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  1. Very nice work! I enjoyed the first couple of dozen Valhallans I painted. Maybe one day i will get inspired to finish the others. The Tallarn look great too, and are a nice contrast to the "Russian-ness' of the Valhallans. Keep up the progress!
  2. For May, all from Warlord Games UK in 28mm: 24 English civil War Dragoons 24 English Civil War Ironsides cavalry 40 English civil War Royalists Infantry (what I did at Reapercon) 7 English Civil War Assault troops 3 English civil War Preachers and Ranters 1 English civil War Oliver Cromwell, mtd Trying to finish 40 Scots Covenanter infantry and a Light Cannon Only 975 more to finish by March 20,2011.... And, i finished the 40 Convenanters last night. I'm starting Newcastle's Lambs and Hopton's "Sky Blues" Tueasday.
  3. Hey, Mario! The Frontline Command "Stalingrad" game was awesome. I also really enjoyed the demo of "Gangsters" run by your son. I'll be sending you some feedback as I introduce the FLC to my gang here in Georgia. BTW, the smile you had when you left, came back and found my opponent and I had played through a full turn with no questions was priceless. THAT is how game design is supposed to work! Congratulations! -Steve
  4. I bought the rules at last year's Reapercon, and ordered a few dozen minis from Michael as noted here. He got them to me in very reasonable time, and the price was good.
  5. Welcome back, Old Friend, -Steve
  6. I hope most of my players from last year will be back. That was a great experience for me, thanks to you guys!
  7. Since September, I have sent about a dozen boxes of old RPGs and board wargames to Nobleknight and received about five complete Flames of War armies in return. The space I have cleared is amazing, and I'll be painting 15mm tanks and figures for a year!
  8. I think my hometown MAY have the best Post Office anywhere. I receive five or six packages weekly, on time, in great shape. I've got an awesome mail carrier that runs the neigborhood as well.
  9. Subtle elegance , as expected! Another beautiful piece.
  10. It looks like a Vegas hotel welded to a barge. The fine folks who gave us drakken and the short-lived Vasa should be ashamed of this abomination.
  11. I feel like I've missed something: Is not a legal troop a leader and a minimum number of soldiers? In deployment, can a soldier be fielded without a leader, and ignoring the minimum number of soldiers in the troop? I'm sure that the chain can be built, but, except for solitaires, my read is that a legal minimum of each troop MUST be fielded in the deployment phase. Example:Ashakia, 6 Demon Imps, 130 points. 1 initiative card. They can summon Rathurous and everyone else. To be extreme, if it is not a written requirement to field legal troops during the pre-game, may troops be held "off-board" and brought in as reserves later? I hate asking this, but this seems to be the way to defeat this tactic, and seems no more in violation of rules and custom than "the dasiy chain".
  12. Inquiring minds want to know...What color combos for the skin? I like this a lot. By the way, Spike wants to use this one in next year's Reven calender. Well done!
  13. Lyn, I've found Kara to be one of the hardest-to-paint figures in the Reaper line..so many belts and buckles! You did very well on her. Now I know almost NOTHING about photography, but having seen your minis at Reapercon, I know that your pictures are not conveying the smoothness of your painting. The photos just look a bit grainy and dark. Better pictures would get you the scores I feel you deserve on C'MON. Looking forward to more dwarves. Ursala and her bear were a treat as well!
  14. Very nice work on a very taxing model. Waaay too many eyes! The base adds a lot to the look, but what I best is the yellowing on the teeth. It is just creepy.
  15. I think you really captured the sharp, simple "1990 Look" that GW used to go for. I always liked that style, and still do. Great work, Lyn!
  16. O gauge model railroad accesories should work fine.
  17. "Eldest Son" is a 3.0 adventure. An excellent one, in fact, requiring more problem solving and detective work than combat. Sadly, it is the only one ever published by Reaper. Several folks here got to play "Vicious Circle" at Reapercon a few years back.
  18. I might need to borrow that. Next Reapercon. Friday night. Rm 104. Don't ask why:-) Great work Bruce. The base just adds to the creepiness of a great piece of painting.
  19. Vince, you ARE the man! Don't forget sausages a la' dionoga(trash bin monster for the heathens).
  20. Welcome aboard! I like the way your minis have a look of "wornness", like they just spent a month crawling around in a rough dungeon. No "shiny happy adventurers" here. Jenova's advise on basing will move them up to a whole new level. I'd love to see these guys posed in a Hirstarts dungeon together sometime. On your question of pinning, those two MAY be alright without it, but it sure doesn't hurt if you are comfortable with the process. (I tried pinning a really small arm and hand recently, and royally ruined the model). Keep painting, keep posting!
  21. How hard is it to say "No", and mean it? I have had to "cull the herd" half a dozen times in the last ten years. The temporary unpleasantness is more than made up by the improved morale of the group.
  22. Tre, you are in! Roll three d6, then sculpt the results.
  23. I wanted to thank TabascoJunkie, Flit, Haldir, Fizzler, Spike, Unglef and Chris for providing me one of the most enjoyable Game Refereeing experiences of my life. I could not have hired a better cast. Hold on to your character sheets, I'm writing a sequel for next year!
  24. Mike, as someone also in the food industry, I think you are a hero doing what you do. The food was fine, and Reapercon would be a far less hospitable thing without you and your fine folks. See you next year!
  25. Thanks Bryan! I though tin prices were shyrocketting again!
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