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  1. Thanks MK - I have some 5mm foamboard I picked up the other day - I was just testing placement on the hills :) This is my biggest project so far to date - so I am learning alot as I go....
  2. UPDATE: After having seen some of Mousekiller's awesome armies and discussing with other tourny players - I have decided to use this unit for a painting comp at a LGS and do my army figs on slightly bigger bases (25mm instead of 20mm) with more conversion work and basing to make them stand out on the table. So to that end I am doing my first display base for multiple figures...only a few figures are done and the rest are still very much WIPs. Pic of the whole base. Red rocks will become small waterfall feeding into stream with broken tree and a few elves with water bases. Levels will be grassy hills with forest behind them. Bases will be indented. Main group... Closer view 1 Shaping up?
  3. Awesome - especially love the snotlings and mushroom men and night gobbos diorama base. Which brings me to a question - I am totally new to playing warhammer - but last night we were having a conversation about diorama bases in rank and file troops. A friend said if you had a big base like the snotlings - which would count as say four standard wood elf bases - you could diorama the base only showing say two figures but it still counted as four troops? I guess what I'm asking is - can you use a bigger base, with less figures, to represent more troops? I hope to take this to GT in New Zealand - so tournament legal rules are what I am after. So as not to hijack thread - PMs would be nice.....thanks!
  4. Nice to see this guy finished - I followed him through the WIP posts. C&C? Him I love, the snow - not so much. It could be overexposed by the camera but he has so much depth and subtle shadings the white looks too stark - no shadows, almost unfinished if that makes sense. It throws the realistic effect of him. But overall I do like him! Good job!
  5. Thanks everyone - leave to me MK to do just that - it just happens that the detailed ones are the one I most like....LOL I finished those four last night and assembled, based and primed the command unit and the next four. I'll post finished pics of these guys later today.
  6. Thanks everyone - glad you like them. I have a question about warpaint - would you pick a general shape/pattern and stick with that throughout an entire unit or vary it on every model?
  7. I have always painted character figs - but since moving towns to one where everyone plays Warhammer - I have started looking at some of the armies and have now taken on Wood Elves and Bretonnians. Never having painted quickly to begin with - this is a great chance for learning to paint units and work colour schemes out over more than one model. I think this is going to be fun. :) So here are my first 4 WE at about 85% completion. The one with the tree on his base is the furthest from being finished while the one with the blue facepaint is almost done. I would love to get some feedback on colour choice, quality for units, and any problems you think I might run into doing them this way (besides them taking ages to finish - he he) Thanks!
  8. That's awesome - exactly what we needed - thanks for that!!
  9. Very nice as always - I really like your take on Shaedra - especially the hair! Seems we're seeing alot of this little lady around these last few weeks... Brushmaster - at the bottom of the pics is usually the supplier - the dwarf is Fenryll and the rogue (male) is a Reaper ..
  10. This is where the Reaper Stripping Compendium comes in handy: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25918
  11. He's cute, cuddly, beautiful, loyal and yet looking disgruntled looking all at the same time - great job!
  12. A friend is looking at buying them for his necro army but he wants to see a bigger picture - including the back - no specific questions really - he just wants to see....
  13. I use bottle caps or old plastic egg cups with a bit of Blu-Tac as well. The egg cups are great - pick them up from a thrift shop or dollar store and they are the right size. Or when your paint bottles are empty - use those - old GW bottles work very well...
  14. Thanks hon...there is always more I want to learn. I think my three big things for now are going to be - getting greater contrast in my figures, making eyes easier and smoother blends. Then I will get into NMM, OSL and all the other initialized techniques....
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