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  1. Sneaking into my wife's glass shop again tonight to work on her birthday present. And here is a view of her work progress most of her clients never get to see:
  2. The FRT-39's and 40s I worked on were huge tube based transmitters with a bunch of drawers. A lot of time things could be "fixed" by pulling a drawer out and gently slamming it back into place - the trick was knowing which drawer to pull out and close with how much force. Of course, the RMs would observe the ETs doing this, and try it themselves, which of course would cause the ETs to get mad at them, because it was generally the wrong drawer and too much force. This. So much this. My kids have no real appreciation for how far tech has come. Of course, this is partially my fault - I've had a PDA/Pocket PC/Smartphone and a well networked house since before my son was born. There haven't been any real visible improvements for them to see.
  3. This immediately brought to mind an incident in my Navy ET school that still makes me chuckle. We were doing a troubleshooting test of high frequency radio receivers. Class was broken up into pairs, with each pair troubleshooting a unit that had a different fault that was introduced by the instructors. When you identified the faulty module, you took your troubleshooting paperwork over to the instructors, and if you got it right, you passed. If you didn't, you were sent back to try again. Most of the class was breezing through it, but one pair was having trouble. They were among the first to think they found their problem, but were told they were wrong, and sent back. Eventually they were the only ones still working on the test, and had given the wrong answer at least 6 times. The instructors and they were getting frustrated. Finally the instructor tells them what the problem is. They tell him, no it's not. He gets irritated, makes the fix, and proudly flips it on to show them how stupid they are. It doesn't work. He double checks his sheet that listed the problems, double checks his fix, still doesn't work. Then he goes through the troubleshooting himself, and finds that the pair got the right answer the first time - the unit had developed an actual fault, one that did not match any of the ones the instructors had done. The one instructor kept working on the unit while the other instructor started us through the next lesson. All of a sudden the entire class jumps because of loud bang. The instructor had pulled the unit drawer out and slammed it back into position. He realizes what he has done in front of us at the same time the unit starts working again. He turns to us with a red face. "In this school, this is not a legitimate troubleshooting or repair method for you students," he says. "But out in the fleet, things may be different."
  4. With the help of some friendly people on a glass fusing page, I think I figured out what went wrong with the slumping of my wine glass plate. I think I used the wrong program in the kiln - I overheated it for a full fuse instead of just enough to slump into the mold. The bad part is that it means I screwed up and it was a wholly preventable mistake, if I had just paid more attention to what I was doing when I programmed the kiln. The good part is that operator errors are generally the easiest to keep from happening again, if one is able to learn from their mistakes.
  5. Back in the 90s, I found an airbrush kit at a craft store for something like $20-30. It was powered by a can of compressed air and had a little bottle that held the paint underneat. I was thrilled to use it to lay down some base coats on some GW armies, but the brush itself crapped out before I was done. Based on that experience, I was done w/ airbrushes. I knew part of it was the quality, but I'd have to spend a bunch more money to get past that, but I just didn't seen any real advantage, especially when companies were starting to come out with far more matte colors in spray paint cans. Christmas 2018 my wife gave me a kit similar to this: It was some Amazon deal that had this, but also had two additional airbrushes for about this price. NIGHT and DAY difference between this, and what I remember about that canned air piece of broccoli. Even though the Master kit is not the best available, it did give me an appreciation for what an airbrush is really capable of. I mostly use it for priming and base coats, but I've experimented with other things, such as making my Mossbeard have a light coating of "moss". At some point I will likely want to upgrade, but I think what I got was a good starter set.
  6. very rarely now. Never had a job in one - in fact, now that I think about it, I've never been employed anywhere with a building more than 2 stories. Between High School and the Navy, I worked for about a year as a delivery driver for a Typesetting company, and a lot of the clients I had to deliver to/pick up from were in taller buildings. I remember having to walk down 12-15 flights of stairs one night because the elevators quit working while I was making my delivery. At least they didn't quit while I was in them. Not a skyscraper, but I did get to go to the top of Tower 0 of the VLF antenna array when I was stationed at NavCommSta H E Holt - 1,270 feet up. Nothing like standing on metal grid decking with only a safety rail when you're that high up.
  7. Thanks - yes, that's the "black" green area I was referring to. Held up to the light it's a very pretty deep green.
  8. Well Broccoli. Just pulled this from the kiln. An air bubble formed while slumping and ruined the whole piece.
  9. This morning has started off interesting: in the service inbox: - email from someone offering up to $10k for the company domain name. I think they're going to need a few more zeroes at the end of that to get the company owner to bite. - an email supposedly from UPS telling us to contact them immediately or our shipment to Turkey will be abandoned. The only countries the factory ships to are US, Canada, Australia and Iceland. Those made me chuckle, but the best part was the first call of the day. Found the solution to an intermittent but frustrating problem that has plagued a handful of sites. When connected to the system locally, everything would work fine - but if you connected remotely, certain screens would cause the connection to lock up and drop out. Only thing in common among all the sites I've seen this at was that they all had commercial grade routers with extensive firewalls. As far as I can tell, those screens were triggering some sort of security lock down by the router. Found a setting on our side that stops that from happening. The second call wasn't too bad either - figured out how someone exploited the system at one site to buy a couple dozen $100 gift cards using stolen/bad credit cards. Sent a bug report to the engineer, and had the pleasure of tagging all of the stolen gift cards so not only will they not work, they'll alert the attendant that the card was purchased with a bad credit card. More than likely the person who "bought" the gift cards was turning around and selling them to people for cash, so maybe if enough people get burned, the person they bought the cards from will get caught.
  10. My wife's crate was picked up tonight, and is on its way to her client. Cool thing was that the truck driver who picked up the crate was the same one who dropped it off with the glass from the distributor a month ago and was so patient when we unpacked it all before signing. So we made sure to show him pictures. And I may have got my first glass commission today. Husband of my daughter's girl scout leader contacted me asking about doing something for her for Christmas. This. Mine has been out of commission for 9 months now, simply because I have no motivation to fix it.
  11. Lowes annoyed me over that. As @Dilvish the Deliverer says, you can get an id from the VA, and many states allow you to get a Veteran's designation right on your Driver's License, which is what I have. Used to be able to just show my DL at both HD and Lowes to get the discount, but now Lowes wants to make me sign up.
  12. My guess is that this will result in more of the same thing that happened when companies started relying on computers to screen resumes. Getting through the initial process will be more about having the right keywords than actually being qualified for the job.
  13. One of my favorite memories of my daughter is similar. She was in her car seat playing with a toy gun or wand - can't remember which - going pew pew pew when we arrived at the mall. After we parked, as my wife opened the door to get her out, she looks up and goes "Mommy, I'm pewing!" while proudly showing off the toy. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
  14. Well crud. The hard drive on my camera system failed.
  15. The sneaking. I've hidden gift projects from her before, but they've always been stuff I can hide/work on in my crafting area/garage/office. This idea is a glass project for which I have to raid her tools and supplies. And then I'm going to have to figure out how to get it to the kiln/out of the kiln without her seeing it.
  16. Snuck down to my wife's glass shop to start on a birthday present for her. This is going to be tricky.
  17. Yeah, I've known that for a long time. About twice a year I get a small pallet of receipt paper rolls shipped to me from the Calgary factory. In Colorado, I had the pallet shipped to a vendor the factory buys parts from, and I would pick up from there. Here in Iowa, I have it shipped to one of the car washes, in exchange for them getting free shipping on their paper order. Really don't have an alternative for this one. The crate had to be packed and stored here at the house, and we have no means of loading/moving the whole crate. We will have it specified to put nothing on top, but I doubt they could if they wanted to. We're using the same crate that the glass manufacturer used to ship a load of glass to the distributor, and the distributor used to ship our order to us. It's basically a narrow 10 inch wide crate built on top of a pallet - and the crate is built with 2x8 "posts" at either end and 1x4 cross beams, and then braced with angles. When wrapped with the pallet wrap, it looks like a tent. I'm not a complete stranger to shipping stuff via truck - a lot of stuff in the car wash industry is shipped by truck, it's just that I'm more on the periphery than the one doing the the paperwork and making arrangements.
  18. Oh yes. Insurance is often the reason I pay professionals to do something I could do myself. Funny thing I noticed - in the quotes above, the lower priced quotes were offering a higher insurance limit. LOL! I'll have to mention that to her.
  19. True, but then we're giving away our time for free. Maybe if we had a bigger vehicle so that the whole family could go AND the window properly packed, that would be an option. We're open to the client driving out and picking it up in person, though. But all is not lost. After chatting with a customer support agent, and properly checking off needed services, I got some more reasonable quotes: What's weird is how all over the place these quotes are. FedEx Freight was $2200 compared to UPS's $676, and I have an account with FedEx and not UPS. One company came in at $4700. My wife contacted the client to discuss this, and he didn't flinch at the freight prices - all he was concerned about was if he could pay the final invoice and shipping with a credit card. One of my favorite distributors came to our rescue. She called me on another matter this morning, and we wound up having a chat about shipping in general, which led me to mention this pricing issue I was having. She handles freight shipping for them, and she offered to look into shipping it on their account for me. Just got the quote in from her, and it came in less than the lowest rate above. We can even pay her a "surcharge" on top of it, and still save the client money. You would think so Getting her glass supply and finished pieces from her old studio in Colorado to her new studio here in Iowa a few years ago was a real challenge. Despite all the care we took, we still had some damaged glass. And then we had to do it again with her dad's glass studio after he passed away last year, and despite what we learned from the first trip, we still had more damaged glass. I feel a lot better about the big heavy crate we have this one packed in. While it won't survive being dropped off a forklift, or being run through by one, it will handled bouncing along the highway a lot better.
  20. That's not as much of an issue as it was in the past. Both Target and WalMart in my area are carrying D&D dice sets, and I've seen tubes of d10s at one of them (can't recall which one)
  21. Holy Broccoli. Trying to get shipping quotes for shipping that glass panel to the client this morning: Lowest one so far is 4x what the same crate cost to be shipped to us.
  22. Guess what I logged in this morning to find? An email inbox full of these, starting about an hour after I logged out for the weekend. Teach me to open my big mouth...
  23. That is exactly what it is supposed to be. That was one of the parts that led to contention. That part was supposed to have some extra lines/details painted/fired on, but then he went and picked an expensive iridescent glass where that iridescence wouldn't survive the kiln firing. And you can kind of see what I was referring to above in the other green that looks almost black. Not the same green I used in my plate, but similar. One of the things that prompted a phone call discussion between them was the word Wonderland. He wanted white letters on purple glass, which is what she did. But most glass paints are opaque and look black when back-lit, even white.
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