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  1. I still owe my sister one from Christmas 2000. Did anyone else notice that the links to Reapermini.com and Power Palette are finally back in the header? I haven't seen those in years.
  2. Part of the problem is that many car wash owners are far too happy to let us into their networks to configure them so our equipment can work. That's not a problem if all that is on their network is our equipment, but that's exceedingly rare these days. He's used to people just handing over their log in credentials without question, because he's only called in to help with things that service can't figure out. I have come to the point where I have a lot more respect for the site owners that say "No", though I tend to make site owners beg for me to log into their networks before I'll break
  3. Technically, my supervisor is the CEO since I'm an independent contractor, though in reality, I deal with the General Manager for most things. The CEO does get copied on things, but he cares less about who or why it's fixed or that things get fixed permanently, only that it gets fixed asap. I've gotten to the point that when the phone goes out and I can't fix it by doing the IP change in my router, I stop taking service calls until my extension is working again. This is especially effective on busy days (like today) because then receptionist complains and the IT guy has to drop whatever
  4. Grrr... I hope other people are having a better day than I. Nothing major, just a lot of little irritants and one big one. My ongoing argument with IT about my VOIP extension continues. The guy in charge of configuring the network cannot seem to grasp that the problem is on his end - the network or phone system there decides to periodically block my IP address for a few days. I have two ISPs and a Dual WAN router, so most of the time I can "fix" it by simply telling my router to use the other ISP for that phone. As long as I don't have problems for a few days at least, the bloc
  5. ^^^This^^^ Finally have my taxes done, and ready to submit. Gonna wait until the last moment though. Just cause I can. My son's last week of school started today. 4-6 years ago we were worried about him graduating at all, instead he's graduating early.
  6. I purposely used descriptors that would identify the character representations I'm looking for when presented as a group, but wouldn't be necessary to pass on to a sculptor.
  7. That's how I keep track of my keys, too. In my Navy days, I used to "lose" my keys on a semi-regular basis. I would forget to put them in my pants pocket and would walk out of my barracks room. Most of the time I did this, I would check my pockets to make sure I had my keys just about the time the door clicked shut.
  8. I may just take you up on that. Question he couldn't answer - IIRC, he goes to CS A School first, then to Sub school?
  9. Well, no ReaperCon for me this year. Son just got back from MEPS, where he enlisted to be a Culinary Specialist, Submariner. He'll be graduating from boot camp right around RCon, so attempting to attend that has to take priority.
  10. Mine was as well. Reminded me of a married couple i served with - Piggy, a huge Seabee and Blaze, a tiny little Radioman with a fierce temper. Mixed emotions around our house today. Oldest turned 18 on Sunday, and since it's his spring break this week, he went to the recruiter on Monday and started the process to join the Navy after he graduates from high school. Today he's headed to MEPS finishing the process.
  11. I didn't realize that it didn't say 'fritter' until you pointed it out.
  12. Sad part is that this particular lady is fairly competent with tech stuff. She just doesn't like to listen, nor does she communicate well. For example, she wanted to use a brand new feature that that was part of a suite of new features that hadn't been documented yet. Rather than wait for documentation, she experimented, and got it mostly working. A couple months in, it wasn't working right, and so she started working with a tech to try and get it working right. This tech worked as a go between between her and the engineer for 10 months trying to get it working right. Then the tech le
  13. GEM - here's hoping Cathy has a speedy recovery. I have been fighting the urge to bang my head against my desk all day. My coworkers have been as frustrating as the customers today. TL/DR: Customer wanted quick solution but didn't like my quick solution, managed to waste another tech's time and they took 3x as long to fix it as my solution would have.
  14. So a couple of months ago I was introduced to a game that looks like it will end my search here. Renegade Scout was close, and will still be on my play list, but I think my new main game has become 7tv by Crooked Dice. If you've never heard of it, here's a brief description: it does "break" one of my wishes - it's an I Go U Go turn sequence, but it has some other mechanisms like Plot Points and Countdown cards that add enough twist I can forgive it. Only downside - it's hard to acquire it here in the US.
  15. I was recently introduced to the game 7TV, and as a result, I'm looking for figures I can convert into a certain action TV show's characters: Ex-spy in sunglasses and business suits holding 9mm. Irish woman in high heels, mini skirt, tank top with long hair and sunglasses holding a sniper rifle ex-special forces in Hawaiian shirt holding a pistol in one hand and a mojito in the other. Elderly lady with short spiky hair wearing a shawl Another handsome, but bald ex-spy in sunglasses, jeans and t-shirt holding 9mm.
  16. Coming to this a little late since I haven't been around for awhile, but here's my two cents: Being anxious about driving can hit anyone. Even those who love to drive. I love to drive. I grew up with parents who raced cars, who taught me to think & drive like a race car driver and I even raced cars myself for awhile. Have had several jobs that involve driving all day in city traffic, where I've seen my share of other drivers doing stupid things. Even so, I still love to drive. But despite my love of and confidence in driving, I've had a few incidents that shook me to the cor
  17. We never did end up playing. We were waiting for one of the HS sports seasons to end before doing our first session, and then Covid hit.
  18. Sales guy that I don't get along with just tried to throw me under the bus again - claimed that he had already asked me twice to do something for customer. Too bad for him that I keep records & notes of all my correspondence/conversations with him for exactly this reason.
  19. So is there any sneak peeks into what Stargrave will include? I gather it will be loosely based on the Frostgrave rule set, but do we know anything beyond that?
  20. What a difference a door makes. Finally had the exterior door to my office replaced yesterday. The old one would not shut tightly nor seal out the weather. It was so poorly fitted that even adding extra gaskets and such made little difference. Therefore my office was generally about 10F colder/warmer than the rest of the house in the mornings. This morning it was only 3F colder, and just opening up the interior door for an hour has brought it up to only 1F cooler.
  21. I do have/buy a lot of dice, but a couple decades ago I gave myself a restriction/justification that has worked pretty well so far. I only buy new dice for a new RPG character or a new minis game army/force, so that every character/army has their own set of dice. I did break this a couple years ago when I bought a large lot of RPG dice sets on Amazon to hand out to the kids in the D&D group I was running at the high school. I justified that by telling myself it would help prevent theft or loss of *my* dice.
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