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  1. Your avatar makes me invision you as a tiny toiger, with a tiny high pitched voice, and a bit of a lithp. But anyways, I had the same problem, and I just glued one arm in place, and used gap-filler to make the other arm stick...Although I'm sure there's something else you can do, like putty or greenstuff or something.
  2. Hey, thanks for the replies! Also, I started working on the Lupine Lord, and I did the gold starting with a dirt-like shade of brown, and highlighting up to white, and yes, it looks much better than using just the yellow as the darkest color. So I will soon re-do the gold on the Rager. Thinning paint is one thing I seriously need to do apparently, because everyone always says that... So to thin the paint, so I just put a tad of water straight into the pot? or mix it up as I paint stuff?
  3. My first try at NMM, and I must say, it came out surprisingly well. It looks better in person though, of course. Closeup: http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q155/sh...pinecloseup.jpg Other side: http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q155/sh...ton/lupine4.jpg C&C?
  4. Q- What did the fish say when he swam headfirst into a rock wall?

    A- "DAM!"


  5. What I do in photoshop, is just create a new layer over the primed dude, set the type to multiply, and paint the colors on. Simple, effective, and I thought of it, so it must be good.
  6. Wow, those are great. To get all that detail into such teeny weeny models...good job.
  7. Yea, I think it's one of those movies where like, it's either you're favorite movie ever, or you don't like it... EDIT: I want a whole army of faun minis...that'd be fun.
  8. This has got to be one of the greatest movies I've ever seen...GO SEE IT
  9. Yeah, all the gold looks chunkified, I shall fix that and post a new pic.
  10. Nothin too fancy, just thought it was pretty good. Another shot:
  11. Ok, then i need to get some breakers. I'm still gonna make a totem, just for fun, and for future games, of course. As far as who I am up against, elves and orcs for sure. probably overlords too.
  12. would it be worth it to take that instead of the breakers?
  13. Oh ok, so I have to take a leader for each troop. Good to know. But seeing as the Krungbeast is so expensive, I may take him out for Uru, and 4x Skullbreakers. which leaves me with 20ish points (i'm doing all this in my head...) so how much does it cost to take a totem?
  14. Well, as I have a 1000 point game sunday, and I don't make too much money as I'm too lazy to get a job, my list is as follows: Troop 1: Khong-To, 5x warriors Troop 2: River Troll Troop 3: Krungbeast Troop 4: 5x Archers Troop 5: 3x Rangers Troop 6: 3x Clutchlings, +1 musician I obviously put in a lot of high-cost stuff, and a lot of archers, mainly because I like to shoot, reptus have good archers, and I don't have enough money to go buy a bunch of models before this weekend.
  15. Wow, lots of replies. Thanks for all the advice, and those sample lists. So I guess I'll stick with Chai in 1000 and save my Khong-fu for bigger games.
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