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  1. Engineer: Can you write up a document for this procedure?
    Me: I'll need the technical data for this component. 
    Engineer: Talk to Purchasing
    Purchasing:  I don't have it, but you can down load it here (sends link to vendor website)
    Vendor website: Sure, you can have this datasheet - just sign up for an account!
    Me: $#@%@%$^!!! This is going to lead to spam. <breaks down and signs up> 

    2 weeks  later:

    Vendor Salesperson: OH HI NEW CUSTOMER! WHAT CAN I SELL YOU?



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  2. 2 minutes ago, ratsmitglied said:

    Should I be worried that I consider anything within 300km to be comfortable day-trip distance?


    Not sure where if you're in that range or not


    Mind you, my commute to work is about 110km...

    I've noticed a strong correlation between where someone lives, and how far they consider a comfortable day trip.  Here in Iowa, and back when I lived in Colorado, 120 miles (200km) is a common day trip for many people.  When I was stationed in Australia, the 365km trip to the next nearest town was something a lot of my fellow shipmates did just to go to a bigger club than the base had. 

    Yet I've had arguments with customers in Hartford CT who were unwilling to drive to Springfield MA to pick up parts because "it takes too long and I'd have to cross a state line!"


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  3. 2 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    At some point I’ll be allowed to sleep <_<

    nah, by the time your kid(s) let you sleep, your body keeps you awake with it's various aches and pains, etc. :poke:

    Working on a real mess right now. Tech for one of our direct customers with three sites currently asked me to format the reports so that all of them are identical.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, just a couple of minor changes, because for most customers with multiple sites, we use the same base program for all the sites. 

    I could have just made some minor tweaks to achieve the immediate result they want, but  they're in the process of buying equipment for 2-3 more sites, and when the next site comes online, they're also adding multi-site capability.   When that happens, the programs have to be all aligned for multi-site, otherwise the reports get way out of whack. 

    To further complicate things, this customer first discovered our equipment when they bought a used site a couple years ago.  They liked it enough that when another site went bankrupt last year, they bought the equipment from that site, and moved it to one of their own sites.  They became a direct customer when they bought our equipment for their third site because there was a commitment for all of their sites to be done. 

    But because of the three different origins of the initial three sites, almost nothing lines up when comparing the programs. 

    So it was a choice of do one thing now, then redo 50% of it when I do the reprogramming for #4.  Plus the potential of having to redo it again for #5 & #6. 

    Instead, I decided to bite the bullet and do it all now, thus potentially save myself some work in the future. I hope. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    When she is here, Brutus gets all her attention,  sometimes a pet can help. Being responsible for something that depends on you. Having something that loves you no matter what.


    I just saw an article on a study the other day that showed emotional and cognitive benefits from simply petting a dog once a day. 

    In the study, they had therapy dogs visit various people daily for a month, and they found that the positive emotional and cognitive effects of that lasted as long as six weeks after the visits ended. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

    How do you help a friend who thinks they’re garbage, but they’re actually a really great person??? 

    One of our friends tried to commit suicide last week, we only just found out, and we’re at a loss as to how to really help him. We tell him he’s a great person all the time, but it’s like it bounces right off his brain. He’s being taken care of now, but I know he’s going to need supportive friends when he gets released. 

    Oh man, that's tough. 

    It's going to vary so much by the person, too - not everyone has the same needs.  When my friend went through that back in High School, his group of friends just started making sure he knew he was invited to every activity we did.  We had an advantage there, though - one of our mutual friend's father was a youth counselor, and he guided us all, as well as spoke to our friend. 

    If I were to have a friend do that now, my reaction would be different for several of them.  For a couple, I'd be booking a flight for us both to somewhere to hang out. For a couple of others, I'd be writing them a heartfelt letter talking about how much I'd miss them in my life.  For a couple others,  I would be commissioning them to create artwork for me. And for one friend in particular, it would be a "WTF were you thinking?" speech.

    My reaction to what you've said specifically though is this - it sounds like he has self esteem issues. My experience with self esteem is that you can't fix someone else's self esteem just by telling them they're great - they have to find a way to believe it themselves, and the best you can do is help them discover what they like about themselves (like something they're good at, such as art or music or woodworking, etc) or help them figure out what/how to remove an overly negative influence (such as an ex-spouse, overbearing mother, jerk boss, etc.)

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    That's an idea ! Thanks.


    Correct, I can choose between two dates and ntohing more or less, else I will lose my pre-retirement pay!


    It's just the paycut that  bothers me the most and the fear that I might not find a part time/new job for a few years.

    It seems I might be too afraid of that.



    Thanks for this!

    It really means a lot to me and will help me decide.


    I want to thank everybody who replied it really helps.


    Sometimes one needs to get the perspective from others to help decide things.


    You're welcome. 

    I get the feeling it's the uncertainty that bothers you more than the pay cut, despite what you're saying.  I completely understand that, too - it's nerve wracking when you feel like you're losing control over your own financial future. 

    Good news is that you're lucky enough to be in a position to take action on both. }

    Just remember, one of the best things about a military retirement income is that even if it isn't enough to live on, it gives you a lot more flexibility in earning what you do need to live on. 

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  7. @Glitterwolf - I have to second what @Thoramel said. 

    And if you start looking now, you're a lot more likely to have something lined up for day 1 of your military retirement. I know plenty of military people who had firm jobs lined up 3-9 months before they got out because they started talking to those employers a couple years before their discharge date. 

    I can only assume that your military is a lot like ours, and that unlike civilian employers, they can't/won't let you go, just because you started looking around for another job.


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  8. 4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    It gets better, my girl baked  a cherry Mon Chou pie and I bought a Limburg Strawberry Pie with Swiss cream and chocolate.

    Youngest Vixen baked an Arretjes Cake.


    Not our own pies/cake, these pics are from the Net to show what it's like.

    Ours are in the refrigerator now, tomorrow they will magically disappear I guess.


    This how a Mon Chou Cherry Pie looks.




    This is a Strawberry Pie with Swiss Cream from Limburg ( our province) ours has chocolate chips on it.




    And this is an Arretjes Cake.

    Lots of butter, chocolate and biscuits baked into a hard cake!




    2 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Okay group, we will start booking a group tour of the Netherlands, first stop @Glitterwolf's to kidnap him as our chef.

    I notice that's not in purple. :lol:


    2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    I might finally be starting to gain weight (this is a good thing).

    So you've been looking at @Glitterwolf's pictures, too, eh? 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

    Back when we used to go on site to do install training, we sometimes had customers who would insist they wanted to buy their own computers instead of buying them from us.  So we would tell them that we book airfare 2-3 weeks before your install date, and if you're not ready then we don't book. We had one guy who was insisting that he needed a Jan 1 install date and booked it almost a year in advance so he could get it.  Three weeks ahead of time he still didn't have a server for us to install the software on.  and we remote installed the software and did pre-configuration through the web so the on-site could be all about training.  He threatened to sue when we said we were going to have to push back his date because he didn't meet the requirement to have the server ready for us to set up 3 weeks before.   We called his bluff, he bough the server the next day, and paid extra to get the last minute booking 1 week before.  
    None of his people were ready. I spent most of the first day still dealing with install stuff that's normally done remotely, so that was a day down. I then spent half the week of training standing around waiting for his people to find information that needed to be put in the computer before they could use it, and helping them do data entry that should have been done before I got there.  I left at the end of the week with his people half trained and him on the phone with the support manager demanding that I reschedule my flight out and stay to finish training his people over the weekend.  I don't know what was finally said but Monday back in the office my boss told me that he quoted the guy a price for me to stay over the weekend that almost doubled the cost of the system and he relented and agreed to schedule additional training 3 weeks later with a different tech who was available.
    That other tech told me when she got back that she didn't think they actually learned anything, they just spent the whole three days complaining about the things that were different than their old system, rather than trying to learn to use the new one.

    Oh man, that's rough - but as a story, it doesn't surprise me at all.  

    I've noticed that the ones who threaten to sue the quickest are often the same ones who haven't fulfilled their side of the contract.  We do a lot of bluff calling, too. 

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  10. Two weeks ago, at 4:45pm on a Friday, a woman tries to bully me into giving her a full training session on her equipment. 

    I gave her what she needed to know for the weekend, and cut her off at 5:15, setting up a tentative full training session this afternoon. I gave her explicit instructions that she needed to email service beforehand to officially set it up, and make sure she's ready for it. 

    She emailed at 3am this morning. :angry::angry:

    She's not going to be happy when her training session doesn't happen today because she's not set up correctly for it. 

    Part of this is because whomever set up the remote access to her site's camera system opened every port from 80 to 32887 on her router. 

    Hacker's freaking dream site right now.  This has to be fixed before we can finish setting up our equipment, and I can't train her until our set up is complete. 


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  11. I had a really weird problem today. 

    One of my favorite customers called with what seemed like a common and easily solved issue.  Only it wasn't. 

    One of our devices kept refusing connections to it, both via our software and via it's web interface. The error messages were literally coming back as "refused connection."  I could reconfigure it using the configuration software and it passed all of the diagnostics tests, but it flat out kept refusing connections.  Rebooting it multiple times didn't change anything either. 

    Just before I gave up and told the customer they'd have to buy a new one, I decided to see if I could remotely upgrade the firmware. I didn't expect that to work, but not only did take the upgrade, everything else started working again. 

    12-13 years I've been working with this particular device and have dealt with literally hundreds, if not thousands of them. Never encountered this before - neither the problem/error message, nor the fact that the firmware upgrade fixed it.  

    I'm still baffled as to what happened, yet grateful the fix turned out to be so easy. 

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  12. 14 hours ago, Marvin said:

    Remember, sometimes being a loving parent means making your kid do the duckwalk of shame.

    LOL. I sort of did - I left the package about 4 feet outside the bathroom door before I went back upstairs to my office. 

    He was yelling something at me, but I was laughing too hard to hear what he was saying. 

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  13. The fox kits from the den across the street were out and playing with each other this morning.  I took the screen off my window, and cleaned it so I could take some clear photos without having to run outside.  Of course, by the time I finished this, they went back in their den and haven't come out since. 


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  14. Today I'm operating on maybe 6-8 hours of sleep total over the last 3 nights, including the 15 minutes I feel asleep at my desk during our online D&D game.   Threw my back out Thursday, and now there are only 2 comfortable positions to sleep in. I can fall asleep fine, but as soon as I move, the pain wakes me up. And since I move a lot in my sleep...

    Should have gone to the chiropractor on Friday, but it wasn't bad then, plus it really only hurts when I lay down. Waiting for him to open this morning. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, Corsair said:

    Okaaaaaay, a couple weeks ago our internet crashed and we finally got our provider to send someone out. When the guy showed up he replaced everything and laid a new cable. Told us they would be out to bury the cable. Took them 2 weeks to show up Wednesday and for some reason they only did about half of it. They left without any reason given or notice. Okay, why?

    Standard Cable Burying Industry Practice? 

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