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  1. My question is: how do you plan to use it? What are your initial thoughts on tactics and strategy? That always helps me give more feedback. Like if your plan is to take Larnach's squad and run straight towards the opponent's melee specialists, I would say this isn't a good list - I don't think you will do that, but that is why I ask. That being said, initial thoughts: Are you planning on using Larnach's squad to mostly sit and shoot? If you are, you might consider dropping him down to a minimum size squad and adding more to the second squad - that way you could be a bit more maneuverable with the fire support and beef up your melee troop (speaking of, I like the composition of your melee troop). Also a general question: What are your thoughts about Royal Guard vs Deathseekers? I like the RG's better defense and more stable damage tracks, but I really, REALLY like the DS's extra attacks and Fearless - with Fearless, it's almost like having the old Faction SA of shooting into melee - DS's don't get shaken tokens, so you can still shoot into melee as much as you want! I started out using RG's when they came out, but as I play (which is rare these days) I'm leaning back towards DS's. Questions? Comments? Rude Remarks?
  2. Is Reaper going to make a data card for Aviriel? I like the mini, so it would be pretty cool if they did. Or do they already plan on having her fill in for a particular unproduced Elf?
  3. That is why I used the Rangers instead of the Vale Archers - Archers ARE 100% useless in melee while Rangers are fairly competent. My ideal game uses the Rangers and Magic to whittle down the tougher troops while I get into position to hammer them with Danithal and the Deathseekers (but for 2 points - 1) I'm still debating Deathseekers vs Royal Guard and 2) no battle plan survives contact with the enemy ;) ). For the cross the board scenario, I would just book it and use the Deathseekers/Danithal to hold up any speedbumps or become a speed bump themselves. For hold scenarios....yeah, it will be very difficult. I'll have to work on it in terms of tactics, because this army just suits my current playstyle to a T. Again it will moslty come down to 2 things - 1) being able to whittle down the opposition with range and the occasional magic and 2) being able to shoot into Double D melee (Danithal and Deathseekers) because of Fearless.
  4. Ok, here is the army I said I would post - any thoughts and recommendations would be fantastic! Prince Danithal (GMA, Counterspell, Bolt, Lightning Bolt) Deathseekers x6 Dehanis, Druidess (Outrider, Cure 2 x 2, Hold, Holy Light) Larnach, Grey Elf Archmage (Greater Familiar, Arcane Blast x2, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Blast) Elven Ranger x3 Galdanoth, Elven Sniper Ilmarin, Wood Elf (Lesser Magic Armor) Elven Ranger x4 1501 exactly- 18 figures (low count) 6 Cards (2x spy) Basically the idea is to hit and fade as much as possible and whittle down the opponents forces. I'm not sure about Larnach's spell load, but his unit is a great distractor and gives out a lot of bee stings. The low model count hurts, but with Elf speed I'm able to pick my fights. I played an early variation on this army and against a horde of Army of Justice Crusaders. The variation had Royal Guard instead of Deathseekers and Larnach had Vale Archers instead of Rangers. I was able to use Larnach as a lure to spread his forces out thin and flank him with Danithal's and Ilmarin's troops - not effectively at all, but it was my first game with this army. It came down to a Finari and Knight who kept making their Tough rolls and my Galdanoth - I messed up, however, and they were able to charge my Galdanoth and, of course, my sniper folded like an over-used initiative card. Questions? Comments? Rude Remarks?
  5. I put together a mixed range-melee army (with a sprinkle of magic) that I was going to run at the Lewisville Vista Ridge tourney this wknd - then my wife volunteered me for something. I wasn't very pleased, but she is my wife and I want to make her happy. But I don't have any Vale Archers in it - I only put in Rangers. With the sheer number of figures that will be moving as fast as possible to get to grips with you, I've found that Vale Archers are just too fragile in close combat. In a default list using Sure Shot, the Rangers are (IMO) a better choice because they can actually hold their own in close combat and they are much better at shooting and moving IMO (a must for Elves). With Vale Archers you have to decide if it is worth it to hold your ground in the face of charging melee troops (who WILL be sent after your archers) or flee with a single shot. That choice is much easier with Rangers, plus they have a much better chance of surviving if the enemy does get into melee. Just my two cents, but I prefer Rangers. PS: I'll post the army later for ideas, but it's late and I'm tired ;)
  6. Well, with the advent of the Legendary Encounters line it will be possible to say "buy this sgt, buy a pack of x troops" (eventually) "download the rules, and play to your heart's content to get started. I really think the LE line will bring in a lot of new players (beginning with Orcs and Necropolis, of course).
  7. Ok, I know there must be a Necropolis player just waiting to give his 2 cents on the evil undead and a Darkspawn player just chomping at the bit about your new troops (and the awesome looking Rauthous model due out soon). Any takers?
  8. My preference is for Wednesdays and I don't know if I'll be able to make it on Fridays - but we'll see.
  9. I usually go on Wednesday nights (recently), but I am going to miss tonight (and I just realized next week because I will be out of town). Have fun, and I'll return after the 4th.
  10. Wouldn't the cover bonus from the woods counteract the penalty? good point - I hadn't thought about that.
  11. The main problem with this list is that Chiral is unique - no, wait, I actually just went and re-read the list, and he's not in the Woodland Protectors sublist. Doh! Well, that kind of changes my thinking on the army composition. Thanks for the input, I'll be back later. He is not only in the Woodland Protector's list, he is non-unique in the list. I'm including the list below from the most recent RC available from reapergames.com - Army List Name: Woodland Protectors Sublist Restrictions: The following Models only: Argyrian, Silver Dragon Ilmarin, Wood Elf Chiral, Centaur Sergeant Tanwylen, Satyr Silvermaine, Unicorn Dehanis, Druidess Drys, Dryad Centaur Archer Centaur Warrior Elven Ranger Faery Hunting Cat Satyr Warrior Faun Vale Warrior Giant Eagle Mossbeard the Treeman Galdanoth, Elven Sniper Models that change to Non-Unique/Grunt: Chiral, Sergeant Tanwylen, Satyr, Sergeant Silvermaine, Unicorn, Hero Centaur Archer, Grunt Centaur Warrior, Grunt Elven Ranger, Grunt Hunting Cat, Grunt Satyr Warrior, Grunt Giant Eagle, Monster Mossbeard the Treeman, Monster
  12. What you really have to consider with RAV 4 is what you are going to be shooting at. I for one really like to be able to out maneuver my opponent, but at the same time there are very few scenarios where the point is to go around everyone (there is one, but I don't know if it will be very common in tourneys). There are plenty of models that you might shoot at that you will need an 8, 9, or 10 to hit. Now this is not as detrimental with Sure Shot, but in a Woodland Protectors your next best bet is to pop woods underneath primary targets to lower their DEF by 1. I like being able to hit things without being hit back (which is why I like a 30 inch range), and the Elves schtick is all about hit and fade, but you still have to be able to hit in the first place. Plus, the single attacks mean that it might be difficult to take down many models, and if they opponent has healers it will be that much harder. The Warriors are super tough, but at the same time they face the attack maneuverability problems of cavalry. Plus there are two things you must consider - 1) 50 points is not a lot of useful spells or upgrades for Chiral (Chiral being the only non-soldier without Beast) and 2) With only two initiative cards, you will be horribly behind in terms of activations. I don't have any thoughts about how to fix #1, but with #2 you could take 2 archers from Argyrian's unit and make them Outriders. It costs you 30 points, but IMO the two extra cards and activations would be well worth it.
  13. The rules for the Woodland Protectors sublist for Elves allow for leaders to Summon Woods "within 12" of the model." Does that mean that the entire CD sized area of woods must be within 12", the center must be within 12", or any portion of the woods must be within 12"?
  14. How did the Satyrs do? I'm still deciding about if I want to run them or not.
  15. I played last night at Gamewyze in Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX - I used this army that I am affectionately calling "Danithal's Magic and Mayhem" 1501 (although I don't have my list in front of me, I'll do my best to remember it all - if I mess up I'll go back and correct it this afternoon) Danithal - GMA, Counterspell, Bolt, Lightning Bolt Dehanis - Holy Symbol, Cure 2 x2, Hold, Burst of Speed Royal Guards x6 Larnach - Greater Familiar, Counterspell x2, Arcane Blast (the three damage one) x2, Lightning Blast, Rock Friend Vale Archers x 3 Ilmarin Rangers x 5 (I think -might be 4 - I'll check when I get home) Sniper 19 models - Spy x2 - 5 Cards It did ok - I was playing against a Crusader Army of Justice, so deflect hurt me a few times. And the three Finaris (not much fun for little Fabio). But it came down to a Finari and an Ironspine against my Sniper, and the only reason I lost was that I failed to disengage from melee twice and fled. I like this army, but I need to practice with it. Rangers are good - they can shoot and move for no penalty (no Marksman decisions to make and Sure Shot helps a lot) as well as being very competant in melee. I'm considering changing out the Vale Archers for Rangers and the Royal Guard for Deathseekers - I still can't decide which ones I like better - the Deathseekers have 3 attacks, but their stats degrade a LOT faster than the Royal Guards. Please help me out - let me know what i should do or recommend changes that I can make. Thanks!
  16. @ jdripley - awesome write up! That is exactly what we need for each faction and I think you did a great job simply explaining the important aspects of Dwarves and Nefsokar. Any volunteers for your favorite faction? Or how about adding to what you have already seen here? Let's keep it up and give prospective players a resource to pick their first army.
  17. [/rabbit trail] Does anyone have thoughts, observations, or suggestions for Overlords? I have been looking at Crusaders (my 2nd pick), so I'll give it a shot (disclaimer - all of this is IMHO, so if anyone has any other thoughts please reply): Strengths: Clerics/Healers, DV, and Cavalary. Crusaders are scary in the sheer number of healers and clerics they can field, and if they get a chance to heal up their troops in the middle of battle and you don't, be afraid. They have some good, tough infantry (Justicars and Knights come to mind) that can cause a lot of pain for opponents if they can get healed up during the battle. Plus they have access to one of the most powerful cleric spells: Blessing of Shadarzaddi. Resurrection along with extra healing is expensive, but it can be used to great effect with powerful heroes/solos (Sir Damon comes to mind). Then you don't have to spend as much time healing them up to get them back out on the battlefield. This is a very expensive combo, but if played correctly could be killer to your opponent. Crusaders still have some of the highest DVs outside of demons. Sir Damon (Unq. Hero) can get up to a 17 DV w/ GMA, and if he is in the Army of Justice he also gets Deflect/1. Most of the leaders and elites have above average DVs, and the troops seem to have DVs beaten only by the Dwarves (please correct me if I am wrong). Cavalry - A full unit of Sir Danel (GMA), Sir Damon (GMA), and 6 Lions Lancers will cost you a LOT - 906 points, to be precise, but you will have a hard hitting, shock inducing, First Striking, highly mobile attack force capable of at the very least holding its own against if not outright slaying many troop types that you might face. That being said, it is also worth remembering that this unit can get swamped very easily by hordes of opponents and must be played very carefully and I don't think I would ever recommend taking a full unit like this - it simply costs too much (although I may be wrong - please let us know if anyone has experience with using a unit like this). Weaknesses: From observations, High Unit Cost, limited Mages, and weak Ranged options. Pretty self explanitory, some of your units eat through your points fast (Lions Lancers come to mind at 100 pts a pop). There are only three Crusader Mages, but they do allow for some variety in how you use them (and I personally would say focus on Clerical abilities instead). Ivy Crown archers can only do so much. Ok, please add your thougths and evaluations for your favorite factions!
  18. ...the guys who were so fired up about making a Warlord fan website? http://www.warlordgamer.com/ The temp front page is still there, but nothing else. I would like to contribute if I can, and I also have a bit more time in the summer, but is anyone still wanting this?
  19. I am still a newbie in terms of Warlord, and with the recent changes I would like to get several experienced player's ideas about each factions strenghts and weaknesses. I think if enough people contribute, this could be a good first read for new players and experienced players alike. Here is my first contribution: Elves. (the only faction I have good expereience with) Strengths: Of course, Elves excel at both Ranged Attacks and Magic. The default Elven list allows for one re-roll of a missed ranged attack, so the more ranged attacks you have, the more you get to re-roll. The Elven Arcane spells allow for very useful and characterful variation for the spell casters, and Elves have several useful spellcasters which can make use of them. Shadowy helps with opposing ranged attacks - which seem to be in short supply. Fleet of Foot adds to one of the Elves other strengths - speed. Elves have a very high average move, and combined with the ability to move fast across many common types of ground means that the Elves can stick and move (hit and run) like no almost no other amy. Now the Woodland Protectors sublist is excellent for the Faction Abilities it brings. Instead of re-rolling ranged attacks, you actually lower the DV and Movement of rivals when they are in woods. And if the opponent avoids the woods, three times per game you get to make a piece of woods pop-up within 12 inches of your leaders. Expecting a cavalary charge? Put their mounted troops in the woods. Now, mostly this list is useful for scenarios and seems to lack a bit in head-to-head play, but that also seems to depend greatly on play style. Weakneses: Below average melee troops and a lack of Tough. Our melee troops have improved greatly with the latest release, but they still don't seem to have the staying power of most other meleee specialist troops. Expensive leaders and troops - the Elves enjoy a lot of good abilities, but they also pay out the nose for them. This can manifest in a slightly lower model count and activations than other troops, but there are ways to avoid this (don't load up on magic or archers - but then you are missing a lot of your strengths). I hope this helps get the ball rolling - please contribute to the thread and I hope to hear from many people as soon as possible.
  20. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/Previews/Rauthuros Yeah - it's pretty cool. I hope that Argaryian looks as good.
  21. I believe the plan is to have the Tourny on Saturday, July 14 (I think that was the date discussed last Wednesday). Hopefully Sir Ogletree will clarify if I have the date wrong
  22. I think your army was illegal - if you were playing Standard Elves, Rangers are adepts and you have can't have them in more than one troop (unless it was a 4000 point game). If you were playing the Woodland Protectors, then Vale Archers were not a legal troop type. I may be missing something, so could you please clarify your army? On page 41 of of the Rage Chronicles you'll find this: Elves Army List Name: Elves Default Restrictions: Any Model of Elves Affiliation Models that change to Non-Unique/Grunt: Elven Ranger, Grunt Hunting Cat, Grunt Mossbeard the Treeman, Monster You are quite right - I missed that on my first read-through, and I saw it this afternoon (when my power was out and I couldn't connect to the internet . Sorry about my confusion!
  23. I think your army was illegal - if you were playing Standard Elves, Rangers are adepts and you have can't have them in more than one troop (unless it was a 4000 point game). If you were playing the Woodland Protectors, then Vale Archers were not a legal troop type. I may be missing something, so could you please clarify your army?
  24. While it would be cool and all, I think the kind of Dragon you are talking about (IMO) would be best left to special scenario play - remember that Dragons have a life cycle just like everything else and most start life (ie hatch) at Medium size or smaller (I am using DND scale just for ease of use). So a Giant (Warlord scale) dragon might be young - only 200-300 years old with plenty of growing left to do. Also that could explain why it's fighting for the Elves - it's a young, rebel dragon just doing things to get attention from it's parents - they're too busy counting their horde and giving him gold instead of attention. (not that silver dragons are that concerned with hordes, but..ya' know...) However, there used to be a Dragon in the main rulebook that was really expensive, and I would like to see one in the 1000 point range for scenario play - a Dragonslayer Scenario, basically. But I really think a single Dragon against a warband is at a severe disadvantage - grunts would probably need a 10 to hit him, but with the sheer number of attacks a Warband would get against it would almost guarantee the warband would win - statistically speaking, that is, a 10 will come up every once in a while. Now, what would be cool would be a scenario where a family of dragons defends it's nest from invaders. I would recommend four standard sized dragons (wyrmlings, but still a threat), two cavalry sized (perhaps adolescent dragons with Innate (Fireball) but no flight), and a Giant based Dragon (Big Momma) even more powerful than Argyrian. Big Momma would be 400 points, adolescents would be 200 each, wyrmlings at 50 each for 1000 points - up the points (or 2 Big Mommas and more Adolescents) for 1500. Big Momma and Adolescents each get their own initative cards, the wyrmlings act as a troop. EDIT: Change all of the above mentioned Dragons to non-flying Drakes - I think it would make a great scenario (two groups just happen to target the same Drake family den at once - they have to kill each other while surviving to kill the Drakes as well)
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