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  1. LOL! I seriously doubt anyone did any research. The epoxy used at first was recommended by the fiberglass supplier, it was what they used for products in other markets, and purchased through them. It just couldn't stand up to the harsh environment of a car wash. The epoxy used now is procured from Home Depot. While there has been 15+ years of developments in epoxies, I doubt that a consumer grade epoxy is significantly better than the industrial grade one purchased back then. Here's what I think happened - the fiberglass supplier wanted to increase the price because embedding the studs in the fiberglass is labor intensive, and this was their reactionary way to cut costs.
  2. After at least 17 different test pieces, I think I finally figured out how to do the pattern on the rim of this glass plate commission I landed. Doing a smaller test plate using all the same techniques I've got in mind for the real thing. First pieces for that cut and into the kiln just now.
  3. Probably. But I'm strongly considering it - I wonder if memes might actually start getting my points across? Anyone got any good ones on why production and sales should seek out feedback from service?
  4. Oh crap... I was just informed that the factory has been gluing on the fiberglass for the last 18 months - they discontinued the use of studs. That explains why they assumed no studs. It also means that if history is any guide, then the next 6-18 months will start to see a bunch of epoxy failures in the bond between the fiberglass and the stainless steel, and sites demanding warranty coverage.
  5. Ugghh. Today's fight is not with a customer, but with my manufacturer. I came into this contract position because they bought out the company I worked for as service manager back in 2006. A lot of the sites I service now have had their equipment that long. One of my customer's needed a fiberglass part for an older discontinued model (but not obsolete), and the part came without mounting studs. The purchasing agent and production manager at the manufacturer now are trying to tell me that part does not and never did have a set of mounting studs, that it was glued in place. It's true that it was originally designed to be glued in place, but the epoxy started failing after a couple years at many sites and it was redesigned to have mounting studs embedded in the fiberglass. I know this because I was heavily involved in the redesign, and as the service manager at the time, I am the one who pushed for it by showing it was less expensive to redesign it than it was to continue warranty coverage for failing epoxy. So yes, when they bought out my old company, the part was manufactured with mounting studs, and it was for the two years after that before they discontinued it in 2008. There is a change order or revision that should be associated with the drawing, but they can't find it - it's been lost sometime in the intervening years. But because they can't find that change order, they're sticking to their guns that I'm remembering wrong. Even though all of the new equipment with fiberglass has mounting studs. I'm the reason that ALL of the fiberglass parts since 2005 now have mounting studs, and yet somehow I'm remembering it wrong? Furthermore, even if I did remember it wrong, why just assume that a brand new replacement part should be glued instead of asking about the studs, when everything else uses studs?
  6. Been watching Hart of Dixie with my wife. Season 1, I liked the main character, Zoe Hart, and hated the character they set up as her rival, Lemon. We're now in Season 3, and it wouldn't bother me at all if Zoe left, and the story just focused on Lemon and the rest of Bluebell.
  7. Last year/this spring I painted up a force for myself based on the kingdom of Dalend in my role-playing setting of Iskitaan. When I went to use that force recently for a game of Song of Blades and Heroes, I realized I had no mages. This, of course, required a shopping trip to the Reaper website, where I picked out these two: So why is this in the sculpting section? Well, that's because I've got a "simple" conversion planned, and I'm hoping to get the thoughts on the best way to go about it from a couple of the pros around here. The theme of my Dalend force is that they all have capes and shields, like these two: While these mages have capes, they don't have shields upon which to put the tower symbol. So I am going to incorporate the tower by sculpting it in 3d on the top of each staff. So here is how I think I'm going to do them, unless someone has a better idea/sees problems/has advice on various steps: - start with a plastic rod or tube - use my drill as make shift lathe to rough in the shape of the tower - cover it with a thin layer of ProCreate and smooth it out - press/carve the stone work into the putty - let cure, then drill a hole (if I didn't use a tube) into the bottom of the towers and glue them to the top of the staff.
  8. We're really glad you like it. Her idea for the glass piece for the eye is my favorite part. She says "Thank you!" She also wanted me to point out that she's sold & shipped pieces to Hawaii, Australia, Canada, and the UK. As long as they're small, shipping isn't too exorbitant. I'm not supposed to point out that there are a lot of great glass artists in the UK if you don't want to pay shipping.
  9. @Thoramel - I'm not a beer drinker usually, but your picture and description have me wanting to try that. Especially after dealing with 24V motor guy today. He has me pounding my head against my desk - he gets that the 110 and 24 mean they're different, but he can't comprehend the differences between Alternating Current and Direct Current, nor just how much of a difference in voltage potential there is between 110 and 24. He keeps thinking all we have to do is change the connector. I have a feeling if I sent him a cable with a USB plug on one end, and a standard house plug on the other, he'd try to power his computer with it.
  10. I'm sure he can make dents in the metal minis, but he'll probably just shred the plastic ones.
  11. Here you go @Dilvish the Deliverer- they get dumber. 24Vdc motor guy doesn't understand why the electrical connector is different between the 110Vac version and the 24Vdc version. Wants me to send him the "right" connector. I'm tempted to just do so, even though I know that it will likely cost him thousands to repair the damage he'll do. And now I've got another guy who bought brand new doors and controls and put them on used units that he bought from "some guy online" - he's now having all sorts of problems with the units, and somehow it's my responsibility to keep them running?
  12. And I get to read replies like this, which is why I still post these stories. So thank you. I should fess up that I post these stories here because it's my release, and it's a relatively safe space to do so. At least until I finally run across a customer who shares my hobby and figures out the connection between my screen name and real name.
  13. Oh Broccoli. That stained glass panel that my wife was so glad to be done with? Well she came in to my office just about in tears over it. We received a bill from the freight company for more than she made for the entire project - including what she charged the client for freight. I just about s..t when I saw it myself. After looking more carefully, part of it was because they added another customer's shipment to our bill. Not even the same pickup or delivery address, nor even any of the same company names. But even with that accounted for, they still messed up the billing. For one thing, the bill was supposed to go my distributor who's account it was being shipped under - that explains why she hadn't been able to tell us the amount yet. And then they charged us 4x the quote amount, even though they referenced the correct quote number on the bill. Sent all the paperwork over to my distributor, she's going to get it straightened out for us - I hope so, because otherwise we're $600 out of pocket, because at this point, the panel has been delivered, and I don't think we're going to be able to get the client to pony up the extra.
  14. My favorite set is Galleys & Galleons. But since it's based on Song of Blades and Heroes, I'm going to guess it's not crunchy enough for your opponent.
  15. Reaper order arrived! We finally officially cancelled our 2020 vacation, instead of pushing it back yet again. Instead I'm taking a bunch of Fridays and Mondays off between now and the end of the year. That means mostly 4 day work weeks for Oct-Dec. Hopefully that means I'll get more hobbying in.
  16. My answer was "buy this absurdly overpriced conversion kit." The reason the conversion kit is overpriced is some genius decided that the switch to 24Vdc should include all new mounting locations, which required new brackets, which required several other components to change, too. The kit is actually fairly priced considering what you get, but overpriced in terms that the only part you really need to make the conversion can't be easily mounted without changing everything else. I pointed out a better way it could have been designed and was met with "Uh, uh, .... oh yeah ... well, too late now." When will engineers learn to consult with service? Since I have to be the one to listen to the initial customer shock upon hearing the price, then every time a customer complains about the price, I give them the genius' email to discuss it with.
  17. My morning started off with a customer asking me how to wire a 24Vdc motor into a system that requires a 110Vac one.
  18. How many total came in the various Bones Kickstarters? That plus one Pirate Sophie.
  19. Wife took me to Omaha today to buy more glass fusing supplies at the Glass supply store there. Can't seem to get out of that place for under $200.
  20. Just checked - looks to be about the same price we paid when we started packing up for moving 4 years ago.
  21. Well crud. It finally happened. We're going to have to go out and buy some bubble wrap. For the last 14 years we've been able to recycle what I receive via work and what we bought for moving, but thanks to the number of my wife's glass sales this year, we ran out.
  22. At home, we buy Sweet Baby Ray's. But I've been to a lot of different BBQ restaurants that can top that with their house sauces. I'm just too cheap/lazy to buy them for home. Jethro's here in Des Moines has some good sauces, the small Bandana's and City BBQ chains do, too
  23. That was the final straw that drove me out of Northern California in the late 90s. I was going through a divorce, my condo was worth less than I owed, and the new job I just started turned out to be a bunch of lies. Then we had 6 weeks straight of gray skies and drizzle, not a single glimpse of the sun. I went to Colorado for a quick weekend trip for my niece's baptism, and the February sunshine was so glorious I decided right there and then I was moving back to Colorado. Because although there was cold and snow, there was still sunshine at least every couple weeks. Got back to California and the next 8 weeks were still mostly gray and drizzle.
  24. Already considered all that. That's an upstairs toilet - I did the weight on the basement one, and plugged the sink/tub drains down there with weights as well. Should it backflow into our house, the path of least resistance is most likely to be our garage drain, which I capped not with a towel, but with an overturned bucket held down by a 60 lb bag of sand. that is one of the best things about running a regular game at my house. It motivates me to actually clean up the game tables and desks and keep them organized.
  25. Grrr.... I love it when 3rd party vendors a customer is using try to tell me how my software works. I always want to tell them "If you're such a brocolli-ing genius, why do you need my help fixing it?"
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