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  1. Thks! Scale of figure is around 4" - it's the Reaper Skeleton Giant.
  2. Been awhile since I've been on the forums much less put some paint on a mini! I might be the worlds slowest painter. This has been in my "in box" for years. Thinking of creating a diorama with this one. Sort of stumped however, 1)There is a jewelery band under his right leg. It's a challenge. I painted it black hoping to see the individual gems but having issues painting them one by one. Any suggestions on getting the paint to really "pop"? I painted his wrist jewelery but the gems were more defined. 2)Sword looks a bit new. Any paint application for weathering/aging? -Thks! Besides the world's slowest painter I simply can't stay in one place. Keep in mind ALOT of painting needs to be done.
  3. Anyone have suggestions for making realistic sand i.e. desert sand? I'm wanting to use the sand for the base of my figure and given the scale of the mini - 4" I would like to get the grain dimensions right. Helpful tips on mixing, placement, etc. would be great too. Also, are there pre-made sand products on the market that any have used? Thks!
  4. Top notch. Very smooth looking paint job.
  5. Nice! Hopefully we will see him in Diablo 3 :)
  6. Slowly but surely! Sorry for the photography, camera phone.
  7. Yes, excellent painting.
  8. No pun intended, but well done!
  9. That's an idea. Started to blend in the back and chest.
  10. Still painting on the arm and head :) Going to tone down his teeth. He looks like a movie star.
  11. Top notch! I picked this figure for my diorama. I have a feeling it won't even look as nearly as nice as your work.
  12. Good idea(s). I may incorporate more. Given how slow I paint, this one could take me quite some time.
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