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  1. Very nice fellow here!

  2. Very nice work! I enjoyed the first couple of dozen Valhallans I painted. Maybe one day i will get inspired to finish the others. The Tallarn look great too, and are a nice contrast to the "Russian-ness' of the Valhallans. Keep up the progress!
  3. For May, all from Warlord Games UK in 28mm: 24 English civil War Dragoons 24 English Civil War Ironsides cavalry 40 English civil War Royalists Infantry (what I did at Reapercon) 7 English Civil War Assault troops 3 English civil War Preachers and Ranters 1 English civil War Oliver Cromwell, mtd Trying to finish 40 Scots Covenanter infantry and a Light Cannon Only 975 more to finish by March 20,2011.... And, i finished the 40 Convenanters last night. I'm starting Newcastle's Lambs and Hopton's "Sky Blues" Tueasday.
  4. Hey, Mario! The Frontline Command "Stalingrad" game was awesome. I also really enjoyed the demo of "Gangsters" run by your son. I'll be sending you some feedback as I introduce the FLC to my gang here in Georgia. BTW, the smile you had when you left, came back and found my opponent and I had played through a full turn with no questions was priceless. THAT is how game design is supposed to work! Congratulations! -Steve
  5. I bought the rules at last year's Reapercon, and ordered a few dozen minis from Michael as noted here. He got them to me in very reasonable time, and the price was good.
  6. Welcome back, Old Friend, -Steve
  7. I hope most of my players from last year will be back. That was a great experience for me, thanks to you guys!
  8. Since September, I have sent about a dozen boxes of old RPGs and board wargames to Nobleknight and received about five complete Flames of War armies in return. The space I have cleared is amazing, and I'll be painting 15mm tanks and figures for a year!
  9. I think my hometown MAY have the best Post Office anywhere. I receive five or six packages weekly, on time, in great shape. I've got an awesome mail carrier that runs the neigborhood as well.
  10. Subtle elegance , as expected! Another beautiful piece.
  11. It looks like a Vegas hotel welded to a barge. The fine folks who gave us drakken and the short-lived Vasa should be ashamed of this abomination.
  12. I feel like I've missed something: Is not a legal troop a leader and a minimum number of soldiers? In deployment, can a soldier be fielded without a leader, and ignoring the minimum number of soldiers in the troop? I'm sure that the chain can be built, but, except for solitaires, my read is that a legal minimum of each troop MUST be fielded in the deployment phase. Example:Ashakia, 6 Demon Imps, 130 points. 1 initiative card. They can summon Rathurous and everyone else. To be extreme, if it is not a written requirement to field legal troops during the pre-game, may troops be
  13. Inquiring minds want to know...What color combos for the skin? I like this a lot. By the way, Spike wants to use this one in next year's Reven calender. Well done!
  14. Lyn, I've found Kara to be one of the hardest-to-paint figures in the Reaper line..so many belts and buckles! You did very well on her. Now I know almost NOTHING about photography, but having seen your minis at Reapercon, I know that your pictures are not conveying the smoothness of your painting. The photos just look a bit grainy and dark. Better pictures would get you the scores I feel you deserve on C'MON. Looking forward to more dwarves. Ursala and her bear were a treat as well!
  15. Very nice work on a very taxing model. Waaay too many eyes! The base adds a lot to the look, but what I best is the yellowing on the teeth. It is just creepy.
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