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  1. I just have to comment that you're a brave woman. I couldn't put up with my wife's family in our home for a week, nor her mine.
  2. I wonder how many times that dog gets accidently kicked and/or tripped over laying there?
  3. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/98166-reducing-that-pile-of-shame-tips-tricks/ is a good place to start
  4. Thanks for reminding me. I took the photo before painting the eyes, but I planned on painting them before I use the mini in my next session. I have a neon green color I'm planning to use.
  5. While that is certainly true, I don't tend to rant about those. I will often go out of my way to help those guys. The ones I rant about when they do this generally fall into one of these situations: 1. They knew about the failure earlier in the week, but didn't bother to call for parts/service until Friday afternoon 2. They only discovered the failure on Friday because they haven't been to their car wash since the previous weekend. #2 is usually because they only put part time effort into their car wash, usually because it's a side gig that they invested in because they thought all it would take to run a successful car wash is stop by to check their soap/chemicals levels and pick up their quarters once a week. #1 is not limited to the individual part time owner. When I was a field tech for a wash company in Denver many, many years ago, we had a contract with a major brand of gas stations where we were supposed to respond to each service call within four hours. Far too many store managers had a really bad habit of not calling in problems with their washes until Friday afternoons, even if they had gone down on Monday. It became a real point of contention between techs and management, then management and the oil company
  6. @Inarah box has been shipped back to @Corsair to get him out of trouble with his grand niece.
  7. According to my neighbor, yes. My wife and I were thoroughly confused trying to identify him last year, finally went across the street and asked my neighbor, who used to be head of the county conservation board.
  8. This gal has been hanging out in our yard for the last few weeks: She is the daughter of this guy, whom we first saw last year, and managed to survive despite his coloring:
  9. Day 116 of our mortgage refinance drama: Our loan has finally been cleared to close!
  10. You won't get any dispute from me. And for yet another car wash rant: Please, please, please don't be that guy who, when you don't like the answer from one distributor, you call another one and only give them half the story. Customer is mad because they tried to order apart as a rush at 4pm on Friday, just after shipping was closed for the day. Furthermore, it turns out the part they want is not a plug and play part, but has to be configured specifically for the site, which takes time to do, as well as requires specific site information. Beyond that, I don't stock the part here in Iowa, so it has to ship from Calgary. With the holiday in Canada yesterday, the earliest it could ship was today. Apparently they got mad the part wasn't there yet, and canceled the order with the original distributor they ordered via, then called up another one whom just tried to order it rush - AFTER shipping was closed for the day again. So they managed to get their own order canceled, which will result in further delays.
  11. LMAO! So I have a story about this scenario. February 1990: I have to drive down to the personnel office at Treasure Island and sign the paperwork for the 8 month enlistment extension I had to agree to in order to be sent state side after I left Australia. The PN1 (Personnelman 1st class (E6)) hands me extension paperwork that clearly says the extension is for 1 year and 8 months. Of course I freak out, and tell him, "No, I only agreed to 8 months" He points to my signature and says "You clearly signed this for 1 year and 8 months." Fortunately for me, I had kept AND brought my paper copy of my transfer orders that I had originally signed in August 1988. My copy shows clearly that the extension was only for 8 months. The PN1 is looking back and forth between the copies, because it's clear that his copy has been modified. He calls in his Chief and Division officer, they consult, and the consensus is it's a good thing I kept my paper copies - most sailors managed to misplace theirs. The Chief asks me "who the broccoli did you piss off at your last command?" I can't immediately think of anyone. I get my extension signed with the proper amount of time, but while we were waiting, the PN1 and I started going through my personnel records to see if we can piece together anything, and somewhere buried in the paperwork is a document prepared by a PNSN (E3) Smith (not his real name, I can't even remember it now). It vaguely rings a bell. And then it hits me. The year: 1986, shortly after President Reagan bombed Libya The place: High Frequency Transmitter remote site, US Naval Communications Station Harold E. Holt, Exmouth Western Australia The time: Midwatch, sometime around 1-3 am. The base is on high alert with extra security procedures put in place in case Libya decides to strike back. The Radioman section leader and myself have just finished one of the required patrols of the external of the building that has to be done every 20-30 minutes. We're back inside the building, and have literally just finished our All Clear log entry when two Australia Federal Police officers assigned to the base ring our bell. They ask us who's car is parked next to the back of the building, as current security requirements forbid parking within 100 yards of the building. Our answer is we don't know, as all of our watch section's vehicles are properly parked, and within view of the front door we're standing at. Furthermore, there was no car there just five minutes ago when we did our patrol. All of us instantly go on high alert - calls are made for back up from the main base, and the section leader, the two FedPol officers and myself walk out back where the car is. Sure enough, there is a station wagon parked right next to the wall behind which is the Transmitter Control room, and the stairs to the roof. There is no one in nor around the car. A short search of the area finally has me stumbling upon the occupants of the car engaged in in rather passionate copulation behind one of the ventilation buildings on the roof. I don't interupt them, but call to the FedPol officers, who have started searching the car with local PD and Base Security. The FedPol officers climb to the roof & interrupt them mid-coitus and they're both led off in handcuffs, and the vehicle impounded. Turns out that the woman was an Aussie local who quite frequently brought "dates" to the site roof to get frisky, and her beau of this evening was one PN3 Smith. He went to mast, and was busted from E4 to E2. He had just been frocked to E4, meaning he was still technically an E3, but got to wear E4 insignia, and other than pay and benefits was otherwise treated as an E4. So his getting knocked back one rank was harsher than if he had been a true E4. To me, it was nothing personal, no big deal - he was in a place where he shouldn't have been. But apparently he still held a grudge against me some two years later, just because I happened to be the one who caught him, and he saw an opportunity to get me back. After the PN1 and I pieced it together, the Chief said that if the guy was still in the Navy, his command would be informed, and he'd likely be going to Captain's Mast again. If anyone finds a visual reference handy, here's where this happened:
  12. Here is my haul from the @Inarah box: If the box would have arrived 6 weeks earlier, ALL the tombstones would have been mine!!! But alas, I had to 3d print a bunch. Speaking of 3d prints, several of the resin prints in the box are broken. I added a couple more, but put them all in a plastic container to hopefully avoid crushing them. I would suggest that the next starter of this box weed out the broken stuff. I should get this back out on Monday or Tuesday.
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