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  1. The cover goes on the Crockpot and remix is what happens when you lift the cover and stir the crock pot No cheese. Just burger, lettuce, tomato and mayo. I identified a bug in the Wendy's Point of Sale software because of that burger. I don't know if it still exists because we don't have any Wendy's near us any more, but it plagued me for years. Their POS system automatically assumes cheeseburger, you have to specify no cheese if you don't want it. About half the time I ordered, I would get cheese, even when I specifically asked for no cheese. I thought I was dealing with drive thru incompetence, but one day I was ordering at the counter and saw it happen on the screen right in front of me. Turns out that if they keyed in "no cheese" first, then the other special requests, it would automatically revert back to a cheese burger. So you had to make sure that they keyed the "no cheese" in last. I got an envelope full of free burger coupons as a result of telling them that.
  2. Mildly annoying issue for the next couple days: City advised us that they are doing sewer system flushing today and tomorrow, and that we should block drains and cover toilets just in case any backflow happens. So now it's not just about putting seat down, now we have to remember to put the towel back on, too. I guess that's less annoying than cleaning up a bigger mess, should one happen.
  3. OK, watching the trailer for the umpteenth time, it's finally time I mention this, as it's been bugging me for quite some time. In the Force Awakens they're treating the Jedi as if anyone barely anyone remembers them. But the Jedi were a prominent part of the Clone Wars, and the Clone Wars was a prominent event in the Galactic Republic. The time line between ep 3, where the Jedi were mostly destroyed, and ep 7 is about 50-55 years, right? That's quite a number of years, but still within a lot of people's lifetimes. And even more so within the lifetimes of several alien species, such as Wookies and whatever Yoda's race is. I mean, I'm 55, and I know several important things about not only the Vietnam War, but the Korean War, WW2 and even WW1. And now they're doing the same thing in the Mandalorian, which is what, 30 years after ep 3? The name Jedi should not be something people have never heard of.
  4. Mine, too. I learned on a variety of different things my school and my uncle had (TRS-80 CoCo, anyone?), but the first one I bought for myself was a C64. I still have it downstairs in storage. I don't know why. And somewhere along the way I picked up a second one. I'll take the Montana Rockies in winter over Waukegan, IL in winter.
  5. Guess who's the only skier in the family? Something he didn't know at the time he offered, though.
  6. Just emailed my client to let them know our planned vacation for this year has been pushed to next year, and that I didn't know what our plans are now for this year. And almost immediately I got this email reply from the general manager: "I hear Montana in the winter is nice" Jerk! Not really - he said that because earlier today we were talking about a potential install job outside of Great Falls. I told him I wasn't real thrilled about the prospect of going to Montana in the middle of winter. Especially for this job - apparently it's a bunch of custom order equipment. The original plan was that the installation would be done by the crew out of Calgary, since the site is just across the border, but with the border restrictions in place, that probably ain't going to happen. The general manager offered to pay for my family to go to, so they could have a ski vacation while I am working.
  7. This disturbs me. It appears that we've broken the trend of kids being more tech savvy than their parents.
  8. OMG, they actually got the website fixed. Same day, too.
  9. Ugh... First thing this morning I had a customer this morning point out an issue with my manufacturer's website. But getting the people at the manufacturer to understand it/acknowledge it has been frustrating. if you type in www.websitenamehere.com , it works just fine. But if you type in websitenamehere.com (w/o the www), it doesn't work - you get a database error. Some browsers, like Chrome, are smart enough to add the www - if the page is already in it's cache - but of course, that means you have been to the website at least once already. So everyone at the manufacturer is going "It's working for me!" w/o paying attention to the problem. Of course it's working for them, they've ALL been to the website. And it's not sinking in that customers who have never been to the website before stand a good chance of seeing a database error. Since hardly anyone types in www as part of a website name any more, it's definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. The saddest part of all this? I have a PC physically located in their offices that I remotely log into to access their database. That's all I use it for. So I'd never used the browsers on it, which means I got the problem there. All they have to do to see the issue is walk into the office where my PC is and hit refresh on the browser window I have open to see it for themselves.
  10. Frustrated. Years ago, I redrew a friend's main campaign world map in Campaign Cartographer for her while I was playing in her game. We recently started an online campaign in the same setting, and she mentioned how the map is now out of date. I volunteered to update it for her, to which she readily agreed. Only now I can't find the file, which means it was lost when my first network drive died years ago. No worries, she should still have her copy of the file, and even ie doesn't, if she can at least give me the scale for the png version I still have, I can quickly redraw it. I was planning on doing that anyway, because there are a couple of the annual styles that will really make it look 300% better than my original attempt. But I can't get her to respond to me... I was kind of excited about this, but not if I have to nag her.
  11. The car washes that I know of where there are issues with loitering and drug trafficking on the property, the property owner is generally working with police to stop it. In many of those cases, the car wash owners are frustrated because police won't help enough. If I have any owners involved in it, I don't know about them. I doubt this guy is involved in anything illegal, just based upon my personal dealings with him over the last 18 years. And according to his distributor, the wash is in a nice area, just down the street from an exclusive country club the owner belongs to and the owner is from old money (though none of us know where that old money came from? Robber barons, perhaps? ) More than likely what I saw was a fluke of the older Ping Plotter software I was using trying to fill in a name for a server that wouldn't respond with a name or was too busy to - here is what I got today: that hop is right in the transition from my ISP to their ISP. Yes, being largely cash businesses, car washes can appeal to those in criminal enterprises as a way to launder money, as illustrated in the show Breaking Bad. Car washes are also frequently audited by the IRS and state agencies as a result, too. It happens often enough that there is a lot of industry discussion about it. In fact, it is often listed as a major reason for washes to start taking credit cards - less cash, more trackable transactions, easier to deal with or even avoid audits. This is even more true for the equipment I deal with, because the reporting tracks cash in. We also have add-on boxes for other manufacturer's equipment that can add credit card to that equipment, but can be wired to monitor coins/bills in as well. Back when I used to have to do the car wash trade shows, I had people walk out of the booth almost immediately after hearing me talk about the cash tracking features. I've also had new owners who just bought a site with the equipment already installed ask how to disable the cash tracking. I quickly came to the conclusion that the guys using car washes to launder money don't want their cash to be counted that accurately by the system. I know I've got some dishonest car wash owners among my customers, but I don't think I have any Walter Whites. There is one guy I'm pretty sure who's committed insurance fraud several times.
  12. I shouldn't say this, ... but ... would you believe ... I got all five dealt with and it's dead again. I also noticed that stray dog that was hanging out in the field across the street has disappeared.
  13. One thing I will never understand about doing service/phone support. How do the calls always manage to come in surges? First two hours of the day, it was dead. Zero calls, so I could catch up on other things. Then in a span of 15 minutes, I get a dozen emails and another half dozen calls. OK, not really - it was only 4 emails and 1 call. But sheesh, when it goes from 0 to 5 in less than 15 minutes, it makes me wonder if my customers are all conspiring against me.
  14. Check out all the stuff Dyson Logos has on his blog: https://dysonlogos.blog/maps/
  15. OK, this is weird. I'm remotely connected into a site in Utah. i'm having intermittent connection problems, so I fire up Pingplotter to monitor if it's my side or theirs. While i'm monitoring it, I notice this: This is the middle connection hops between my location outside of Des Moines, and the site's outside of SLC. The connection is going from Des Moines, to St Louis, then to Washington DC and then on to SLC. So I fire up ping plotter to check another couple customers in the SLC area. Their connections don't have that DC hop.
  16. Since it's slightly on topic, I'll say this: "Any GM/DM worth their salt has an internet browsing/search history that could be made to look very suspicious by law enforcement." Especially if they hang out here.
  17. I'm currently working on replacing the hard drive in my camera system. I'm pretty sure this series of events happened: Engineer: I'm going to design a really clever hard drive mount that uses a key hole system so you don't have to unscrew the screws all the way out to remove the hard drive bracket. Purchasing: Those longer screws the engineer specified for the hard drive mount cost a quarter penny more than these shorter screws. Tell production to use the shorter screws, we'll save a penny per unit. Me: Why the broccoli did they design this clever hard drive mount if they weren't going to use long enough screws to make it work!
  18. Costco has carried those or similar off and on for years. They seem to be more popular during election years, though.
  19. Yes. Seriously, I'm generally good at solving equations, however, knowing which equations should be used in in which situations is where I get lost. I love Geometry though, and I largely credit that to the RPG Traveller.
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