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  1. The only time I got to fly first class was at my ex-wife's expense - she was a flight attendant, and I flew a lot on her standby status until our divorce was finalized. The very last time I flew using her benefits the only seat they had left was in first class on a 747 - bumping me up to that cost her $50 (which, suprisingly, she never asked me to reimburse her). It was nice, but not nice enough to ever justify me spending that kind of money for anything less than a trans-atlantic or trans-pacific flight. Why is it that if you wait till the last minute to get an airline ticket it i
  2. looks good. As for Cameras - Any of the Canon's with the macro feature will give you decent shots. I use a Canon A75 to take shots of circuit boards for the manuals I write, and I get pretty decent shots with it's macro setting. I've also used my bosses A85 to get good shots as well. Both of those cameras are a couple of years old and have been since replaced in Canon's line. Several of Canon's $100-$200 range cameras have all the same equivilent features. Like Hinton said, add some good lights, a tripod and some non-glare background, and you'll get decent shots with most cameras that
  3. If they could get them - somebody else may be sitting on them. But I'd be willing to contribute to the hot-wing "fund". I've got friends who own one of the top rated wing restaurants in my area... Man, what I wouldn't pay for a Callie or Boomer mini done by Werner...
  4. Which is surprising that it hasn't been put in place sooner considering that Amusement Parks have been using it to launch, boost, and brake roller coasters for close to a decade now. That's actually not surprising at all. For some reason, the American public (mainly government types) doesn't think technology used at amusement parks is "real" or "serious" technology. Perfect example - monorails. Walt Disney World has been using Monorail technology to provide FREE transit for it's park guests for over thirty years now. Studies of monorail installations and operating costs (not to ment
  5. No, because this is the first I heard about it. Are Chiropractors "Real" doctors or not?
  6. I like the minis. Simple paint scheme, but very force unifying. Plus blue is my fav color. If the JR buildings are the plaster like ones that I've seen in the past and am thinking of, then they've never been cast very well. All the ones I used to have suffered the same problems. Now, where can I find the link to this Command Horizon game?
  7. This is where I'll ask you to take the lead. What's the typical convention for these boards? This thread, or a seperate thread in the WIP section? It doesn't matter to me, I'd prefer to follow the boards typical conventions for this sort of stuff. If the the board doesn't have one, then I'd just say this thread, or maybe two new threads - one for WIPs and one for finished ships.
  8. Gosh, it's been so long since I've seen it, I can't remember if I liked it or not. I do remember the bipedal lizard thingys being used as mounts. Do you like bipedal lizard thingys as mounts?
  9. Fascinating concept. I just wasted considerable time reading up on this DREAD weapon. (I say wasted, but only because I should be doing other things - otherwise it was fascinating reading.) Seems the original patent was filed in 2001, and the original news announcement of this weapon was made in 2005. The only site that has ever carried any "official" announcements is the same site, the last of those was in late 2005 (that I could find). There has been much discussion on many forums like this that argue both for and against the feasability of the actual weapon. The general consensus s
  10. Other than the body panels, same thing. My wife absolutely loves 69 Camaros.... Have you ever forgotten your anniversary?
  11. That depends on how fast you can pour money into it. EDIT: Gosh darn, beat again. Yes, I named my first car Peggy - short for Pegasus. I had etched a rearing pegasus into the rear side windows of my 69 Datsun 510. Speaking of Mustangs, what's the best 60's era muscle car?
  12. I actually found those at the last minute in a box of other stuff. I completely forgot I had them - I got them at a flea market in a box of a bunch of RL stuff that had some other things I wanted - never did anything with them because the previous owner glued them together then painted them with some glossy spray paint right on the sprue. Since it's been 5+ years and I still haven't gotten around to stripping them down, figured they'd get put to better use in the challenge. There's a lot of stuff provided, so if they somehow don't end up in your Starship model... well, lets just say there wil
  13. So should I change this to the "Strike-Force Kitbash Challenge" then? I kind of figured you, at least, would get a lot more than one ship out of all this. I'm maybe going to get only two, if that - I tend to build bigger models.
  14. Kits are packed and ready to ship. Finishing up addressing now, didn't make it in time forthe postman today, so they will go out tomorrow. Here are the contents (colors/patterns may vary from those shown): One AOL CD Tin: One poorly painted flea market Renegade Legion Sprue: Two Poker Chips Four Card Stand holders One piece of "tiled" Plasticard Two Cable Tie Down blocks Four 1/4" Spacers in two different lengths Assorted GW parts, mostly Gothic parts: (yes, everyone gets the same assortment shown). And finally, to make things interesting: One Wal-Mart Gif
  15. To my car? $3k tops. Never totaled a car. I was, however, involved in an accident where the van that hit me went on to hit three parked cars, totaling two of them, one of which was a brand new Mitsubishi truck. No one was hurt. Somehow they decided the accident was my fault, since I pulled out in front of the van (couldn't see it, it was dark outside, the van was brown and he had his lights off - oh yeah, and he was speeding). I was finally able to get the insurance companies to assign the van driver 50% of the blame - but only because when they figured out he lied about not being able to
  16. 8 Ball. Got to admit, pool is a great exercise in math, though most people won't admit that. Are you enjoying your boxing day?
  17. 2b=<>2b(x+y)^5 I don't know - every time I hear that question, I think of math... do you like math?
  18. I'm with you on this Flynn. I grew up here, then moved away when I was 19, finally moved back when I was 34 - I've now lived in enough places to realize that the positive benefits of Colorado's sunshine definitely outweighs the occassional blizzard. It get's REAL depressing when you don't see the sun for three weeks, as is common in some of those warmer places where it just rains, instead of snows.
  19. Ok, we have our six. I'll be out for the next two days (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), so not much news will be posted before then. Kits should go out Tuesday, I'll post the pics of the core components then, too - so everyone can see what they've gotten themselves into.
  20. my 94 Mazda Miata What year did you graduate high school?
  21. Very nice piece. Can't wait to see this one painted up. Question for you: Very often on these greens, particularly Herr Klockes, the more pointy pieces have the armature wire still protruding from them - IE, the sword scabbard on this piece. Is this something that gets cleaned up before the mold is made, or are they purposely left in place to help the casting process as a vent hole or something?
  22. isn't Goth music depressing music? Or is it just slurred words you can't recognize? Hmm - not really an answer, is it? gosh, there I go again, just asking questions as my answer. Ok, I don't know what goth music is. Best 70s band?
  23. Okay, here's a status update: I have six "kits" put together, and six people signed up so far: Herr Oberfroschmeister Ringsnake Outkast Samurai Humansquish Mooseyjoe Sergeant Crunch I have no more parts available, though I welcome anyone else to throw something together and put it up for the rest of us to see. I'm ammending the rules I previously posted, based partly on the components I was able to assemble and some suggestions sent to me via PM. These changes should make things easier for the participants, so don't despair that I'm changing the rules after you've accepted
  24. His ego has gotten too big. Best role Tom Cruise ever played?
  25. I've decided the rules are going to be as follows: EDIT: Updated/modified (and final) rules are below) Obviously, there is no way to really enforce all these rules, given that we are all potentially hundreds/thousands of miles apart, and will just be submitting pictures. So everyone is on the honor system here. There is no prize for this other than bragging rights. Once I know how many participants I have, I'll be posting a picture here of the raw materials. I would post them now, but I have a couple of parts that are in limited supply, and if I have too many participants, I won't
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