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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. nice highlight placement and the idea of the worn hat well just....kudos!
  2. I would say depends on what kind of varnished you used, if an acrylic varnished I would just use water with the greenstuff, if varnished with an enamel varnished i.e. something like dullcote shouldn't matter if you use Vaseline with the greenstuff.
  3. The last of my recent work. Always wanted to try/do (first attempt) an orange dress on a female character as it's my favorite color but always told myself to wait and do it on an elf, but for some reason she just happened to turn orange.
  4. The last of the drow I chosen to try to do this month. Again wanted to try different things, i.e. hair color, etc. different colors to see how they work. And here I went with the usual red clothing thinking it'll help the contrast of the green.
  5. Here is the second of the three drow I had primed to do this month in an attempted to get the skin tones down and to experiment which colors work well with thier dark skin before tacking my raging heros ones. When I seen her I knew I wanted to keep her a dark color theme, I tried at fist giving her red boots and gloves (typical drow colors) at first but it just didn't look right and went over with purple.
  6. Told myself I'd get in the habit of posting more often so here's my lastest work. Been trying to do a classic female mage from reaper every month and this was july's attempt. Normally I paint my white warn but wanted to change it up and try a cool white for a change.
  7. since it's brass can't u just use a file to enlarge the hole where I can than get alittle more room to maneuver a xacto knife and wiggle it out?
  8. The last of my recent work. This month I felt like tackling a few drow for practice, I have a set of raging hero's dark elves been dying to do but first want to get really comfortable painting drow so ran across him in my old figures and my mind instantly whispered DROW.
  9. I thought I post some of my recent work. I'm in the process/side project of painting my first dragon and even thou this is a baby dragon thought it might be good practice to how to go about a larger version.
  10. Thought I'd post my recent work, always wanted to paint her and envisioned her in red leather, with pale violet clothes. I still don't know how my red leather turned into brown when I called her done, lol.
  11. Thought I'd post some of my recent work, for her I tried to stay with the pop art, thou made her familiar much lighter.
  12. Actually @golldan it's on her darksword dvd and she uses ashen brown (09180) which is a slightly lighter volcano brown (09268), didn't think reaper still made that triad 09178-09180 so replaced with the volcano brown for @painting dog. I still have the old triad (cinder brown-volcano brown-ashen brown) and use that recipe all the time, it's quite nice. I even recently used it on reaper's diabolist mini which I just finished, I'll post to give you a look.
  13. All the clear brights are a must have ! (for skin) rosy skin, maiden flesh, and bones ebony flesh. (for an orange) bones sunrise orange. (for a warm yellow) bones lantern yellow. (for a neutral gray) rainy grey, great for making ur colors more pastel. pure black and pure white. (for browns) brown liner, a must have for bones minis, russet brown, and chestnut gold. (for purple) runic purple and deep twilight. (green and blue) bones brilliant green and brilliant blue, and lastly (for a darker red) bones cinnamon red. that's my list of 20 or 21.
  14. If just starting out I'd go with single's, mainly get all the colors on a color wheel and a few browns, black and white. One advantage is you then get to learn the colors and how to mix and it'll help you out in the long run. That being said being I am a paint hoarder, I do have all the triads but find I rarely use them together.
  15. I luv using Jessica rich's receipe for white hair, volcano brown mixed with maggot white adding more maggot white into the mix for highlights, to pure white.
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