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  1. I am probably in on this, but not a huge fan of their pre-builts. The Malifaux scenario boxes have the pre-built models, also, and there are some killer mold lines (at least in the tortoise and hare box) that are very difficult to clean up while assembled.
  2. D&D 5E is basically free, also. Core rules, and base 4 classes, anyways.
  3. Arise from the grave, thread!! Just picked these up myself. I say I like what I see. For the little time I have to actually play, the very basic rule set that they are work great. Tactics on the table count more than optimizing army lists. The d12 grouping for range is pretty genius. I like the modification of conventional units cost based off a conventional HQ unit. Novel there. Also have Polyversal coming, and will for sure compare the 2.
  4. Cancer really sucks. Been through a lot of it with the family (wife, father, mother-in-law, uncle, etc). It is amazing what they can do now to control things, and they would operate if they didn't think they could save him. Positive energies heading your way.
  5. Huge fan of my Google Nexus 7 tablet. 3 years old and still works just fine.
  6. I did not know I needed another WW2 army, after my Soviets and US. But these may have convinced me otherwise.......
  7. Can should have the best instructions. I know my Duplicolor spray has pretty wide tolerances. And yes - humidity is probably more important.
  8. I love these models. But man is it a pricey game to play - maybe even more so than the Evil Empire. $47 for 2 A-10s makes me sad.
  9. I would buy an unlicensed Teddy Ruxpin. Thing was terrifying then, and would be now.
  10. I will watch this. Looks very nice, and price point is about where I like terrain to be.
  11. Control looks to be a bugger at the angle, too. No center of mass acceleration point.
  12. Rather than GIMP, The Windows Snipping Tool is excellent for this sort of thing.
  13. Expedition to Barrier Peaks is always a good one. Or Earthshaker.
  14. Simple - no multi-classing :) That will be my rule.
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