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  1. @Evilhalfling dang, sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and your family. On the upside, you put my current mood and frustrations into perspective for me. I'm going to go cope with them now.
  2. I really hope I can make a 2022 visit work out. It should be a little easier with my oldest out of the nest now.
  3. This. I have seen creators who are pretty good about this, and others who are crap.
  4. Today has been very ...SQUIRREL! I mean that both literally and figuratively. For most of the day, i haven't bene able to focus on any of the tasks I need to do, I just keep getting distracted. And right now, one of those distractions has been a squirrel that keeps running back and forth across the neighbor's driveway outside my office window.
  5. There is a document full of suggested changes/improvements to the software that will likely never get made, pretty sure this is on there. The software was initially written by an in house software engineer who retired several years ago. Getting any changes made to the software either means coaxing him out of retirement, or pulling one of the other software engineers off of income producing projects, neither of which happen very often - usually only if there is a big problem or new bug, which we haven't had in years. There are workarounds and places this info is stored - you just have
  6. Just to show that not all my calls are cringeworthy I just got a panicked call from the main office asking if I could help out a Distributor Tech who did an upgrade, and something had apparently gone catastrophically wrong, and no one else was available to help him. My heart drops, because usually these things are far worse than I'm initially told. I take a deep breath, and call the tech: Tech: I'm getting error code X. Not sure what I did wrong. Me: Do they have <device name> installed? Tech: No Me: No big deal then! The device is a minor convenience feature
  7. Customer: We haven't received any credit card deposits since the beginning of the month. Me: I can't get connected to the site. Is your site internet working? What's your site IP address? Customer: Yes. How do find that? Me: <gives instructions on how to find site ip address.> These instructions include different phrasings of "You must be connected to the same site network as your car wash equipment" several times. Customer: Here is the IP address. Me: I still can't get in. We're going to have to check the settings in <device name
  8. I thought this was a parental requirement.... (should that be in purple?)
  9. Normally I don't like to name the specific customers I'm dealing with, but this one made me chuckle enough I had to. Yesterday I had a training session with a site, and some questions came up that I couldn't answer. This morning I'm going through my notes, and I'm writing up the email to engineering to address these questions, and I got to write this line: "Yesterday, during my training session with Bigfoot, these questions came up:"
  10. I just did a Google map search and street view to verify a customer's address. Although it was his home address, I was still able to confirm it because of the large pallet of car wash soap barrels sitting in the drive way.
  11. So my wife got contacted about another glass commission for us this morning. This one is a fused glass piece that will be integrated into the client's tile work in their master bathroom, which they are remodeling. It sounds quite exciting, but the initial conversations have been frustrating because the client hasn't yet narrowed her idea beyond "a happy flying bird made by you." My wife responded with a hastily drawn sketch of a happy face with wings. Fortunately, we know the client well, and she got the point. We have now at least narrowed it down to an owl, hawk or seabird
  12. This doesn't seem safe at all. I've seen those machines rip a gumball in half when they get jammed up and someone keeps cranking the knob. I hope none of those are rimfire. @redambrosia I'm so sorry to hear that. You have our deepest condolences. Sadly, a lot of wars come down to "who gets to wear the hat." Which is why I believe in "crowns for everyone!" A large part of my Yrazul D&D setting was inspired by the history of the fracturing of the Catholic church, particularly the situation with Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation.
  13. I may have overreacted. After I downloaded the program text and poured through it, I found that the change only needed the removal of one program line. I did that, and tweaked some programming so that it could be toggled on/off. After I did that, the tech who did the programming in the spring tells me "Oh yeah, I meant to get back to that and finish it up before fall." I didn't do it the same way he wanted it done, so now he's forced to clean up my "mess."
  14. Several days ago: Customer to Salesman: Our system is currently doing X. I need my system to do Y. Salesman to Engineer: Car Wash needs to be reprogrammed to do Y Engineer to salesman: Have them call Kristof. Yesterday: Customer calls Me: Can you make our system do Y (first I hear of request) Me: looks at program. I think so. Makes change for Y. Today: Customer calls me screaming: That's not what we wanted it to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wanted it to do Z, too! That's a little simplistic, but what I'm facing today in a nut shell. The problem is that major programm
  15. Interesting idea. I'm not sure if the growing popularity of 3d Printing would help or hurt this idea - on one hand, I could see the market that would buy a generic hull go "Nah, I'll just 3d print it". On the other, I could see people like myself creating all sorts of 3d files to go with it. Maybe that's an idea - produce a generic hull, and bundle it with a code to redeem for a wide variety of STLs to use to customize it. I think the Chronoscope Expansions we've seen have been the victims of the same scattershot approach that Reaper has taken with the Chronoscope line. I lov
  16. Jasper's right - it's such a hard question. So many different ones to like for so many different reasons. Including many I've designed myself for my own settings, such as the Centuari Runner or Neverastria III. I guess if you're going to make me pick one from widely known sci-fi settings, I have to go with the Millennium Falcon.
  17. I found this a relevant article: https://kotaku.com/please-stop-closing-forums-and-moving-people-to-discord-1847684851
  18. During the 90s our little game company was a GW Retailer for awhile. I recall three letters from GW that had us all laughing. One was the sternly worded letter about our decals - it wasn't exactly a C&D - it was more of a pre-C&D. The second was the letter you mention. The third was an essay about how selling GW models at a discount "devalued the brand for everyone" and "should never be sold for less than MSRP." I get that, but I still think shame on the patent office for granting it in the first place. you don't have to be a brat about it.
  19. I still can't figure out how WotC managed a patent on "tapping": https://blawgit.com/2019/01/30/bard-game-patents-magic-the-gathering/ Fortunately, it's now expired. I can understand why the guy may have thought that mechanics can't be copyrighted. I certainly thought that when I designed my first game, Checkered Flags. When we talked about publishing it, one of our concerns was that I had used the same cornering card mechanic that FASA's Circus Imperium did. We approached FASA at a game con about licensing the mechanic and they kindly laughed at us as they looked through our cards an
  20. I think they've backed off some, after getting burned by some of the legal actions they've taken, such as going after Spot the Space Marine. They have also made a big shift in what they call their stuff now, to better protect it - While they're still Space Marines, their models are given names like Primaris Eradicators and Primaris Intercessors. On the fantasy side, they've gone even more extreme - instead of Elves and Dwarves, they're calling them things like Aelf and Duardin. Note that it took me 10 minutes to figure out their new names for those races to write this post - I wasn't sure b
  21. I know, right? The guy was claiming that game mechanics are protected by copyright because his friend who tried to make his own version of 40k got a C&D letter from GW. Now it's entirely possible that his friend was copying more than the game mechanics, and the C&D was a legit use of it, but given how heavy GW has been known to be with C&Ds, it's hard to say. I know first hand at how little it takes (took?) to get GW to send a letter. My old game company got hit with a letter from GW for some decals we did - someone told them we were doing space marine chapter dec
  22. This question has made me sad. I've been thinking about this for hours now, and I can't remember any interesting or memorable introductions. Best I've got is the story about how Michael Jordan and his family were at the family fun park I worked at in the mid 90s. We were ll instructed to leave them alone, and treat them as a normal guest. I was doing my job underneath the Skee Ball machines fixing one of them, and didn't realize that he and his family were standing right there when I crawled out from under them to go get a part I needed. To this day I wonder if he thinks I was some f
  23. Look dude, I'm willing to help you with your problem. I have been for the last two years. You're the one who fails to follow through on getting the appropriate appointments lined up, then waits six months to try again.
  24. Currently reading a FB thread where a guy stated that someone receiving a Cease & Desist letter from Games Workshop is all the proof he needs to know that something is illegal.
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