Will i not face the same problem of getting not enough contrast between layers and ending again with a flat result?
  13. Alas, i wish i could, but i got no digital camera right now, maybe after Christmas What do you think of the green scheme Eastman? What would you use to layer from base to highlight to get something similar to the picture? I might try this one on a spare fig to see whether i get better result.....
  14. Oooooohhh my god, i tried my best to stick to the given advices but i fear my painting skill needs to improve drastically before getting a satisfying grey color scheme..... All i can get, right now, is really too flat.... I think i'll adopt emergency plan B and try the alternate color scheme i was considering : I like the color scheme of the Hoarluk Doomshaper on this pic (dark aquamarine?) http://www.cortexsmuggler.com/TROLLBLOOD.html Not sure about the name of the color but i have the same question as for grey, but now got no idea concerning even the base color to start with, to get this kind of color. So once more, anyone having a clue on how to get this color, base, shade and highlights is very welcome. (maybe VGC Falcon Turquoise/GW Hawk Turquoise as a base color ?) cheers, didier.
  15. Ok, i'll have to experiment then :) thanks for the reply.
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