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  1. I just finished her a couple of days ago, always wanted to paint her but never gotten around to it until now.
  2. He was a leftover from a group of pathfinder mini's I primed but forgot to finish from my last posting.
  3. I wish I would of got him in metal, but he was free and didn't want to see him go to waste.
  4. Finally got around to taking pics of recent work.
  5. Finally got around to taking pics of recent work.
  6. luv ur female ogre, one of the best paint jobs of her I've seen. kudos !
  7. Here's hoping she dosen't have a brother named "chucky", luv the whole idea u had.
  8. really liked the skintone, so lifeless ! kudos.
  9. luv the what would u call it, hmm I'll just call them the mosic's around the altar, that pattern looks stunning.
  10. Ah, painting mini's is not work it's Play, hehe.
  11. Posting the last of my August's (play) work.
  12. Posting the rest of my August's (play) work.
  13. Posting the rest of my August's (play) work.
  14. Posting the rest of my August's (play) projects.
  15. Posting the rest of my August's (play) projects.
  16. think u nailed the hour glass effect, luv it.
  17. How come I get the feeling we're being surrounded by dragons?, the mage asked.
  18. on the spider, I luv how u did the light color stipple on top of the abdomen and the purple accent, makes it so realistic bringing it to life !kudo's !
  19. hehe, now I'm wondering who's having who for dinner. very nice.
  20. luv ur resin pour base and the vines are an awesome idea. kudo's !
  21. This one turned out to be a nightmare for me. Always wanted to do him in red but of course it's been done and don't like to copy others unless it's fanart and the char should be used as such in a campaign. What color's belong to a magic-using thief? And of course wasn't happy with the colors I chosen and he sat for over a week not wanting to be touched. Unfortunately he was the last to been primed in that group which meant wasn't painting, yuk hate "painter's block." In the end said just get him finished and so with hateful colors here he .....
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