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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. hello, first and foremost great job all around and I like the purple skin tone and what you did with it...kudo's ! A little color help (maybe, and it's only imo), I would of used green instead of where you used the blue so with the skirt and skin it would be a split complementary theme, the blue you used is to maybe to close to purple on the color wheel.
  2. ty @evilhalfing, actually the gold is a lot darker (vmc Japanese uniform m/w rich leather with a brown liner in to base for shadows, my camera just makes it brighter. The color on the feet is more in line with the top armor. But agree, if u look at a lot of my work I don't like pushing the contrast, it's just something I don't like the look of and a personal preference.
  3. This was a nightmarish project that I shelved for years after I had first put her together. Being metal I didn't want to try and attach the wings after it was painted so assembled all the parts of the dragon together. I wanted a blue dragon and first went with Prussian Blue, huge mistake as it looked awful and trying to paint that heavy thing in hand was a... ...so it got shelved until now. It's my second dragon of any size (painted baby dragon as PC followers). but basically really my first as the other dragon I painted was the Asgard Dragon (twice the size of this weighting over 2 lbs. of lead) in the 80's done in metalic's where I hadn't any idea what I was doing, later striped and sold the model.
  4. She was in one of my WIP threads where I wanted to see how dark armor would look for 3000 Kyra and Lavarath. Since I finally finished that nightmarish project thgought I'd finish her up and use as Kyra on foot.
  5. luv the light reflection in the eyes, it makes the skin/face so alive...kudo's.
  6. lol and look who's leading the way... ...very nice!
  7. luv the face on her, very nice.
  8. luv the robes, thier very well done. kudo's.
  9. very cool, from the 80's cartoon show? Least that's what it reminds me of...very nice !
  10. Luv all of it; but the face, OMG the face that sunk a thousand ships, KUDOS !
  11. ty Iridil, for my dirty blond look I use 09301 nmm gold shadow as my base and just keep adding an off white to it in this case think it was maggot white lastly followed by a 09258 blond highlight ever now and than. my basing materials is just woodland scenic foam grass (like three different types) and various sizes of static grass 2mm, 4mm, 6mm all mixed together. I also throw in some weathering powers (buy cheap pastel chalk for like 10.00 and grind it up in a pestal and mortar. keep them in small spice bowl and just sprinkle when need, have one with leaves, without, and a wasteland look (all browns)
  12. Well for a troll slayer she sure was a skinny dainty figure to paint.
  13. OMG, please don't tell me that 'bones plastic' is starting to rub off against me.
  14. Always wanted to paint her ever since first seen this mini but she hid herself well since I own several copies, that is until now, caught you, you witch hehe.
  15. I think the warlord line has some of the best dragonborn or dragon-men. The funny thing, yes a loose mini bin story, when painting him couldn't figure out what that thing was on his weapon was and painted it like a magical flame. Well after finishing him went on the reaper site to look him up and discovered the weapon had twisted itself around and it was just fur/feathers/etc hanging from the weapon not shooting up. Now afraid I'd probably snap it trying to twist it around with my luck, Nah if I twist it around I'd have the weapon to paint all over again lol.
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