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  1. I really hope that they can incorporate that camera tech to the in person classes. I'd also love to see Reaper expand the Reaper U program to throughout the year by offering small online classes periodically. Imagine a 4-6 week Zoom course with 5-10 students, where we could get some interactions and regular feedback. @TaleSpinner's sculpting classes would really benefit from a week long "pause" between sessions, and keeping it down to a small group would allow the interaction he thrives on as an instructor. I'd be willing to pony up $50-100 for a class like that.
  2. LMAO! Sending a screen shot of this to my big customer here in Des Moines, he'll get a kick out of it, too. Back when it was a big thing for Verizon customers to have songs for their ring back tones that the caller would hear, I got sick of that song. So many car wash owners chose it... Spent the weekend fixing my trailer electrical. In the end, the problem turned out to be the simplest thing, but the most improbable. The rear part of the frame is somehow no longer part of the chassis ground - or at least not enough for the new LED trailer lights I had purchased. Fi
  3. @Pegazus - If it's anywhere along the I35 corridor, it's value is definitely going to go up. My distributor in OKC is always talking about how the corridor between Dallas and OKC is growing quickly. Before moving to Iowa, we briefly considered Ardmore OK, specifically because it was equidistant to both OKC and Dallas.
  4. That just means she fits in with 95% of the minis out there. Funny you should say that. The history of the kingdom of Dalend involves a famous siege, in which a demi-goddess named Cerelia used a powerful magic sword named WallBreaker to end the siege, by bringing the walls down upon the attackers. This is why their symbol is a tower.
  5. so I'm getting a new office door installed on Monday. The one in my office now doesn't seal against the weather, so I've had it taped shut. A new door means I'll have a usable exterior door and hopefully my office will stay warmer in the winter. When we booked the contractor for the work back in July, i decided that would be when I would rearrange my office, something I have been meaning to do since mid March. And here we are on Friday, and I have yet to start the necessary clean up for the door install on Monday, let alone the rearrangement. I should probably get to that.
  6. Agreed - I ran into this problem last night when I went to add an update to one of my sculpting threads.
  7. Finally got a chance to work on this again. Found a piece of plastic tubing about the right size among my hobby supplies and slipped it into my makeshift lathe: Found that it was a little too flexible, but fortunately I found a piece of brass wire that was the exact diameter to fit inside. I cut that a bit short so that I'd have a hole to mount the tower on the staff with. After turning. I was originally going to put a layer of putty over this, but I'm pretty happy with it as is, so I went ahead and mounted it on Joeliyn's staff:
  8. I hear what you're saying, but when you're talking about entire civilizations, the chances of having a unified policy like the Federations Prime Directive seems pretty far fetched. Or rather, enforcing such a policy. A star faring civilization would likely consist of at least 10s of billions of individuals - they'd definitely be a truly alien civilization if they didn't have their own James Kirk like individuals who would have motives to flout the policy.
  9. According to Tred over in accounting, "Have you seen the cost to import artificial flavorings from off world? Every gram coming into the belt costs us money." Apparently the bulk of the nutrient paste is made right in the belt with every bit of organic material they can scrape up. Tred was going to tell me what all that entailed, but I decided I'd rather not know when he started reaching for the sanitation budget files. Lovely work.
  10. You meant my relatives, didn't you? I'm sad because the more they can see out there, the less probable that evidence that some means of FTL is possible will be found. It was already an infinitesimally small possibility anyway, and it keeps getting smaller. That means even if there are other sentients out there, we're unlikely to ever be able to even say hello.
  11. So car wash sites get sold all the time. As an equipment representative, I generally wind up being involved to handle the necessary reprogramming. I do these 2-3 times a month. Currently have two in progress for September, and they both look like they're going to drag on into October. Why are they dragging on? You might think it's because of the loans, escrow, etc? Nope, not this time. Both sales have apparently happened, it's just that the new and old owners are not providing the necessary documentation for me to proceed with what I need to do. I sorta understand the one site - he
  12. I'm going to second Inarah's comment. Also, I find a Kickstarter announcement being a new forum member's first post ever here somewhat rude. I get why people do it, especially creators and I don't begrudge them wanting to promote their projects, but can we maybe require them to introduce themselves and disclose their affiliation with the project?
  13. Oh man, I have a lot of options. My primary mini gaming table was painted to look like water, so i could use it for naval rules, and use my home made Geo-Hex like tiles on it to make 3d terrain with "rivers" and "lakes". I also have several Geo-Hex 4x6 mats in Grass, Sea and Desert colors (lucked into an evilBay auction for 8 of them for cheap a couple years ago. I also have a variety of Chessex mats with grids and hexes. And I have several sets of TerraTiles in various themes for quick "terrain." Finally, I have a large format printer and use that in conjunction with Campaign Cartogro
  14. Wait, what? Your drakes got picked up by a client? Does this mean they'll see retail at some point? Pssstt...Jasper, don't tell anyone, but I'll secretly help back your bid.
  15. I believe I still have my copy of that book. There was a travelling museum exhibition based on the book - that's where I bought my copy of it. IIRC, we saw it at the Denver Museum of Science & History while on a school field trip, and then I begged my parents to go see it again, and that's when I bought the book. I spent hours just pouring through the pages for months afterwards, then wound up using it for Traveller games in high school.
  16. I've just spent the last hour staring at mind numbing screens of self serve credit card transactions manually resetting them so the site can get paid for them. I had to do this because the site's credit card system went partially offline a month ago, and they didn't notice until today. It's a busy enough site that the number of transactions they've taken in the last two weeks equals the maximum number of transactions the system is allowed to store under Payment Card Industry Association rules. Meaning they lost two weeks of credit card revenue. No way to recover them, and I can only ma
  17. OTOH, I've seen that same idea stifle innovation and improvement. Usually the attitude is more of "I don't like change" and "we've always done it this way", but sometimes the three of them can be hard to tell apart. Edited to add: You're not talking about @OneBoot and the stapling are you? Just had a call from someone who had a big problem a few days ago. I thought we had gotten it resolved, so when I saw his number on the Caller ID, I had to swallow the lump in my throat before answering. He was just calling to say "Thank you." Today just took a
  18. LOL! I seriously doubt anyone did any research. The epoxy used at first was recommended by the fiberglass supplier, it was what they used for products in other markets, and purchased through them. It just couldn't stand up to the harsh environment of a car wash. The epoxy used now is procured from Home Depot. While there has been 15+ years of developments in epoxies, I doubt that a consumer grade epoxy is significantly better than the industrial grade one purchased back then. Here's what I think happened - the fiberglass supplier wanted to increase the price because embedding the s
  19. After at least 17 different test pieces, I think I finally figured out how to do the pattern on the rim of this glass plate commission I landed. Doing a smaller test plate using all the same techniques I've got in mind for the real thing. First pieces for that cut and into the kiln just now.
  20. Probably. But I'm strongly considering it - I wonder if memes might actually start getting my points across? Anyone got any good ones on why production and sales should seek out feedback from service?
  21. Oh crap... I was just informed that the factory has been gluing on the fiberglass for the last 18 months - they discontinued the use of studs. That explains why they assumed no studs. It also means that if history is any guide, then the next 6-18 months will start to see a bunch of epoxy failures in the bond between the fiberglass and the stainless steel, and sites demanding warranty coverage.
  22. Ugghh. Today's fight is not with a customer, but with my manufacturer. I came into this contract position because they bought out the company I worked for as service manager back in 2006. A lot of the sites I service now have had their equipment that long. One of my customer's needed a fiberglass part for an older discontinued model (but not obsolete), and the part came without mounting studs. The purchasing agent and production manager at the manufacturer now are trying to tell me that part does not and never did have a set of mounting studs, that it was glued in pl
  23. Been watching Hart of Dixie with my wife. Season 1, I liked the main character, Zoe Hart, and hated the character they set up as her rival, Lemon. We're now in Season 3, and it wouldn't bother me at all if Zoe left, and the story just focused on Lemon and the rest of Bluebell.
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