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  1. Rarely simple when you're up against tradition and/or bureaucracy. My daughter would eat spaghetti 5 times a week if she could.
  2. Well crap. Are there no nice planets in Sci-Fi that don't eventually face catastrophe?
  3. Wow. That is impressive. I don't think I've ever seen that. Of course, most of my marching band exposure is merely attending Drums Along the Rockies shows.
  4. You didn't go far enough. Marching band competitions can now become Driving Band Demolition Derbies.
  5. I propose that all marching bands become driving bands, with every instrument player on the rear of an open air golf cart. This allows adequate distancing from other band members (save their driver), while upping the thrill factor of their routines and performances.
  6. Engineer - (sends me a drawing I did in 2011). I really need you to update this drawing ASAP for a customer. We can't be using a drawing this old. Me (sends him updated drawing). We aren't, we're using this one dated from April 2020. I'm not even going to mention the 2014 and 2017 versions to him.
  7. After careful consideration of several other candidates in several sci-fi franchises, I've determined the only safe and logical planet is @Glitterwolf's choice - Risa. All of the other planets I considered, such as Lantea in the Pegasus Galaxy (SG: Atlantis) wind up facing deadly life forms and/or epic catastrophes.
  8. Fresh out of the kiln this morning. It came out almost like I envisioned it.
  9. Which really tells me that IQ tests measure education as much, if not more than they do cognitive abilities.
  10. Today is definitely a Monday. Yet a different customer: Customer 3 months ago: We need training now, we're going to be open by the end of the week! Salesman: OK! Me: Rearranges schedule to accommodate Salesman's request. Customer today: We need to know how to do X! Me: gives explanation that refers to their original training. Customer: We're still confused. Me: OK, remember this part from your training? Customer: No. Friday was the first time we powered up the system since our training. We don't remember any of it. They haven't yet asked for complete training again, but I expect there to be a fight when they do and I tell them that the repeat training is billable, as they used up all of their included training hours 3 months ago. On the plus side, everything coming in from my distributor techs today has been simple and mostly related to people buying upgrades and new equipment.
  11. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that one of my ditzier CW owners had their very capable manager/tech either go on vacation or quit. I've had no less than four calls from them today, and all of them are things that their manager/tech would have been able to handle. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Different customer: Customer (six months ago): I want to spend as little money as possible. Salesman: I can do that - let me strip out all the extras! Customer (today): How does my customer print a receipt? Me: Why didn't you buy a receipt printer? I'm not sure if the idjit here is the customer or the salesman.
  12. Thanks. I think my feelings are because I'm not really a big fan of abstract art. Even when it is mine. Especially when it is mine. What I really want to say is Beekeepers territory. So I'll just keep it to this: After 35+ years of fixing stuff that breaks, and 20+ of that doing tech support, I still can't decide if we're getting smarter or dumber. In some ways, it feels like the general public is getting dumber than they were 30-40 years ago, but I also know that I didn't have the same exposure to stupidity that I do now.
  13. This is the summary of an email exchange I've been having with a customer for the last three weeks. We finally resolved their problem today. Customer: I'm having a problem trying to log in. Me: What error message are you getting? Customer: I'm not getting any error messages. I test my connection to their site. It works, implying problem is with her PC. Me: Well, if you're not getting any error messages, and I can get in, the possibilities are limited. Watch this video on logging in - at what point in the video are you having a problem? Customer: I hit the connect icon, and nothing happens. Me: Nothing? What happens after you press enter? Customer: Oh, I didn't press enter. Me: Try pressing enter Customer: That was it. Thank you for fixing it for me. Not only did they not press enter, I'm pretty sure they didn't watch the video - because the video covers pressing enter.
  14. Thanks. Copper foil method is what my wife primarily does. She's been doing it for 14 years now. I've watched her enough times I know what to do, I just don't want to. The kiln was her way to sucker me in. About 10 years ago, she worked part time at a glass shop for a few months. For the bulk of the time she worked there, one of the more experienced artists was doing a huge panel - 6'x8' IIRC - depicting an underwater sea life scene. All of the fish in it were done as fused glass pieces, then incorporated into the copper foil panel. This allowed for more intricate fish than could be done in a copper foil panel alone. We always thought it was a cool idea, and I started encouraging her to save for a kiln so she could do the same. And after we moved here to Iowa and her business picked up, she did start saving towards one. Then last year my cousin ordered a big sea life scene for a pantry door at her house, where it would have been nice if a kiln could have have been used. So afterwards, my wife had me take her to the glass supply store in Omaha, where she spent 80% of her commission proceeds on a new kiln. After we got it home, it took me a couple months to get it installed and set up, and then she informs me that she bought it for me. I hadn't done much with it (and was feeling guilty about that) until she got her big commission this year, and we realized that using the kiln was the best way to accomplish parts of it. Part of the reason I hadn't done much with it was lack of supplies. I would get an idea for a project, then get bummed out because despite her huge supply of glass, she only had a few sheets of fuseable glass - meaning I had to either do monochrome projects, or buy new supplies. I was not going to let fusing cut into my miniature & gaming hobby budget.
  15. Happy Monday. My weekend glass fusing creation came out of the kiln this morning, and I'm very happy with it. Now just another 12 hours in the kiln to slump it into another plate.
  16. Five days ago I took a bunch of my wife's scrap glass from her big window commission, and threw this together: Piled a bunch of frit (broken glass) on it to fill in the gaps, and put it in the kiln for about 15 hours to fuse it all together. Yesterday I got a chance to put it back in the kiln for another 12 hours on a plate mold to slump it into shape. Pulled it out this morning, and this is the final result: I was thinking "Meh" and wondering what dark corner I was going to place it in. My wife posted it to her business FB page, and had it sold four hours later - for twice the price I would have asked. I think I'm officially an employee of hers now.
  17. That's what the factory tech is doing. I'm just observing and laughing at the absurdity of this woman's arguments. I'm also thankful that I dodged the bullet. This particular site is a US site, so per my contract, I should be handling support for them. But it was a direct sale with a whole bunch of custom software work, and when it was initially installed and fired up, I was on vacation. So one of the factory techs got all the training on the custom stuff from the engineer, and the site only asks for him. It was three months before I even knew the site existed, and another 4-5 months before it dawned on me that it was in the US. At this point, the factory tech knows the custom software better than anyone but the engineer, so it ended up being his site. Which is just fine with me.
  18. That's the sort of stuff I need motivation for...
  19. <shaking my head> Watching an email argument between another tech and a site. 1. Site owner claims she didn't get the paper rolls she ordered and paid for when she bought some other parts, and wants the paper or a refund. 2. Tech can't find any record of an order for paper, only the parts. Invoice shows she was charged for only the parts. He can't find any other recent invoices for paper. 3. He asks her for a copy of the invoice or some other proof she paid for this missing paper. 4. Owner says she never got an invoice, but she knows she paid for the "missing" paper and wants it or a refund. They've looped through steps 3 & 4 several times now.
  20. TBH, today I considered setting up my router's firewall to do exactly that. Then I could just reply back with a screen shot.
  21. Ugghhh.... I understand the concept behind secure email portals. But I'm getting sick and tired of them. I deal with many different banks and merchant processors, not to mention site owners who work at banks, investment firms, insurance agencies, healthcare, etc and a more and more I'm getting emails that are nothing more than a link to a portal for a "secure email" where I have to sign up and create an account. I can understand when financial information is being sent to me, but literally 95% of these emails are things like parts orders or troubleshooting assistance requests. I've had to sign up for so many of these, I don't even know where I have accounts, nor what my passwords are for them.
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