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  1. i like GW flesh wash but, prefer chestnut + brown ink. i think the GW flesh wash is more suited to "cooler" colors. if added to GW flesh tones, it looks too blue; especially for light shading. i havent tried reaper's ...yet
  2. add a drop of extender to your paint and dip a dried pen into it. instant gold pen. very time consuming but, will definately hold a point.
  3. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-2/1101...OTQ-Cnv0019.jpg heavier pens are better for straight lines and contour drawing
  4. i prefer the larger pen sizes. i have quite few and just use the largest i can get away with. i had trouble with my 005 pens drying up and scratching the paint right off.
  5. those pens are nice for some details. although i had 1 dry up on me as i was painting and it ended up scratching the paint right off where i tried to draw. so... before you touch the mini with the pen scribble on some paper (every time)to make sure its flowing.
  6. armory. most ppl dismiss them for cheap brushes but i think i've built a "connection" with my brush. i paint almost exclusively w/ 0331. i can load the paint easily and use it for anything. it doesnt sound like much but ive had the same $3 brush for 12 years. the point never dulled.
  7. heh, its an old one that i swiped and hid untill she forgot about it.
  8. ive noticed that inks tend to gloss when the ink "pools" into a recess. if you thin the ink down, and brush it on (as opposed to dabbing) it will cut down the gloss quite a bit.
  9. i had a problem with GW matte spray making my finished minis look foggy and sometimes a little goopy/chunky. it didnt really matter as to what distance or amount i used, i still had the same problem. 1 solution i found is; after your finished mini is dry, try running it under some luke-warm tapwater. while you have it under the tap, brush the mini gently. that will get rid of some of the excess buildup of sealant.
  10. preston from the D&D animated series had some good ones, do some research.
  11. my friend works at a jewelry store and hooked me up with an awesome display case. its 2' high , 20 inches sq. 4 sides, has mirrors 3 inches deep, and it rotates. i can live with the bulova logo across the top. my point is... ask around, you never know. this particular store had sold all the remaining stock in the case and just decided to get rid of it.
  12. i wish i could paint a mini in terms of hours. usually i can finish a mini in 3-4 days. 2-4 hours a day
  13. i just tried simple green to shed a mini... works great. i found a can of spray foam at a golf pro-shop for 4.99 and thats with the inflated markup of a country club. i just sprayed the minis thoroughly while in an old glass jar then let them soak for an hour. then i used my sisters sonicare toothbrush to take the paint right off. oh yeah, works good for golf clubs too.
  14. a dark blue/green metallic. something that would represent oxidation when contrasted with a copper color. i dont want to paint shiny-new armor on every mini.
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