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  1. I kind of challenged Frosch over in this thread, and he called my bluff. So let's see how good he really is. I've got a whole bit box of (mostly GW) parts, plus an electronics cabinet to raid. This is for Frosch, and will happen as long as he responds, but I've got enough parts that I could put together identical kits for 5-6 contestants, so anyone else who wants to compare their kitbashing skills is welcome to participate as well. PM me with your address if you want to participate. I will send out a set of identical parts to each participant. Once they receive them, they have until my
  2. "Police Stopped My Car" to the tune of Feliz Navidad Least favorite parody song?
  3. Nice work Frosch. I like the middle one the best. Now, why do I have this feeling I could point to a random woman on some street corner, and you could kitbash a cool looking starship from the contents of her purse?
  4. If Reaper wants another take on Elves that doesn't seem like imitating something someone else has done, how about some Frost or Ice Elves? A sub-race of elves living in near arctic conditions would certainly develop their own set of quirks and unique abilities. (Ok, I admit to wanting Ice Elves because my RPG campaign world has a sub-race of Ice Elves that live in my world's equivilent of the Andes). I like elves, but I'm sick of all the variations of High/Wood/Dark elves that other games use. Of course, Taltos being a more sub-tropical environment, Ice Elves might not fit.
  5. Congrats! Your dad sounds like mine. He's a fine instructor for art, driving, sailing and skiing, and has taught a lot of people about those subjects. But he has two people he's never been able to teach anything to - my sister and I. It almost always leads to screaming, yelling and sometimes panic.
  6. (365*2)+316 = 1046 2 per day for one year plus the current post count of 316, should mean 1046 on Dec 21, 2007. On what day do you guess the page count will hit 500?
  7. I don't drink coffee, and I'm like you - I'd rather just eat it. I did try the slam with tea once at the urging of a co-worker, but it wasn't my thing - ruined the taste and texture. I love them frozen. I've had the Double Chocolate, Caramel filled, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut ones, but my favorites are still the original ones. I swear when I was stationed Down Under that I ate an average of one pack a day. I'd be so frustrated when the local grocery store ran out. I brought a case back with me when I moved back stateside, but they didn't last a month. I was SOOOOoooooooooooo happy when I
  8. Aren't all the GW games post-apocalyptic? I like most futuristic games, as long as they aren't too out there with the minis. Dark Future was a good one as far as concept goes - never played it, though. Have you ever game from sundown to sunup? (or longer)
  9. The big veggie eating ones - used to be called brontosaurus in my day, but I think they've gone and eliminated that name in favor of some more accurate ones. Speaking of dinosaurs, what's your favorite out of print game?
  10. This is a beautiful piece Wren. It's yet another one of those I see here that makes me almost give up painting minis, since I'll never have that kind of talent. I really like the lightning effect - you pulled that off very nicely - spell effects don't usually translate well in a sculpt without some considerable painting, and you've done a wonderful job on it.
  11. No. You have to actually take notes in school to have a notebook worth burning. I rarely took notes. Would you want to go back through high school knowing what you know now?
  12. long fire starter clicky things to start a fire - my grill has it's own ignition button. Small campfire or large bonfire?
  13. Here's a couple of pics I took from my place of the storm: This one was from last night: this one was from this morning after I got the chance to do a little shoveling, but haven't cleared the car off yet: As you can see, quite a bit of snow fell last night. It's this great white stuff that covers the ground and makes things look pretty - even my neighbors trashed out yard. School children really like it when a lot falls, because they don't have to go to school, and instead can spend hours sliding down hills on the stuff. People in less fortunate states don't ge
  14. CuCulain - as a Colo native with relatives in WY, I almost always assume that when we're getting snow in Denver, you're getting drifts. I've been up at my cousins place east of Cheyenne before, and have seen ten foot drifts. I do not envy you at all. That wind up there is bad. Stay safe.
  15. Personally, I only own one, but between my wife and son, we have to be close to a hundred. Stuffed Bear or stuffed turkey?
  16. I'm in Lakewood - we're currently showing an official total of 30" on the ground and it's still snowing. What's making it bad though isn't the snow so much as the wind. That's died down now, but there are still a lot of drifts. There are a couple of places in my driveway that have over 4 ft of snow - and I've gone out a couple of times to shovel what I could. If anyone wants a live look, check my profile for my Yahoo ID - I've got my webcam pointed out my office window right now and I'm sharing it with my co-workers - be glad to share with forum members as well. One of the bad things
  17. This actually looks more interesting than the original (I was never a Transformers fan). But I agree, Hollywood really needs to buck this trend of redoing everything from the 60s-70s-80s. Very few movies or TV shows deserve it - I mean, come on, Starsky & Hutch? Beverly Hillbillies? The only remake that I've been glad to see lately is Battlestar Galactica - and the remake is better than the original by a long shot.
  18. Yes, but I can't give details. Ever eaten so much chocolate you've gotten sick?
  19. Never worked in an office that hung up mistletoe. It was just a cute holiday tradition between my mom & dad. Of course, as a teenager, I didn't want to see my mom & dad kiss... Did you decorate the outside of your house with lights this year?
  20. yes - and we're finally getting one here in Colorado this year! Toboggan or Sled? Edit: Dang, beat again. We have cheeseburgers in colorado, even those with bacon. I don't like cheese on my burgers - I'll take the bacon, though.
  21. Because tomatoes are fruits. But I agree with you about pineapple on a pizza - that's just gross. How do you feel about shovelling snow?
  22. Ask Kelly Bundy (that was one of my favorite MWC episodes. What's your favorite Married With Children episode?
  23. I hate big spoons, so no. Was Redhand married to my ex-wife too?
  24. For most people. For my mother, however, it isn't... Do you like your in-laws?
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