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  1. I'd be surprised if it was a factory problem, unless it just started recently due to the pandemic. I've dealt with a bunch of lock companies in my vending and car wash careers, and every one of them has been very fastidious about keys matching locks. Sounds more like an inventory control problem with the builder I've had to fight that problem consistently with various co-workers over the years. So glad the head of the purchasing & shipping department at my client is really good at keeping our locks sorted, like I was when I held similar positions. It makes things so much easier.
  2. Ugh... the company I contract to had a Covid outbreak that shut the whole place down. Only two of us working - me and the one tech who got vaccinated early. No parts can ship until they can get someone back into the building, which probably won't be until next Tuesday. I've been covering as many calls from Canada as I can, but can't keep up. Already dealt with several angry customers in Calgary who wanted a site visit today. Sure, I'll send someone with Covid to your site.
  3. OMG.... On Thingiverse, I have posted my Tycho AFV to share. It's been there a couple of years. In a couple of the photos I did for it, I have it alongside my Reaper NOVA Corp minis, and in the description, I state that they're Reaper NOVA Corp minis. So a couple days ago, I get a message on Thingiverse from someone asking what the minis are. It's in the description, but no problem, I'm a fan of Reaper, and I don't mind promoting them, so I answer the guy and provide this direct link to the Reaper Web Shop for the minis. I just got another message from the guy asking "What scale a
  4. I wasn't sure RAGBRAI was going to survive after the scandal at the Des Moines Register and the pandemic, but it looks like it's back this year. We had them come through Winterset a couple years ago as we were an overnight host town. Definitely an interesting experience - our town's population tripled for a single night. just as an FYI, the rides are generally anywhere from 50 to 140km a day, with most running around 100km. So if you can do 100k in one day, you're 1/7th of the way to being able to do the whole thing.
  5. IIRC, it was a Hot Wheels car. Fortunately, it didn't require an ER trip - but I see that little scar on my Dad's leg, and think of that day every time. My wife and son get annoyed with me because no one mows our lawn in shorts and flip flops - their preferred attire. Not even on the riding mower.
  6. You just inspired me to calculate my own - $1.91/mini - including pirate ship. If you include all the cannons on the ship as separate pieces, it would be slightly less - but I couldn't remember how many cannons the ship actually comes with.
  7. My dad still has a divot in his shin from running over one of my toys in the lawn with the mower some 45 years ago. The amount of screaming, crying and blood taught me to keep mine picked up as well, even to this day I'm paranoid about it.
  8. When dealing with technology of any sort, this is probably the most important skill that anyone can have. What I've discovered is that probably 2/3rd to as much as 7/8ths of the things we hire professionals to do is simple enough for the average person to do on their own - as long as nothing goes wrong. That last part is really where professionals are worth their weight in gold - they have the skills and knowledge (or at least they're supposed to) to prevent the problems from happening in the first place, or to deal with it afterwards. On a semi related tangent, one of
  9. Something I've learned over the years is that troubleshooting is a skill set that is completely separate from other skill sets. It works best in conjunction with another skill set, such as knowledge of electronics, but a person who is good at troubleshooting can often make more progress on solving an issue in a field they know little about than someone knowledgeable in that field who has no troubleshooting skills at all. The tech I'm working with is a great example - she started off in the chemical sales and delivery side of the company, got thrown into a few situations where she was a
  10. It's not, currently, at least by me. I haven't talked directly to the site yet, only to the distributor tech - she's been handling all of the communications with the site owner. It's mostly been me answering her emails, texts and occasional phone calls. The distributors get a quantity of "free" support time based on their sales volume, and she's from one of our bigger ones. Apparently the site owner was an electrical engineer himself before he got into the car wash business.
  11. Currently dealing with a site owner who is too smart for his own good. After a week's worth of helping the distributor troubleshoot the guy's problem, I finally realized that the site owner has been biasing the info he's feeding us by doing his own troubleshooting without really understanding how the system works. Instead of chasing the real problem, we've been chasing a problem that doesn't exist because that's how the system works! Back to square one.
  12. We can only hope that skill will someday be needed again! Budget Car Rental is taking their sweet time refunding my $178. And now Verizon is messing with me. They blocked my online access to my business billing portal from the ISP I use for my work network, and even after I figured that out by trying from my home network/ISP, I found they disabled my password and even the "forgot password" link. I had to call them. Managed to get my password reset, but still can't log in from my work network - I'm pretty sure they blocked the static IP I have for work. Thi
  13. Me (in the Shower): "I should look that up when I get to my computer" Me (at my computer): "What the &$%^ was I going to look up?" EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  14. I've seen that happen Though with car wash systems, not anyone I know's house. Backups and redundancies are great - as long as you fix things when they break, and don't wait until all the backups and redundancies fail, too! It's really more about make your house less desirable than the neighbors. What's that saying - I don't have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun my friends...
  15. Of course, breaking into your own house reveals just exactly how secure it is, which then leads to worries about beefing up your own home security.
  16. So I discovered & confirmed today that sometime in the last year, the software engineer broke a feature being used by several sites when he implemented a new feature for several other sites.
  17. And today's story about stupid car wash stuff is about me and the lesson I learned. Sat down to do my expense report from my last install trip, and noticed that Budget Rent A Car had over charged me by ~$180. Turns out that the rental agreement limited me to 100 miles a day for 4 days, and they charged me for an additional 700 miles overage. The big problem with that is I didn't drive the car 1100 miles. I only stopped at a gas station once, on my way back to the airport, and put in 7 gallons to fill it up. Given that it was an SUV, I doubt I put even 140 miles on it. I h
  18. I did not, since that meeting was before I read the comments here. However, when I was talking with the engineer this morning and we were discussing the solutions he had implemented, it came to mind and I had to restrain myself from mentioning it just so as to not side track our serious conversation. I believe most ATMs do. My guess is both way too expensive and too large for some of the equipment we have. And probably wouldn't survive well in the car wash environment.
  19. Funny you should mention that - because I got a good laugh when I did on our conference call.
  20. Some days I agree, some days I have actual pity. In this case, it's happened at least a half a dozen times, though none for that long - they're usually caught by the next customer or an attendant. We've been brainstorming various ways to stop it. It's an uncommon skill period. And to make matters worse, a third of those with the skill just don't take or have the time to do it, and another third find themselves arguing with the developers about stabilizing the software and/or procedure enough so that they CAN write a usable reference. Periodically? I wish
  21. The most frustrating part for me is dealing with car wash owners who don't understand that. I mean, if they're halfway competent, then surely they've seen people do stupid crap they never would have expected - and yet somehow we're supposed to have anticipated everything possible in a first gen product? I typically buy from foam by mail dot com or foam factory (I think they're the same company now).
  22. <sigh> TL/DR: Do NOT leave your credit/debit card in the card reader! Take it out when the system tells you to. Explanation and rant hidden to spare those whom aren't interested in hearing another car wash story. This does slightly relate to the previous conversation here about feature creep breaking things.
  23. I just assumed you were getting ready for a visit from @Crowley the Chessex cases are just Flambeau V series boxes with custom foam and color. I buy the cases direct from Flambeau and my own foam and cut my foam to fit my figures. My cutting of the foam looks a little rough, but it works, and I can get the case/foam for about 2/5ths the cost of the Chessex case. The V501 case is a medium sized case that is right between the V401 (the Chessex small) and the V701 (the Chessex Large) which I find great for the standard force size of many games.
  24. I pretty much associate the color red with Reaper now. I honestly don't think it's a drive that's internal to IT people. I think it's driven by users who want "just one more feature." Problem is that when you have dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of users who all want "just one more feature", eventually one of those features is going to break someone else's features. Sounds exactly like the Des Moines Register. In our case though, they tried to auto-renew at rate that was 6x their cover price, then wondered why I initiated a chargeback . That
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