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  1. Ron, we need some Barbed Devils, and some Bearded Devils, pre-painted are expensive and the paint job sucks, Ral Partha's AD&D minis are 100 bucks a blister, and there are staple of the Blood Wars for adversaries.
  2. I use files and blades to remove mold lines, then ultra fine steel wool to polish out the burs, and scratches, the wool is easy and cheap, just stay away from magnets and clean up after you self.
  3. Bishop Odo

    Rach Soldier any more?

    Are you going to be making any new poses or more "50278: Rach Soldiers" it's a great figure, good armor, not to sure about the elf head but that can be fixed?
  4. As the topic, is it too late to add a few things my Bones Kickstarter order?
  5. Bishop Odo

    Pleasantly surprised by Blood Nebula Mercenary!

    Just got mine, and yea I think a few more are in order.....
  6. Bishop Odo

    Pleasantly surprised by Blood Nebula Mercenary!

    Really, cool that's really great news and just what I was thinking about doing.
  7. Bishop Odo

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    I'd like to see more variants of existing miniatures: Nine Suns Henchmen, kind of hard to just one henchmen, you know a budget Dr. Evil Robots Police like "wink wink" the new blade runner Future agent, who lost his memory and Girl friend, even the ex-wife. Female version of Han Solo Future samurai Anime hero bounty hunters in suits and female faye Landmate Way to young to take serious Admiral who saves the race he wipes out and his sadistic teacher Cigar chomping female and male Starbuck space jocks Robots with hands that are not armed as well as. jumpsuit space farers Far Future Nobleman and spouse young adult and Child Hunger games victims or contestants Space Cat warriors
  8. Bishop Odo

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)

    There is another idea, some dogs, i.e. hunting dogs like the grey hounds, or wolf hounds. Working dog of the medieval era. I know Reaper has some war dogs, Mastiffs, but I was thinking about the set RP made for D&D "Hounds of Light" I think the blister was called.
  9. Bishop Odo

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)

    More Younger mages with no staff, Gandalf is or hs been done to death. Fighters in fancy armor, like the old RP and Grenadier stuff, detailed helms, with wings and shoulder stylized animals, enough Historical stuff, i.e. the pot helm more stylized fantasy.
  10. Bishop Odo

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Yea, Traveller is the ulimate generic Space Opera, the game won’t die and has so many iconic classes and imagages to draw on. It has a lot of spill over to various properties and predates most of them, BSG, Star Wars, Mechwarrior and other. Then if you could make 15mm copies of the 28mm miniature you make, you would have so many people screaming to buy then. The web page called the “Miniatures Page”, has a Sci-fi section where many are forced to do one scale or the others, when most want to game in both scales.
  11. Bishop Odo

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    More 50161: Nine Suns Henchman variants, would be great
  12. Bishop Odo

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Same here, generic sci-fi,
  13. Bishop Odo

    From Chronoscope Natalya to Molotov Cocktease

    With a little work, if you want to make Brock with more realistic human proportions and not the stylized animation one, you could use Reaper 50122: P.B. Pugh, Pulp Hero. I know hear me out, change the pistol to a knife, the arms are bare so you can sculpt his polo shirt, trim down the paints and boots, and give him a mullet, the chin and nose are something you could give him too. Except for a new sculpt I think he’ll pass. At Deviant Art, I have seen some Venture fan art that converts the cartoons to both realistic and anime styles and Cosplay stuff that could help. I personally like all my miniatures in realistic proportion and I'd like to see more anime and stylized cartoon characters converted to be realistic miniatures.
  14. Bishop Odo

    Andromeda Aliens and Metropolis robot

    There's a Buy...love it
  15. Bishop Odo

    What would you do to design your own mini?

    Open a tin mine, in Montana?