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  1. I had a really weird problem today. One of my favorite customers called with what seemed like a common and easily solved issue. Only it wasn't. One of our devices kept refusing connections to it, both via our software and via it's web interface. The error messages were literally coming back as "refused connection." I could reconfigure it using the configuration software and it passed all of the diagnostics tests, but it flat out kept refusing connections. Rebooting it multiple times didn't change anything either. Just before I gave up and told the customer they'd have to b
  2. All of my service appointments for today had to cancel/reschedule. I'm bummed.
  3. LOL. I sort of did - I left the package about 4 feet outside the bathroom door before I went back upstairs to my office. He was yelling something at me, but I was laughing too hard to hear what he was saying.
  4. Two hours ago, me to my son: "I noticed your bathroom is out of TP last night. You should do something about that." My son: "I know. I will" Guess who just got a desperate text from his son begging me to bring him TP?
  5. They came out to play again. There are three kits, but I couldn't get all three in a single photo.
  6. The fox kits from the den across the street were out and playing with each other this morning. I took the screen off my window, and cleaned it so I could take some clear photos without having to run outside. Of course, by the time I finished this, they went back in their den and haven't come out since.
  7. Today I'm operating on maybe 6-8 hours of sleep total over the last 3 nights, including the 15 minutes I feel asleep at my desk during our online D&D game. Threw my back out Thursday, and now there are only 2 comfortable positions to sleep in. I can fall asleep fine, but as soon as I move, the pain wakes me up. And since I move a lot in my sleep... Should have gone to the chiropractor on Friday, but it wasn't bad then, plus it really only hurts when I lay down. Waiting for him to open this morning.
  8. I just discovered that a young fox has made herself a den in the field just across the street from my office.
  9. Somehow I've managed to lose 15 pounds over the last two months without trying. The last time that happened it was when my colitis was at its worst, which is not the case these days. As I think about it, the two biggest changes I've made are that I started drinking milk again despite being told it's bad for my blood sugar and have been having lunches of cashews, cheese and raisins a lot lately.
  10. This particular car wash is part of a c-store/gas station, plus it takes cash, so they have other revenue streams. Most of the time when this happened with dial up systems, the site owners caught it within a month when they checked their bank statements. The worst I've seen were 18 months and 14 months. The systems don't hold transactions that long, so both those sites lost significant amounts of money. Not surprisingly, both sites went out of business within a couple of years afterwards - but in both cases, there were other issues of mismanagement besides lost credit card revenue.
  11. Yup. Car washes were slower to adopt to chip, mainly because it was hard to find chip readers that can handle the environment. The holdouts now are just cheap b.....ds. This site is still on dial up, too. Or at least it was until a few months ago when they disconnected the phone line they didn't realize was processing their credit cards. I'll bet that by now, half the customers using credit cards there have figured out they're not being charged, and are just racking up "free" car washes. It's only a few hours away from Edmonton if you feel like driving for a "f
  12. I just invoked a clause in my services provided contract that gives me the option to do just that. I'm going to bill them extra to deal with this woman, so they're either going to have to bill her, or not give me her calls. The company has a policy where they don't generally bill for service that takes less than 10-15 minutes - the thinking is that the time it takes everyone involved to do the billing costs more than the income generated. Plus there is consideration for sales - we're more likely to not charge for service if a large parts or equipment sale can come out of it. There is
  13. <sigh> I just did something I haven't done to a customer in a while. Hung up on her. Same customer from yesterday who wanted to plug her internet into her dial up modem. She wants us to solve her issue (she has about $5-8k in credit card transactions that are "stuck" in her machine), but she doesn't want to take any of the actions that are required of her to retrieve them, like reactivating her disconnected phone line or purchase the internet upgrade. She keeps trying to find work arounds, and then wastes our time. My final straw was today - she called in wanting help in retr
  14. This sounds familiar. Though I have painted more between the arrival of Bones 4 and now than I did between the arrival of Bones 1 and Bones 4.
  15. Just got off the phone with a site that currently has a "technician" from their Internet Service Provider on site. Let me just say this. If you're a technician working for an ISP installing/servicing internet, you should know the difference between Static and Dynamic IPs, what a DHCP pool is, what port forwarding is and how to set all of those things up in your company's modem/router. If you do not know that stuff, you probably shouldn't be doing that job If you're an ISP, you should make sure your technicians know those things. Yes, you might have to pay them more, but in the long
  16. Just received my first Bones USA figures - 30031 Theris Vinsom, Mercury Flyer and 30032 Viceroy Scrutator. Haven't opened them up yet, but they look really good in the packages. We need more of that bike with 3-5 more variant riders. Preferably with the bike and riders as separate pieces. I want to do a cyberpunk bike gang unit I can use for Renegade Scout and 7tv.
  17. I've had similar dreams about having to go through boot camp again - at my current age, but various ranks. They've been more frequent now that my son has his enlistment date.
  18. This happened to my wife about 5 years after we got married. She and my unmarried cousin have birthdays a week apart (but 4 years difference in age), and the same first name, but different middle name. My cousin lived with my parents for a short time in the 80s, then bounced around the country for little over a decade before emigrating to South Africa in 2003. In 2007, we bought my parents house from them. Shortly there after, we confirmed the rumor about why my cousin had emigrated to South Africa as being true - fleeing creditors and collection agencies. Some computer somewhere merge
  19. My son and I are two days apart. And then I went and did the dumb thing of giving him the traditional family first name. We have different middle names, but it's still alarming how many people and databases get us confused. OTOH, I told him that there is probably no way he'll ever be able to hide any outstanding warrants from me or his grandfather. Where do I report that cartoon? I feel personally attacked. Just got off the phone with a woman who called in wanting to know where to plug her new internet into her dial up modem.
  20. In that case, here is the current view from my office porch.
  21. Wow. I actually had a new site start up go well this morning. Usually if a new site is starting up on a Friday, it's just asking for anything and everything that can go wrong to go wrong. To be fair, it was supposed to start up yesterday, and my fellow service tech couldn't get anything done because he & the onsite couldn't figure out why the system wouldn't talk to the internet. So of course, our tech decided he was taking today off, so I got thrown into it this morning. When I heard, I was like "Oh Broccoli" but then everything went smooth.
  22. That's the only logical explanation for how he lived so long. He shouldn't have made it past 2-3 months.
  23. That was my first thought as well. O'Neill was taken in a different direction than the Movie indicated he should go, but I think the Series did well in integrating the Kurt Russell version into the Richard Dean Anderson version. Totally agree on Jackson - to this day, I even get Spader and Shanks confused when I see them in other works.
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