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  1. On the plus side, sometimes new editions of games can bring opportunities to finish up collections of previous editions. When the kids group asked me to run a sci-fi game for them, I was waffling between using Mongoose Traveller 1e or upgrading to the recently released 2e. I never finished my 1e collection and I was able to finish out my 1e collection for just slightly more than it would have cost me to buy everything I would want in 2e. So I did that. Totally agree. And a good DM will pick a rule set to complement their campaign goals. Once I trust a DM, I'll play any rule set they want to run.
  2. No. I have a set contract rate. On the plus side, I have no set number of vacation days either. It's probably evened out over the years, and I went ahead and booked a couple days off for my birthday next month, just to make sure. I wonder how many people are like you, and think certain versions are better, not because they actually like the rules better, but because they remember glorious campaigns in those versions?
  3. I'm not a big fan of the newer races either. Not to his point, but simply because, IMO, they were just added scattershot to the game w/o much, if any, consideration of how they fit in the published settings. That said, I am a big fan of homebrew settings where the DM both limits the number of races available and works to incorporated one or two of these other races into their setting. In my Yrazul setting, I have Hobgoblins, Elves, Gnomes, Humans and Dwarves as PC races. Yaun-Ti also exist as an evil NPC race. In my friend Kristine's Breumtor setting, she did similar - Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Dragonborn. I really wish more people would work to find a game that fits the way they want to play, rather than try to turn every game they play into what they want. not trying to escalate this, but IMO, 5e is my favorite version of D&D yet. I think 4e was actually the best written set of RPG rules by any D&D team, but it didn't feel like D&D to me. If I were WotC, I'd repackage it as World of Warcraft, the RPG or some thing like that. Of course, I do have to disclose that D&D - any edition - isn't even in my top 5 favorite RPG rule sets. I hadn't been taking President's day off for the last few years, because my wife had to work, and my daughter had to go to school. But last week, I found my original contract letter with my client, and I had originally listed President's day as a day off. Somewhere along the line I forgot that. So I took it off, much to their dismay, as they assumed I was going to work. It was a nice opportunity to point out my original contract terms, and how they've been violating them.
  4. If you've been hearing a faint but often repeating hammering like sound coming the general direction of Iowa this week, that has been me repeatedly banging my head against my desk. Right now I have: a new site impatient to have their training session, but an IT person that hasn't done the proper network connections for us to remotely log in to do that. We have now rescheduled their training for the second time. a ew owner of an old site who keeps griping to his credit card provider that he's not getting paid for the credit cards, but who has done nothing in the last four weeks with me or the distributor to allow us to actually make the programming change for him. AFAIK, his credit card income is still going to the old owner. the factory hounding me to send up some parts from some used tellers from my local customer I'm supposed to strip out, but also the factory continually interrupting me in that task to handle service calls. A service manager who both complains when I block out time to write service documents/make service videos, because I'm unavailable to help with calls and complains that said documents/videos aren't available. an engineer who wants me to test software for two different sites, so they can have it installed by the end of the month, but has not yet provided that software. Anyone hiring?
  5. I was under the impression that Dark Sun was pretty much going to be a no go because of some of the original themes in the setting. IIRC, didn't slavery & cannibalism play strong roles in that setting?
  6. But sadly, a lot of them on thingiverse aren't printable as is. I'm to the point with Thingiverse that I won't even download something unless it's got a picture of an actual print OR it's by a maker I trust, which are very few and far between.
  7. If any group I belong to would know where to find an stl that looks similar to this, it's going to be you knowledgeable folks here: Doesn't have to be exact, just something reminiscent of this that is printable. TIA
  8. that might be the worst thing they could do, but I wouldn't put it past them. then again, if they did, gamers would still use the term, and D&D could become another kleenex or xerox, which might not be a bad thing.
  9. You do realize we need to hear more of this story...
  10. Yeah, that's frustrating, too. I wound up having to go with the Samsung A series phones last time, because the nicer S series phones didn't have memory card slots. I hear you. In my Navy days, we used to have shifts where we spoke entirely in movie quotes for a couple hours or more. Wish I could have recorded some of those conversations. Nothing like being an ET3 and telling the RM1 you're busy and will get back to them by saying "Shut up b***h. Go fix me a turkey pot pie!" and not getting in trouble.
  11. I prefer Android for myself for the customization of the UI & apps I can do. I prefer iPhone for my wife and daughter precisely because of the customization they can't do. Although, I don't have to do a lot of side loading and customization any more - the features & apps that I used to want that Android didn't have all eventually got added. Big difference these days is that iPhones don't have removable micro SD cards at all, while you can still get androids with them. I use that feature a lot transferring pictures from my cell phone to my work PCs.
  12. Two weeks ago: Customer calls while I'm on the phone, doesn't leave voice mail message. Customer calls again 10 minutes later, I'm still on the phone, doesn't leave voice mail. Customer sends email saying I'm having problem X I answer email asking for more data, also telling them I'm off the phone now. Today: Customer calls and complains to dispatcher that site has been having issues for two weeks, and no one has contacted them. 🤦‍♂️
  13. And WotC made a statement that Hasbro is not selling D&D
  14. LOL...sorry, didn't mean to call anyone out. As for why you would be buying more (assuming you actually had enough stuff), it's obviously to stockpile for leaner times. What other reason does there have to be?
  15. I love the bundles where I can get both physical and pdf at a reasonable price. I do still find the physical books better in many situations. For example, I bought the Mongoose Traveller World Builder's Handbook (WBH) bundle last year on pre-order, and immediately downloaded the PDF when it became available a couple months later. But I found it unwieldy to actually use in PDF form, as there is a bunch of page flipping needed while doing system & world calculations. In order to use it, I had to take my laptop into my office, pull up the WBH on my dual monitor desktop, as well as having it open on my laptop. That's exactly why I'm skeptical myself - one source, that I had never heard of before I saw the article being shared. Then again, the whole OGL license revision debacle last year started off with a single source, too. I once read somewhere that publicly traded corporations eventually wind up developing a "personality" similar to that of psychopath, one where the primary motivation becomes maximizing the immediate shareholder returns, even when long range strategies would make more money overall. Probably can't go down that train track of thought any further, without having to divert into beekeeper conversation territory.
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