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  1. All of them??? UnfaIr! Some BT models are really nice. I'm rather rather partial to most of the the original 3025 and Clan era 'Mechs myself (yes 3025 and 3050 [that's back when being an 'OmniMech' actually seemed to mean something!]) but I hate the weird Anime influenced models often produced now or models with just bits stuck on for no apparent purpose than to try and make them look different. I've always liked CAV's because 99% of the time they are pretty much of the 'Form follows Function' model - and frankly, If you've got a whacking great gun - FLAUNT IT! - alas I can't say the same for a very significant number of BT models now and unfortunately a few of the designs carried over to CAV:SO from Jon's previous line (Sorry Jon, - just the way it is - I do like many of those that came over however - Concussion, VooDoo,and Nightshade to name but three - Spitifire and particularly the Hawk....are Transformers so won't EVER be in my collection!) I like the new stuff we're seeing pictures of now and want to see more so Jon.... I'm interested in spending money...Continue... Just my two-penny worth and stirring the pot!
  2. Ummm, Sure about this statement? 'cos with CAV:SO some units have sort-of, maybe, become nebulous... or perhaps never existed... Really annoying to persons like myself with around 250 of the buggers... Of course if you only meant up to and including CAV 2 then
  3. I've perused JOR2 but it appears not, and the stuff in the original rules and JOR 1 certainly isn't enough to play. Guess if I want to play with them I'll have to grow my own rules based on the little info there is - ah well! That said however, whilst running through JOR 2 looking for the offending info I came across this reference to a 'new' publication ::D:on the credits page; Coming Soon: Rules of Engagement Did it ever see the light of day? Perhaps it had rules for Psyros?
  4. Thanks, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Were any stats/abilities of Psyros ever published/played with? (other than the brief mentions in the original rules and JOR1) I ask 'cos I got a bunch of Shaltari units sitting here waiting to play Dropzone Commander and suddenly thought; 'CAV... Psyros... Shaltari... Hmmmm... PHR... CAV... Psyros... Hmmmmm...' Now you have to imagine the normally match/candle bright thinking processes suddenly shifting to the realms of lighthouse power. So... getting the picture? :-)
  6. From Memory - the Reaper supplied metal bases are 30mm across flats.
  7. And I've just found my reading glasses and looked again - make that 12 and 7 for a whole 19 missiles and yes, the stats say they are two different types.
  8. First real post in about a year so you'll have to excuse me jumping in here but; 'on the subject of Ammo...' I remember Jon removed Ammo from CAV:SO with a somewhat abrupt statement about 18 months or so ago, something along the lines of 'Ammo is gone. Period.' I've never been particularly happy about ammo in CAV (and even less so particularly with Missiles in a certain other BSR game) but could kind of live with this given the get-out that 'a unit will carry enough ammo for the engagement' was there. However... Something that never occurred to me at the time to present to all those 'how much ammo is the model carrying?' discussions, was actually referring back to the models themselves. I was looking at building one of my many, to-be-built Dictators the other day and had a close look at the launchers of the model and I suddenly thought (and much as I hate to admit that a certain [somewhat expensive] gaming concern in this country might actually have a point in this instance) - there is an element of truth in the position that 'the model is what it is' and I considered, 'the launchers have 10 and 7 missiles in them for this model and so... (imagine wheels turning for a while here) ...that's how many I've got'! Any takers for this paradigm?
  9. Anyone else having problems accessing the group after responding to the invitation?
  10. Why are you sitting in front of your PC writing about it when you could have used those valuable seconds to scrape off some flash and/or undercoat it?
  11. Jon, It's Christmas - I'm trying to escape my family! Just a sec - belay that - another Turkey Butty with all the trimmin's has just arrived, back with the escape committee in10...
  12. I too PM'd Jon a week or so ago, so bung me down, I've persuaded my cronies to free up the big table for some CAV:SO playtest time. Give us a chance to try out the new scenery too so if nothing else it'll look nice...
  13. --Im having Kit look to see if we can restore the posts from a backup of the server. If we can I will repost the topics and then go through and be more selective about the clean-up. I honestly didnt think there was that much stuff in the general section that needed to remain, especially threads that were over 5 years old. Hence why I left the other forums alone as they had more game-related material for those that wanted to work with the old stuff. Again I apologize for assuming. That would be nice, but most of all, I like your new Avatar piccy. Ummm... Where's it from? :-)
  14. Hmmmm, Want Psyro's In 10mm.... I wonder if any of these would do at a snip... http://www.hawkwargames.com/collections/shaltari http://www.hawkwargames.com/collections/post-human-republic-phr
  15. Here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43593-cso-11-26-2011/
  16. Ah! Cheers for the info, I might have known it'd be CAV2 - the only bit of 'old' CAV I don't have. Do you know if there was any artwork/stats for them in the CAV2 PDF?
  17. Correction. Only 13%, or about 1/7 of the models haven't been made yet. Only 17 out of 128. I realise that this post is a tad old but were all the Published CAV's and Vehicles actually made? I've been through the JOR's and they all seem to be there physically...
  18. ... and thanks to all of you that chimed in with info about this as well, much appreciated.
  19. Cheers Jon, thats what I was hoping for. Not going to be doing any building of CAV's for at least a month but at least I know the detail is going to be around if I need it. I'll drop you a message if things move faster if thats OK.
  20. Is there any current documentation, which covers the physical makeup of CAV units at the squad/platoon/squadron etc level? (or whatever force designation is or will become prevalent for a particular faction) The main reason I'm asking is simply to get an idea of how many units I should consider painting in a particular scheme. If not in existence already, then might such information it become part of the future CAV:SO 'fluff'?
  21. Yeah, thanks. But these are also in the US, and I have asked a couple of sellers are I cant find the two JoR books for less than $40 shipped. I will take another look, though. I just felt that - since it was first editiona and we are coming towards third, and since there was so much great background - the two JoRs would be obvious things to make available online for download. And, no problem, TT. I am one of the very few non-US members here, as far as I know. PM me, I may have a source here in the UK I can put you in touch with.
  22. Ebay! There are a couple of CAV1 rulesets and JORs on at the moment...
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