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  1. Won't affect me quite like that because I don't contract with that manufacturer and none of my contracts include that manufacturer's equipment. It will help my biggest client, as that company is their biggest competitor. Once Sales finds out about this, they'll make it a point to add "no backdoor" back in as a sales point. It was a sales point years ago, but they stopped touting it because the competitor took it out. And you just know that they'll have a computer scanning the resumes looking for that keyword, and a large number of resumes that otherwise should pass won't pass that filter as a result.
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    I figured there was some solid thinking behind taking this "shortcut"
  3. You're making it sound like a Michael Bay film I just found out that our major competitor has once again started shipping equipment with a backdoor wash code built into their latest generation of products for their distributors to use. I thought they would have learned their lesson back in 2000 when that code got out, and they spent tens of thousands of dollars sending distributor techs around patching the software to remove it. I spent three weeks upgrading every Conoco gas station car wash terminal in the Denver Metro area that year. I must investigate more...
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    Looking good. Question on the IMM brush - I've seen you warn other sculptors about the trap of details being too uniform when methods like this are used. Since I've seen you warn others, I assume you're aware of that, and are/have taken steps to make sure you don't fall into that same trap?
  5. He's figure 1001 in the Bones 5 core set. He might have appeared as a monthly promotional figure, but it looks like we probably won't see him again for retail sales until B5 ships.
  6. It appears to be gone. IIRC, the title of the topic was literally Cookie Clicker, it was in Off-Topic Rampancy, and it was an old 2011-2013 thread that someone had posted to 17-18 days ago, at least according to how long I've been running my game. Searching for "cookie clicker" only brings up our recent discussion here, and a mention by Paradoxical Mouse in the Get to Know you thread from May 2018. I guess one of our mods decided to protect the rest of the forum by getting rid of the topic?
  7. @OneBoot and @Green Eyed Monster I know what happened regarding Cookie Clicker, because I, too, got sucked into it a couple of weeks ago. It's not exactly your fault, OneBoot - only indirectly. It was from an OLD thread that someone performed some thread necromancy on. I, too, saw OneBoot's old post in the thread about how it was a good game to just leave running and visit occasionally, and foolishly looked into it before realizing the post/thread was several years old. It was too late, the grandmas had sucked me in!
  8. My children usually drain me, but there are times they don't, and those incredible times when they super charge me.
  9. Congrats @OneBoot! Was @Pegazus in your yard? I've come to think of it as a sort of charge/drain/recharge cycle. Some people recharge with alone time, some people recharge with social interaction, and none of us have the exact same length of drain/recharge times. Oh, and then there are the people who completely short out our normal charge cycles, and a precious few others who can super charge us or make our charge last longer.
  10. 25 years ago, I would have found that surprising. But when I worked at Jim Dunlop fixing guitar pedals, I worked with four "rock stars" - in the USA they were playing club gigs and working full time factory jobs. But a couple times a year they would go on tour overseas. Three of them were part of a four man band that was huge in the Philippines and a couple other island nations. It was always such a let down for them to come back to work the ol' 9 to 5 after spending a month in high class hotels being chauffeured in limos and such. Their popularity there was short lived though - only lasted for a couple of years. The other guy was part of a trio that was becoming huge in Italy. He left the job to move to Europe with his bandmates to try to capitalize on it.
  11. Myself and the entire service department have a policy to not do stuff like that on Friday afternoons. We'll flat out tell customers "NO!" when they try to badger us to do something major on Fridays. Unfortunately, the head engineer/CEO often over rules us because some customer whined to him.
  12. New camera has arrived Waiting for the battery to charge There is a reason I bought and held on to my Powershot A1200 for so long - I liked that it used AA batteries.
  13. Yep. There has been an upswing of these types of incidents in many localities. Quick! Someone call in Search and Rescue!
  14. So you may recall a week or so ago I was trying to decide if I should order the used camera or a new one. Bought the used one on May 13th. It was supposed to ship for arrival between May 16th and May 26th. 16th came and went, Amazon still showed it as hasn't shipped. Yesterday, Amazon updated it to say it won't arrive until May 27th - but it still shows as not shipped. I got annoyed and bought the new one, because Amazon said I could have it by Friday. After the order is submitted, they update it to say that it's not arriving until Jun 1st. I hold off on cancelling the order for the used one, because I need a camera sooner rather than later - at this point, I don't care which one it is. Today I go to lunch and come back to find two notices - one is from Fedex with the tracking number for my new camera, which according to FedEx supposed to arrive tomorrow, even though Amazon now says May 27th. The other is a tracking number from Amazon for the used camera. That tracking number still has no info on when it will arrive - just says that it's been created. So I am going to get the new camera when Amazon originally promised, but it's too late to cancel the order for the used camera.
  15. More arguing with my teenager. Anyone want a 2003 model?
  16. VERY NICE! The chipping/rusting is spectacular. What size is this tank?
  17. I don't have any good stories like that from my Navy days But CW's story reminds me of numerous phone calls I had with the mothers of teenage boys back when I was a tech for Jim Dunlop Mfg working on electric guitar pedals. Angry mom would call up complaining that the Wah Wah pedal they bought for their son was defective. From their description of the sound it was making, I knew it was plugged in backwards. That would usually trigger the angry rant that was some variant of "What, do you think my baby is stupid or something!?! Let me speak to your manager!" The week after Christmas was the worst. The number of times I wish I could have just walked up to them and swapped the cords were too numerous to count. Instead, I had to be satisfied with "No, I don't think your son is stupid ma'am. It's an easy mistake to make. I have to plug and unplug these pedals in 15-20 times a day, and I make it at least once a week. Please try that first and let me know."
  18. Warning - there is a lot of beautiful stuff out there that has never been test printed. When looking for STLs to print, look for ones that have pictures of the test print. Far too many of the stls w/ just renders look pretty, but are a pain to print right, if you can get them to print at all. Sounds like my weekend, only with Gal Civ III In my experience, any competent tech/mechanic has not only done this, they'll admit it. 20 years of tech support has taught me to be wary of the people who get mad at you for suggesting the simple things like "is it plugged in" and yet will never admit it when it turns out it something simple.
  19. Nah, these are just point n shoot cameras. My days of needing high end camera equipment are pretty much over - tech has caught up to my needs, which is why the camera I've been using is 8 years old. It would be nice to have some really end equipment, but most of the videos I'm making are being watched on cell phones, and as long as the point of the video comes across - how to do X on the equipment - then they have succeeded.
  20. toss up between the elf rangers and the siege engines
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