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  1. Morning Jon, I've noticed an issue in a quick scan of the Errata. In the clarification- 'Using a Cruise Missile' and toward the end of the first paragraph looks like the description is missing the word 'more' before the word 'models' as the text reads - ...A player must also have one or models with the SA or Upgrade: FIST active on the game board... (If this is the case then does this mean there will have to be an Errata to the Errata? or will there still just be the Errata?)
  2. If you go to the Hawk Wargames site and click on Downloads at the top of the home page you will find a wealth of 10mm printable Building and Road templates. Just the right size for all things CAV! :-)
  3. I seem to have a few metal CAV's which are smaller than the current crop including 1 or 2 Rhino's. I wonder if there was a different scale envisaged when CAV1 came out.
  4. On the subject of the reorder from China..., my shipment to the UK was short various units but I had one of the 'we know its short' slips in the box so no issue there. What concerns me is whether or not the completion shipment when its sent will have a zero customs value or not? Having already paid £90+ of Customs Duty, VAT, (and the £8 'admin' fee charged by the... 'persons of dubious parentage'... at Parcelforce) for the main shipment I'm rather reluctant to be caught with repeat charges when the completion arrives because the shipment was split. I've placed a comment about this on Kickstarter 3-4 weeks ago but no definitive response has been forthcoming. Can you comment/clear this up? As for the main topic here - Wave 2 - I do have patience* * as long as it's given to me NOW!
  5. madcat

    ACE Unlocks

    Pledge Manager seemed to work OK for me a couple of days ago, it must have - it charged me more of your American Dollars!
  6. madcat


    Waaaaaayyy ahead of you. Pics of our solution soonâ„¢...
  7. On another point with these Friday features, although I'm not so keen on the Dymo like titles on the stat cards, I'm really liking the artwork of the units themselves. Kudos to whomsoever is involved in production/authorising production/producing them! More please - soon as you can - no pressure - name the artist(s) so appropriate honours can be assigned - etc., etc., etc., :-)
  8. Hah! Agreed! - for me, just doesn't look 'CAV-ish' enough - Hey, can I copywrite that? Hmmmmm... 'CAV-ish...' :-)
  9. Yo CAVBOSS, Love the camo description and the 2 new stat cards, but sorry, don't like the new aircraft at all :-(
  10. N Gauge buildings (Kato Dio Town) is one I use (when I can get them cheap enough). DZC buildings Paper or Resin are perfect (the latter are really still made of gold however and will put significant holes in your wallet), there are also some options for nice flat-pack MDF 10m terrain buildings appearing on eBay, these often are found with complete and collapsed forms..
  11. For myself, I'm planning to use DZC Shaltari as Psyros, they're kind of close-ish to the look outlined in JOR1 - just need to create some kind of stats for them. I also hope that CAVBOSS might have them in the back of his mind for future CAV antagonists.
  12. Awwwww, Now I've got to buy some more Tanks... :-) Great CAVBOSS, I look forward to CAV:SO tanks more in scale with their counterpart walking mayhem machines.
  13. Am I the only one who finds this mildly disturbing? Maybe, but I think the more disturbing question is whether JBR caught them...
  14. Paris? There's one in PARIS??? When the hell did that happen?
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