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  1. You got that right. If it is just simple color matching, then it isn't too bad - glass is manufactured in a huge array of colors. It's accounting for the other properties of glass that make it hard. For example, if you want translucent glass so that it can be back-lit, you have to choose the glass while it's back-lit with a similar type of back lighting, because some glasses have a wide color shift. And then if you're doing any kiln work of the glass, you have to be aware that some colors will actually change color during the kiln firing process. And then not all colors photograph accurately. I just did a plate that uses a green that looks black when sitting on the table, but when held up to the light is a brilliant green to the naked eye, but still looks black if you photograph it.
  2. Oh, yeah, she does like clients to collaborate with her on colors. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression in my stories of her frustration. Most people are "Ooh, I like these colors" & "I liked this type of glass at HL, but not that color" & "Could you make this part a shade of green/blue/red/some other color?" and then let her figure the rest of it out, based on what glass she can get/has in stock. Especially on the panels that have dozens and dozens of pieces. The last guy didn't like any of the glass at HL, nor any of the glass she sent pictures of. Part of the problem is that he was looking to closely replicate colors/patterns on his existing product packaging - he didn't really want any artistic interpretation. I don't think she is going to do any more projects like that.
  3. Me: I feel like such a failure. My Wife: Why? Are you ok? Me: This tulip plate has been out of the kiln 48 hours now and it hasn't sold yet. My Wife: OH SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! It was so exciting when my first two plates each sold within 12 hours of coming out of the kiln. I was hoping for a threepeat. I didn't get that, but it looks like I'm getting my first commission. Kimberly is getting backed up on them, and one of our local friends is looking for a gift for his wife.
  4. Thanks. I certainly think so. She is so happy this piece is done - the early frustrations she had combined with how long it took to assemble nearly burned her out. Her next piece is a commission from a standard pattern, but she's a lot more excited to work on it because she knows it will go a lot smoother and quicker.
  5. My wife's big commission piece is done and crated:
  6. Today has been...a Monday. I was hoping to get off early today to start my weekend, but it's been one crisis call after another. All of the techs have had weird problems today, and we've all been on the phone with each other brainstorming and trying to solve each other's problems all afternoon. Wasn't able to completely solve my big problem, but we at least got the site to the point they can wash cars and accept credit cards for the busy weekend. I think we just managed to do similar for another tech's issue today. He's been dealing with a distributor tech who in turn has been dealing with a site owner, who is reporting an issue as described to him by customers and site attendants. So there are definitely some possible "translation errors" going on. It finally dawned on us that the seemingly incomprehensible symptoms they're reporting could be another way of looking at a known issue, and sure enough, the site shows signs it could be that. It's an issue we have a relatively easy proper solution for, and two even easier workarounds. So he's giving the distributor tech the lowdown on how to proceed. Even if it turns out that wasn't it, we known that this fix needs to be applied anyway, but I'll bet we're right. No cringeworthy facepalm customers today, thankfully. And yes, I logged off and turned my phone off before I posted this.
  7. Thank you. You probably really wouldn't like the prices on our stuff then. My wife's pricing formula includes kiln time and materials, and that's only a fraction of the cost. The bulk of her prices is labor rate, which she calculates at $10/hr. And that's probably low, because both of us are bad about logging ALL the time we spend on a piece. She's really bad about not charging her time working on patterns. After this big piece of hers is finished, she's probably going to start implementing a non-refundable pattern fee for all pieces over 12" x 12". Earlier this year, she put in something like 10 hrs designing a pattern for a potential client for a 12" x 24" piece, only to have that client back out once the final price was quoted. Thank you. It's a nice dream, but I doubt that will happen. One of the FB groups I belong to is call Fused Glass Fanatics, and has 22k followers - a lot of the work shown there is truly amazing. Those guys will get recognized long before I do.
  8. @Colonel Kane I second this suggestion. There are some power ups you may not have seen, too.
  9. Another plate into the kiln tonight. Hope this one comes out as I envision it.
  10. I just want to know how they got that cruise ship on top of those three buildings.
  11. Just had a distributor tech inform me that an older, but decent condition site was closed down because Starbucks offered the owner a ridiculously large amount of money for the property. The bad news was that the site owner jokingly listed his car wash equipment on FB for a ridiculously cheap amount of money to "anyone who wants to come take it all out before it gets hauled off as scrap". Someone from a small midwestern town took him up on that offer - came with his son and together they quickly uninstalled everything and loaded it onto a flatbed trailer and hauled it home for their own car wash. The countdown is on for when we get the calls on how to hook it back up.
  12. Sounds like an opportunity to learn some basic electronics and Arduino programming.
  13. Well, car wash customer admits to her husband having a card on the account, but insists it can't be him, because he was out of town on Monday. I had to point out that the transactions were both from Sunday. Part of me secretly hopes that the real reason is he wasn't out of town, but off washing the car with his mistress.
  14. Ugghh. Just got asked if I would go to the Amarillo TX area in a couple of weeks. The manufacturer I contract with makes some non-car wash stuff for another manufacturer that sells systems mostly to cities. That stuff is usually installed and maintained by their techs, but their installer is Canadian and can't cross the border now, so he can't do the install job. He's been pushing it off as long as he can, but their customer in TX is getting antsy about getting it installed soon. So I was suggested as an alternative.
  15. Yep. I tell so many of my car wash owners the same thing. It's sad the number of them who have obsolete equipment that can't be repaired any more who don't have the money to replace them yet. Even though I've been telling them for years it's not a matter of if they'll have to replaced it, merely when.
  16. Sometimes I get to help other people deal with the head banging stuff: Car Wash User to Car Wash Owner: "You ripped me off. I was only here on Monday for an $11 wash. Yet there is a $20 charge on here too!" <sends car wash owner screen shots of checking account transactions> Car Wash Owner to me <after he can't appease customer>: "Kristof65, Help!" This one was fun. The screen shots showed she had definitely been charged $11 and $20, and it was definitely the car wash owner's merchant account. But looking around on the transaction history showed only the $11 transaction - on Sunday afternoon, not Monday evening like she claimed. That part is not unusual, weekend charges often show up on statements on Mondays and people get confused. So where did the $20 come from? Start looking around, and lo and behold, there is a $20 transaction on Sunday morning - lucky for me, it's the only $20 transaction in the last week. It's not the same card number, but based on the card prefix, it was issued by the same bank. Meaning it was most likely another card drawing from the same account - such as husband and wife. So I tell this to the car wash owner. I'm guessing we're talking about someone who didn't ask their spouse or child about the charge first. The other possibility is that the bank screwed up and withdrew the funds from the wrong account. I'm guessing that's not what happened, though.
  17. The Saga continues! After silence from her on Monday and Tuesday, the Owner sent in a scan of her packing list from her last order "See, the paper isn't on here!" Tech sent back copy of Invoice for that packing list "See, the paper isn't on here either!"
  18. OK, I didn't see that until Mckenna35 said it, but now I can't unsee it. Lovely paint job, but I too feel that the flocking detracts from the over all beauty of the piece. My recommendation would to glue him to a bigger base, and flock the whole thing at a minimum.
  19. it was me. I did it. Seriously - this is me today: Customer: Can you dial into this site at this number and do X for me? Me: Sure <tries, can't get in>. That number is not working. Customer: Are you sure? I just tested it. Me: <tries again, still can't get in> Still not working. Customer: Are you sure? Me: <triple checks, discovers that I made two different typos.> Well crap, my fault.
  20. Same here. Even as I was backing, I honestly didn't expect to see the book until 6-9 months after their campaign estimated delivery date of March 2019, but even with those tempered expectations, I'm still left feeling "Meh" about the project.
  21. This project still hasn't delivered. PDFs of the rules have been, so not totally bad news, but still waiting on the hardbacks.
  22. Yes, I am lucky enough to have a dedicated hobby space these days. I even posted a thread on it around here somewhere when I built it - let's see if I can find that. EDIT: Found it! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81322-kristof65s-new-paintinggaming-area/&do=findComment&comment=1726988
  23. It's generally not the copper itself, it's the insulation and the shape. The shape is convenient to chew on and in recent years a lot of wires are using soy based insulation instead of petroleum based, making them tastier than before.
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