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  1. @Cyradis I had to go look. First off, that Vesha piece is gorgeous, particularly the shirt. From reading through all the comments, it seems like you've pissed off a group of French painters who all know each other.
  2. My son ships out for the Navy on July 6th. Since there are items in the box that are for him, I expect that it won't deliver until July 7th at the earliest.
  3. There are always going to be some jobs that are like that, especially in certain fields like Medicine. But not as many as overpaid CEOs and petty middle managers seem to think. I've run across those types. It's especially frustrating in my industry - never in my 22 years in this industry have I seen someone's life in danger because someone had to wait a few hours/days to resolve their problem or get an answer to their question, although many of the entitled act like it.
  4. I'd be fine seeing them in metal now, and in Bones in Bones 6 or 7.
  5. I got it written into my contract. It also helps that I contract to a Canadian company - they're much more respectful of vacations and holidays than US companies are. I've noticed a general trend here in the US with the rise of personal cell phones - the idea that we can contact anyone at anytime. More Americans should put their foot down about their personal time.
  6. Question I just got: Can a single use code be used more than once?
  7. Ugh. That first day back at work after vacation always stinks. the usual trying to figure out what customers were taken care of and who wasn't. And today it was combined with finding out I will be covering the vacation for another tech, who will also be out two weeks starting today. I think they deliberately withheld that info before I went on vacation so I couldn't spend my vacation figuring out how to get out of it.
  8. For many of my Reaper containers, I'm making fictional company names based on the names of my various friends I've played games with over the decades. For others I'm doing fictional company names from various sci-fi shows/movies.
  9. And I am officially on vacation for two weeks! Ya'll behave yourselves while I'm gone.
  10. AAARRRGGHHHHH. I just had this conversation with the primary service tech at the manufacturer I contract to. This is a simplified version. Him: Why is this Item showing in the pricing menu? Me: Because the No Price Entry flag on the item is set wrong. Him: Why is it showing that price? Me: because that's the amount of the last transaction for that item. Him: Well why is it showing in the pricing menu? Me: Because the flag is set wrong. It should be set to ON. Him: The flag is set to Off. Me: Yeah, that's not right, I've been complaining about that being set wrong on n
  11. At this point, they should just send them anyway. Because you know people are going to complain if they don't get their boat plugs.
  12. I did one side of one container to show my steps. Future containers I will just show in progress shots. Here is the side with the primer and rust: Next step is to stipple my base container color around the edges in order to blend the rust: Next step I paint in the rest of the side: My paint coverage isn't even or completely smooth, but that just helps the look. Next up I used a finer brush to paint the higher ridges to break up the rust into the lower channels: Finally, I used a heavy dry brush to
  13. I must admit that I'm a little relieved. At the beginning of the month, I was worried my order would arrive while I'm on vacation the first two weeks of June. That's not likely now.
  14. I have 12 of these shipping containers to do, and after the first one I did months ago I decided to do the rest in one big batch. Just finished my second one last night, I have 10 more left. I didn't take any photos of the first steps, but it's easy enough to explain. First they were primed with black spray primer, then the "rust" applied using Siri's rust tutorial. I didn't use the Reaper paints Siri used, these are all craft paints that were stippled on with some old stiff brushes. I made my own "recipe" card, shown here: When doing the rust, I p
  15. Thanks all. I owe the rust effect to @Sirithiliel and her Guide to Painting Rust. The "weathering" on the logo are the result of the color toners in my laser printer not sticking very well to the decal paper. At first I was annoyed, but then I decided to go with it. Who needs shiny new shipping containers anyway? I have 10 more Reaper Shipping containers in progress - does any one want me to do a WIP as I complete them?
  16. Finally got the first of my many Bones shipping containers finished.
  17. Thanks. I don't mind cliche for my game table. I just randomly clicked on a place and ended up "in" Koto, liked what I saw there. that was my second click - the first one was near Tokyo Disneyland, and that wasn't what I was looking for. The details in the crowded areas of the city are fascinating. Vending machines selling all sorts of things, gates and security bars, AC units, street mounted fire extinguisher boxes, etc, etc. And the parking! How the heck some of those people parked their cars, I have no idea. I will have to check out Osaka, too. I have to say
  18. For awhile now, I've been wanting to build some modern/futuristic buildings for my game table. I've finally got enough ruins and fantasy buildings to fill it with, so about 6 months ago, I decided it was time to go forward. But then I couldn't decide what style. So after two months of deliberation, I decided I'd go with a cyberpunk style, and sat down to figure out a modular building style like I did for my fantasy buildings, using a hybrid of 3d printed parts, foam core and paper craft parts from my craft cutter. And I got stalled. And stalled some more. I just couldn't
  19. Can I have a pre-vacation to get ready for my vacation?
  20. took me a moment to remember you work in child care now, and not a hotel front desk. Glad you found out now, instead of September or October.
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