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  1. WOW !!! outstanding paintwork on this, paticularly the NMM gold. It looks really shiny or reflective- I painted this a while back and did a half assed job on it, and this photo makes me realize how bad i did on mine.
  2. Heres a new one i did to try out a technique for butterflys. I havent quite got it down perfectly, but i really like how it turned out overall. this figure is a pain to paint. I hope you like her!
  3. beautiful and inspiring works as always !!! I especially love the fire elemental! And these were all done AFTER his son poked his eye out, so thats pretty good work
  4. that looks really nice! but the picture is way too small ? i cant see the details - oi never mind i didnt see that you can zoom in one more time. This is beautiful!! i love the back of the cloak
  5. well, i do applaud your enthusiasm and your honesty towards the product. Again, that can be a great thing to want to continually improve your product, and it may have significant improvements over the bottles that i got last month (which about 1/4 of them were really bad). i might try some select colors again in the future. I need to try the p3 too. anyone try those yet ?
  6. I wish i would have known that before i spent over 400 dollars on it. Its great to want to improve your product, but it sounds sorta sketchy to say that the entire line is a continual work in progress. I appreciate your honesty, but I really dont think its going to help sales any - even though the product should speak for itself with its quality (or lack of)
  7. So, you are saying that reaper is going to release a new "batch" that has better coverage abilities? I would seriously consider tryign it again if they reforumulate it to cover better. that was my main gripe. any other comments from the people-in-the-know about this ?
  8. Great paintjob, but - not sure im too crazy about the conversion or the pose. I dont understand the pose, it looks like he is giving the bird, but its the wrong finger? Its like hes pointing upwards saying "oh yeh?" i love the base though, it looks like a tile floor. how did you do the base ?
  9. wow, this looks awesome. I really like all the blends, very smoothly done gradiations. Great work. What paints do you use?
  10. ohh ok, sorry for this infraction. at the rate im going here ill be thrown out in a week or two. So how do i make the picture popup in a seperate window from a link ?
  11. why cant we show miniatures that have nudity in the forum ?? I respect the rules, but doesnt reaper actually sell miniatures that have nudity in them? And if so, why cant you post a picture of a painted one ?
  12. heres another quicky i did. (quicky = 4 hours). I think her skin tones turned out really good, very natural. I hope you like her! *mods please link it for nudity if you want* Hasslefree Girl
  13. holy moly - maybe you SHOULD be a detective. lol ok, just for fun i added a 1 pixel dot in her eye to make it look like a shiny spot, just for fun. since i knew that it wouldnt show up in the picture anyways. but apparently it showed up to the human microscope that is flynn. sooo busted. I have added detail this fine though to miniatures. You can add a shiny spot like this with a needle point or safety pin or something, but it would take a freak of nature or a microscope to see it. Or, flyn I
  14. uh oh busted!! Hey you should look into being a detective or something flynn, you are really sharp !
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