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  1. Sales guy that I don't get along with just tried to throw me under the bus again - claimed that he had already asked me twice to do something for customer. Too bad for him that I keep records & notes of all my correspondence/conversations with him for exactly this reason.
  2. So is there any sneak peeks into what Stargrave will include? I gather it will be loosely based on the Frostgrave rule set, but do we know anything beyond that?
  3. What a difference a door makes. Finally had the exterior door to my office replaced yesterday. The old one would not shut tightly nor seal out the weather. It was so poorly fitted that even adding extra gaskets and such made little difference. Therefore my office was generally about 10F colder/warmer than the rest of the house in the mornings. This morning it was only 3F colder, and just opening up the interior door for an hour has brought it up to only 1F cooler.
  4. I do have/buy a lot of dice, but a couple decades ago I gave myself a restriction/justification that has worked pretty well so far. I only buy new dice for a new RPG character or a new minis game army/force, so that every character/army has their own set of dice. I did break this a couple years ago when I bought a large lot of RPG dice sets on Amazon to hand out to the kids in the D&D group I was running at the high school. I justified that by telling myself it would help prevent theft or loss of *my* dice.
  5. I really hope that they can incorporate that camera tech to the in person classes. I'd also love to see Reaper expand the Reaper U program to throughout the year by offering small online classes periodically. Imagine a 4-6 week Zoom course with 5-10 students, where we could get some interactions and regular feedback. @TaleSpinner's sculpting classes would really benefit from a week long "pause" between sessions, and keeping it down to a small group would allow the interaction he thrives on as an instructor. I'd be willing to pony up $50-100 for a class like that.
  6. LMAO! Sending a screen shot of this to my big customer here in Des Moines, he'll get a kick out of it, too. Back when it was a big thing for Verizon customers to have songs for their ring back tones that the caller would hear, I got sick of that song. So many car wash owners chose it... Spent the weekend fixing my trailer electrical. In the end, the problem turned out to be the simplest thing, but the most improbable. The rear part of the frame is somehow no longer part of the chassis ground - or at least not enough for the new LED trailer lights I had purchased. Finally figured this out after replacing the trailer tail lights, then the plug on the Toyota, and then redoing the entire trailer harness. My wife finally did her first plate for the kiln - a purple and confetti variant of the heart plate I showed here earlier. She got tired of waiting for me to make another one after I sold that one. Now I don't need to feel so guilty about her buying me the kiln.
  7. @Pegazus - If it's anywhere along the I35 corridor, it's value is definitely going to go up. My distributor in OKC is always talking about how the corridor between Dallas and OKC is growing quickly. Before moving to Iowa, we briefly considered Ardmore OK, specifically because it was equidistant to both OKC and Dallas.
  8. That just means she fits in with 95% of the minis out there. Funny you should say that. The history of the kingdom of Dalend involves a famous siege, in which a demi-goddess named Cerelia used a powerful magic sword named WallBreaker to end the siege, by bringing the walls down upon the attackers. This is why their symbol is a tower.
  9. so I'm getting a new office door installed on Monday. The one in my office now doesn't seal against the weather, so I've had it taped shut. A new door means I'll have a usable exterior door and hopefully my office will stay warmer in the winter. When we booked the contractor for the work back in July, i decided that would be when I would rearrange my office, something I have been meaning to do since mid March. And here we are on Friday, and I have yet to start the necessary clean up for the door install on Monday, let alone the rearrangement. I should probably get to that.
  10. Agreed - I ran into this problem last night when I went to add an update to one of my sculpting threads.
  11. Finally got a chance to work on this again. Found a piece of plastic tubing about the right size among my hobby supplies and slipped it into my makeshift lathe: Found that it was a little too flexible, but fortunately I found a piece of brass wire that was the exact diameter to fit inside. I cut that a bit short so that I'd have a hole to mount the tower on the staff with. After turning. I was originally going to put a layer of putty over this, but I'm pretty happy with it as is, so I went ahead and mounted it on Joeliyn's staff: I will use some putty for the crenulations on the battlement.
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