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  1. thanks for the feed back she's got a head now (1 week on the thing and she looks like dolly parson) neisch keite! well the cameras outa bats at the mo so hoping to get back on track tommorow
  2. thanks i was more surprised when she turned out the right size
  3. the beast plate head and lower body are done just got to do the right arm whatcha think
  4. hiazch michesbah! seng sou mengid yow kawn tou, my conuil xavo nil motoui! (japanease) translation "blimey thats cool been trying to do a horse for ages" (new bristolian)
  5. ah the pleasures of an adult conversation more interesting than the weather well i,ve done my shophia just don,t know how to link thingy and i want to stay out of prison so its a no go zone
  6. oopps see this what happens when i don,t read the other responses forget i said anything
  7. its probably just my taste but i feel the gold has no depth or not enough shading other than that the skin hair clothes are realy good
  8. here she is. still got loads of work but realy enjoying it. i,ve done some more but have not got pics yet / my inspiration is from a sketch in casket works spring 2006 on the pages advertising warlord books they also refer or quote a character called judas and seeing see was in full color beside it i thought it might be her
  9. *starts to sing* " it looks so beautiful to meee..." some one kicks him hard in the..!* sorry where was i oh yes love it dude amazing colour or (color) really like the themed idea and it will make a very cool desktop thing but your mate might have to super glue it down before someone walks of with it
  10. thanks for the info but seeing i,m in bristol england as far as i,m aware there aren,t any reaper stores in uk but i might order the starting kit but i can,t find the rulebook for reptus
  11. well i,m starting warlord thinking of it i like the figs and the game sounds good but appart from a bit of basic rules in the magazine i was sent i don,t have the foggyist also what do you do with dark heavens stuff
  12. very nice tiny crit though is though it might be personal taste theres not enough highlighting on lolas shoes but im obsesive like that
  13. haha! i don,t care if its weird its done and i,m happy but i,ll find 10 more faults before long here they are my very own scratch built pleasure seeker in full glory
  14. nice colour, base and armour but if you don,t mind me saying so its the eyes, which are very tricky and it may just be the photo but hmm overall very good
  15. apart from the hands i,m happy with him now the hard part the rider i personaly find well the two attempts at women have gone badly wrong due to porportions unfortunatly after this pic was taken the torso to the legs u see there went badly wrong and any attempt to fit a daemonettes on there just dosent fit so i need though i will take a long time, to create a women/daemon person to fit on the perferably one that suits the fluid movement
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