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  1. While I can attest to that and I also detest computerized "help" systems, I completely understand why many companies adopt them. The issue is about minimizing wasting valuable employee time with stupid crap like "did you try turning it off and back on?" The bigger the company, the truer this is. For example, on Friday, I got an email from an office employee about a problem at one of their sites. I was able to remote in to their site, diagnose the problem, and I replied back with an explanation of the problem, a video link on how to fix it, and a service bulletin on why this particular setting is so important and can cause problems. That should have been the end of it. But nope. Yesterday I get a call from a different office employee about the same problem. I explain the issue to her, and tell her that I've sent the repair instructions to the other employee, and that it needs to be forwarded to their maintenance guy. Again, should have been the end of it. TODAY I get yet another phone call, this time from their maintenance guy. No one forwarded him the info I sent to the office employees, so fortunately for me, his call was just asking me to send it again or where he could find it on the website. Now I have his email, so that won't happen again. Anyway, an automated system would have likely stopped the call yesterday, and told the maintenance guy where to look today. Car Wash equipment manufacturers are relatively small companies, so automated systems aren't really cost effective, but for a big corporation selling to and supporting millions of customers, I can definitely see where automated systems and "script monkeys" can be far more cost effective than routing people straight to an expert every single time. Notice, too, that online chat help systems are now being automated as well. The ones that annoy me the most are the ones that make it difficult to escalate out of their scripted troubleshooting tree. They're almost worse than a system that won't recognize my voice.
  2. I would do it one of two ways (or maybe combine them) Option 1: "Core" sets that sized similarly to a regular Bones expansion, in 3 parts, each focused on a single theme - Horror, Pulp, Cyberpunk, etc. Start off with two of these sets, then add more as stretch goals. If the KS is successful enough, you could further focus future expansions, particularly for sci-fi. Sci-Fi Egyptians is going to look quite a bit different to cyberpunk. Option 2: themed encounter or unit sets all priced at about $20 each. Start off with five or six of these sets in various themes, and have a minimum pledge of $60 bucks that allows you to pick any three sets. Each stretch goal adds a new set. Which one I'd go with would really depend on the backend economics, which Reaper would know better than I. Alternatively, option 3 could be a combination - start off with the "core" sets as in option 1, sprinkled with smaller encounters and units, but I think this might be harder to get right. I think the other two options set better expectations. Personally, I'd consider a $100k Chronoscope KS that added a dozen models to the line as a success.
  3. I would have used the actual city name/post code if it had been a large city like Calgary or Edmonton, or even a substantial suburb. But given that the real town has a population of less than 20k, I thought it better that I not use the actual name.
  4. <sigh> Just got an email from a site trying to pay a bill. The bill is for something that was sort of ordered through me, but is not our part - I put her in touch with the manufacturer of said part. She sent in a check to the manufacturer, but it was returned to her, so she sent ME a scan of the envelope. It's not even a bill due to us, but I think I know why it was returned to her. Probably because her addressed envelope said "Walker BOL" and not "Walker Hill AB B0L 7Y2" (note: I didn't use the real city or post code here - I just made something up that looked similar. So if you Canucks are confused about where Walker Hill AB is, that is why.) Sad how many Americans not only can't recognize a properly formatted Canadian address, but apparently won't even bother to double check before mailing something off.
  5. I heartily approve. I am so frickng sick of bureaucracy right now. Currently on day 108 of the refinance that was supposed to take 40-60 days. Theoretically, we're supposed to close this Friday, but I still haven't heard from the settlement agent to set our closing appointment.
  6. 😆 LOL. I'd love to be able to do stuff like that, but I don't have physical access to most customers units. Back on the really old stuff (the stuff I complain about sites still using these days), the techs have access to a BASIC like language that can be used to customize customer's units. One of the techs had a friendly, yet antagonistic relationship with one of the site owners, so he programmed the teller to recognize the owner's personal fleet account , and play/display insulting messages that he would periodically change. I never did figure out how he did it.
  7. I have no expectations that a Chronoscope KS would be on the same scale of success that B1-B6 were. My expectations would be more along the lines of how the first CAV KS was for Reaper. Not a huge success, but it brought 30+ models to Bones, making CAV an affordable game. TBH, I've thought about getting together with some of the other Chronoscope enthusiasts here and seeing if we could work on a pitch for Reaper to make a Chronoscope KS project that would have the best shot of being successful.
  8. That was the exact reaction of just about everyone else in the company when I sent out my "FYI - This Happened" email. CEO responded with "We cannot legally delete these files, especially now that we've learned a subpoena may be forthcoming." I'm wondering if the subpoena will be sent to me since I'm in the US, or to my client in Calgary? Or if they'll even bother when they realize it's a Canadian company?
  9. I think I've got enough Bones miniatures that I'm to the point that my next Bones KS will be a Chronoscope related one. Now as to whether or not that will ever happen...
  10. I'm not positive of the reason, but when I said "the cost for us to load those backups is $xxx.xx/hr or a subpoena" he replied back with "I'm sure there will be a subpoena" He also specifically asked about how far back the cash records in the backup would go. I'm thinking either audit, or civil suit between partners.
  11. So my Friday the 13th has started off weird. First off I log in to find two notices from my bank about my wire transfer for my "salary" invoice from my client. At first I thought it was an email glitch, but nope, somehow they paid me twice for my last invoice. Chances are I'll just be told to hold onto the money as an advance against my next invoice. After that I get a call from a site I haven't heard from in awhile, and he starts asking all these questions about how far back the data in his system goes and where all it is stored. He's quite relieved when I tell him that it's all stored in Point of Sale system itself, because he says "Oh good, that's in the junk yard - pulled it out last summer." But he wasn't so happy to learn that we take system backups when we log in, and that I do have a couple of backups from 2020 and 2018, and he asks "Can you delete those?"
  12. Currently on day 104 of our 40-60 mortgage refinance. Looks like we may get a closing date SOONTM They just asked me for a document that has to be signed & dated within 7 days of closing. I'm wondering what the odds are that they will have to ask me for a new copy because they didn't make their timeline?
  13. I believe it. I have a cousin with a masters in Environmental Science who doesn't have a lick of common sense. She's smart enough that she could have had a long term, probably high paying career, but she makes the stupidest personal decisions that torpedo her success every time. For example, one summer she was working for her state governor, was about to get promoted, met a French guy at a bar, and when he offered to take her with him to San Francisco for the week, she left with him that night w/o telling anyone. Amazingly, she only lost the promotion, and not her job when she returned. So yesterday I cursed myself. It had been a fairly slow morning & I was getting stuff done. While on my first call of the day, the guy I was talking to asked if I would be available when he called me back. I told him "I should be, it's been a slow day so far." He laughed and told me that I probably cursed myself, And he was right - just as I was hanging up, the receptionist told me the other tech still wasn't in the office, and the phone didn't stop ringing after that.
  14. Happens here in Iowa, too. Those Thirsty Stone Coasters we got years ago but rarely used in CO are getting a workout now. My Monday started off crappy - got yet another call from a site that's been having ongoing problems not only clearing credit cards, but sometimes having entire batches of transactions disappearing. It all started when a new owner took over, and we changed their merchant info. I've never seen this behavior before. After going through everything I could think of for the last two weeks, I finally noticed something peculiar in the actual credit card processing module. Contacted the vendor we get it from, mostly as a desperate grasping at straws, and the vendor tech said "whoa, never seen that either." He escalated it to his engineering team, and it turns out I found a bug in their new software release. Been dealing with them 10 years, and this is the first time this has happened. Fortunately, they had a fix for me, and it seems to have resolved the worst of the site's problems. There are still some ongoing issues there that triggered the bug, but at least it looks like it won't lose any more batches of transactions.
  15. Service call I just received: "My internet is down and credit card is not working. Can you log into my site and fix things?" Umm, since both credit cards and remote access require working internet, what do you think?
  16. Modifying minis to have more modest clothing wound up being a good way for me to practice basic putty skills. Doing things like filling in the cleavage of 77057 Juliette and making her slit skirt into a full skirt gave me a lot more confidence in my putty work. I've painted at least five versions of her so far, and only one has been "stock" - the rest were conversions where I was trying to make her more modest. I get that some people don't want to do putty work, but if you're interested in leveling up your skills, modest-ifying female minis is a good place to get started.
  17. <pokes head up> Wait. What? It's Friday? I made it? <whoo> Didn't think I was going to. . Just three more hours. I can do this. <ducks back down>
  18. It's not just you. I was annoyed that the wood elves unit from Bones 5 were all noticeably larger than the two existing sculpts they were based on. Scale creep will likely push me to use my 3d printer more than anything else will.
  19. Oh my. After several days of back and forth emails about a site, I just learned that they had an "IT professional" help them set up some new equipment on their network, which appears to have broke some of the set up our system needs on it. Now we're about to find out if the "IT professional" is really an IT Pro, or just a hack like me. I gave the site manager a list of network setup requirements for our system to give to his "pro". If he's a true professional, he will recognize the technobabble, realize someone didn't tell him about the other existing equipment, and will figure out how to make it work side by side with the new equipment. If I get back an "I don't understand", then he's a hack.
  20. I'm not good enough to duplicate that pattern to a display quality level. But I've learned that from the typical tabletop distance, your eye/brain can render even rough brushwork in a pleasing manner if you choose the right colors and lay out simple patterns. I would do the above pattern by using a 3-4 contrasting paint colors and layering them as rectangles, then the center circle, and finally dots in a pattern on top. And I can't even paint eyes, Plus, you have 18-24 months to get to that level.
  21. I was wondering the same thing - in fact, I'm hoping that the hole is sized for the standard 1"RPG base, which would make the carpet compatible with a large portion of my miniature colleciton. As for leaving an "unsightly circle", incorporating the circle into the design on the rug could minimize that:
  22. Shipping costs are definitely different now than they were during the B5 pledge manager, and likely will be more changes between now and when B6 ships. However, for an idea, here is what I spent on B5 and what I was charged for shipping from Denton to Iowa: By the time the B5 pledge manager had closed, I had spent $920, which included the core, the pirate ship, 3 expansions and a lot more. Reaper charged me $56.81 for shipping for all of that. I expect shipping for B6 will be anywhere from 1.25 to 2x more than the equivalent for B5. I'm personally going to be budgeting 10% of my pledge manager spending (including KS credit) for shipping. I think a lot of people put far more stock in this than they should when it comes to the core sets & expansions that won't arrive for 1.5-2 years, and it should only be a factor in determining what you're buying/keeping as a result of limitations caused by 1 & 4. TBH, I wasn't all that excited about the cores for B3 - B6 while the Kickstarters themselves were running. But I learned from B1 and B2 that the things that excited me about the Core Sets might not occur until months, even years after I actually received them. Every core set in B1 to B5 so far has eventually made me happy I bought it. During B6 I agreed with a lot of the various reasons people said it wasn't interesting to them, but I'm going to buy it anyway, because I'm pretty sure 2024 or 2025 me will be mad at 2022 me if I don't. Then again, I'm fortunate that my wife and I have hobby budgets, and have had homes large enough in the last 15 years to have dedicated gaming spaces. As far as #2, having too many minis to paint in a lifetime? Yeah, I passed that threshold sometime around 1998. These days, it's about having enough stock of interesting stuff to paint & play with during my retirement years when a limited income will put a dent in my monthly hobby budget. That's one of the things I really like about gaming and painting minis. I can "invest" in them when I have money, and still enjoy them when I don't. Not many recreational activities like that these days.
  23. Needed a Nightmare for my D&D campaign, saw this re-released Unicorn at my FLGS, and figured I'd cut the horn off. Noticed as I was taking it up to the cash register that the horn was already broken off. No worries for me, but hope it's not a recurring problem for Bones USA. Speed painted this weekend to tabletop quality.
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