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  1. i have a question about Chattel say you have a Vampire and he gets hit and you use Chattel and sacrifice could you use animate dead on the now passed chattel
  2. Jos only get the necropolis abilities when hes in a all necropolis army however he can use the spells and items outside of the necropolis
  3. ya it sucks when you have a plan and then the other player says you cant its the rules how ever i found Aysa can be use as a decoy if you have heavy terrain of some kind just run her toward it for her first action and people tend to rush toward it and i don't see any reason for not getting at least a lighting bolt for Aysa most people don't expect it
  4. i would think you do get the 25 pts because its not summoned the model was already their you just bring it back to your side as a zombie
  5. OK well today we were playing a match for the campaign at the local store and i had Jos and Aysa in the battle and i brought out spectral minions and they died and i wanted to cast Animate Dead to bring them back now we said you couldn't because since their in a way summoned they just vanish but then if they are summoned they leave no corpse their by negating looting since they just "Poof" but as far as i know its been ruled that you can loot them because their data card doesn't say summon meaning they leave a corpse and all Animate Dead says is it must be a corpse now we didn't allow it because it seems kinda unfair but then if they come back as a zombie they have a point value witch brings up another question if a spectral minion gets turned into a zombie and gets killed again do they get the 25 points that a zombie cost
  6. You can't pick up equipment. You can only pick up "Objects". Rich and once again i bring up the totem its equipment its able to be carried its on a base so its an object just as a GF is an object
  7. true but it's still under equipment and equipment is aloud to be carryed now another thing could you Loot the GF because you can loot for other equipment
  8. Sounds like I need to bring my army over and see if you can make my Varaug run............ Somehow, I just don't see that happening......... Castlebuilder We have a few players up here that think Varaug is the Greatest thing next to the sun but he always dies lol i don't think the reven player (not me) has ever won a game in the store playing one of the better players he doesn't seem to like animate dead or Lightning bolt anymore
  9. OK well today i was playing the elf player in town and the question came up could he pick-up and carry the GF I was thinking you could since you are able to carry a battle totem even tho its consider equipment
  10. But this could also mean that you have to state that you are enraging before the opponent attacks so they get to attack you with Ur DV penalties witch could be supported by the last sentence that the enraged model's DV becomes normal after defensive strikes
  11. Oh it would have been good if i would pay attation to it saying Solo thats one more card for me so something like this Dantral-92 Bull orc archersx6-180 Gaaguk-95/DF-10 Narg-108 Bull Orc Fightersx6-132/musician-10 Gaaguk-95/bleeder Spear-30 Kharg-34 Bull orc Fightersx6-132/musician-10 Braug-68 =996
  12. I just started Reven also but i've been a necropolis player for a few months and i figured why not post one of the lists i made Dantral-92 Bull orc archersx6-180/musician-10 Gaaguk-95 Narg-108 Bull Orc Fightersx6-132/musician-10 Lurgh-139 Kharg-34 Bull orc Fightersx6-132 Braug-68 I thought about droping Lurgh and getting another Gaaguk since hes non-unique and first strike along with enrage isnt very nice
  13. no whats dumb is when ur Called unit in heading toward the archers and their arrows magiclly drill through the ground haveing had this done i say its one of the stuipedest things ever but we no longer allow this because it dosent make since since the Burrowed cant be attacked by range attacks and Scrye Shot allows LOS to were ever i would say they cancel each other but we also dont allow Scrye Shot to shoot through walls because Scrye is to see in the future not make a arrow turn corners or phaze throught solid objects
  14. STILL NEEDS WORK Ok so i had this idea the other day and i've been working on it so i figured i would post it here Your faction and ur oppoent have been at war at the last battle the Warlord for his forces was present after laying his forces to rest you capture said Warlord you warn the opposistion to lay down arms or you excecute their leader well they do the opposite of that and lay siege to you fortress. Ok so you need to make an area for the fortress the size or ur deployment area if fine now the person defending need to set up terrain but it cant be within 7" of the fortress now after the attacker sets up place the warlord inside the fortress in a corner away from the attacker now the warlord can not be attack untill he comes into base to base with a model from the attacker side then you add a card into the deck for him and he can now be attacked or attack however the objective for the attacker is for the warlord to make it back to the deployment area by any means
  15. daruon saves me alot i made an anti-elf list at 1500 that im going to post soon... I like the bone horror but i kinda lean towards Ralior i mean 31 points and the more units means i tend to control the flow of the game however takes for the idea i most likely will try it out
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